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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Oil leak plugged…for now


Now the wait begins.

BP has finally gained control over one of America’s biggest environmental catastrophes by placing a carefully fitted cap over a runaway geyser that has been gushing crude into the Gulf of Mexico since early spring. Engineers, politicians and Gulf residents will watch anxiously over the next day and a half to see if it holds.

After nearly three months and up to 184 million gallons, the accomplishment was greeted with hope, high expectations — and, in many cases along the beleaguered coastline, disbelief. But no one is declaring victory just yet.

The next hours will be critical. Engineers and scientists will be monitoring the cap around the clock, looking for pressure changes.

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5 thoughts on “Oil leak plugged…for now”

  1. Water Samples Prove Toxic, Sample EXPLODES! Must Watch!! Just because it looks clear to the eye, doesn’t mean it’s safe to swim in. I hate to see what becomes of all these kids swimming in these toxic waters. Why are health officials allowing these beaches to remain open?

    I worked as a lifeguard for many years. We used chlorine to kill bacteria in the pools. Outdoors it’s set to 3 parts per million, which causes many folks eyes to burn after an hour or two of exposure. Now think about these levels of oil in the water and why in God’s name are these people swimming in this stuff?

    • Thanks Woody for the oil updates. I’m amazed too that greedy hotel/motel owners are more interested in occupancy and beach access rather than safety etc.

      Hey where’s the EPA team testing the water and sand for pollution levels? This entire BP/U.S. Government debacle is being orchestrated to hopefully produce minimal continuing bad press.

      Now it’s my understanding that the BP wants to leave the well capped for now, but the government is pressuring them (no pun) to start pumping oil from the well via the new fitting, but that would allow three days worth of oil to continue spilling into the Gulf until the could get set up to do so. So when the government finally gets involved after many months they seem to be acting more like greedy oil company execs while BP wants to take the safe route and leave it capped possibly until they get the three relief bore holes done. There seems to be a role reversal concerning the resolution of this eco-disaster…? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. We have witnessed some pretty impressive engineering. Too bad the bean counters didn’t listen to the engineers when they were told the well should have been idled with drilling mud instead of sea water. But nooooo, the bean counters said use sea water so it would be cheaper to bring the well back online.

    Talk about being penny wise and pound foolish…

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