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Thursday, July 18, 2024

The “Cheney has no pulse” Sermon

30 some years following his first heart attack, some new technology was installed in Dick Cheney's chest, effectively bypassing his entire heart. The impeller blades, spinning at several thousand RPM, now move what purports to be human blood throughout his body and brain, without any beat at all.

I was tempted to add “breaking”,  but, given his behavior over the decades, a lack of pulse seems to be the norm, not the exception.

Anyway, Cheney had massive heart surgery last week. Three points:

1. He apparently had some heart tissue remaining in his chest cavity prior to his most recent trouble.

2. His treatment involved new, TEMPORARY technology that uses an impeller to bypass his heart completely. He has no pulse.

3. His plans to run for president will find him in a super sophisticated, Star Trek like powered chair, that follows his every command, mimic’ing critical body functions, perhaps even supplementing his brain with  Information gathered by the NSA.

– – – – – – – –

1798 – the Sedition Act makes it a crime to make malicious statements against the US government.

2003 – Under Patriot Act II, The government would no longer disclose the identity of anyone, including US citizens, detained in connection with a terror investigation – until criminal charges are filed, no matter how long it takes.


– – – – – – – –


A. Cheney’s Got A Pump

30 some years following his first heart attack, some new technology was installed in Dick Cheney’s chest, effectively bypassing his entire heart. The impeller blades, spinning at several thousand RPM, now move what purports to be human blood throughout his body and brain, without any beat at all.

Somehow that seems fitting.

When I was in the third grade, I had an epiphany. I clearly remember the circumstances. Each day, the school I attended would barricade the street in front, at either end of the block, giving us an asphalt playground after lunch.  One day, some “moran” decided to avoid the barricades, and drive her car on that street. A friend of mine was going after a ball, and bam, the next instant, she was laying on the street, out cold. Blood flowed from her face. Most kids were laughing, mainly because her undies were visible to all. But, in the span of a pico-second, I switched places with her, trying to see what she was feeling. I sensed the pain, the agony, the fear, and even more the embarrassment because so many students were pointing and laughing. As I said, it was an epiphany.

From that moment, I frequently found myself thinking about how others felt and how they sensed issues and processed information. It was weird, because for years to come, no one else my age would do that. It even freaked out the parental units. Even today, I am constantly surprised that others deliberately ignore, or are incapable of putting themselves in other people’s shoes.

Being a male of 53 young years, being happily involved with Honey, and doing a job that involves much pain, strife, and other people’s troubles, I still shed tears when I see injuries, emotional pain, death or the suffering of animals.  Yet, either through major mental callouses, regression of my emotional condition, or perhaps, a higher evolution of it, I feel absolutely nothing when it comes to Dick Cheney.

If he felt pain, I would not care. If he felt fear of his upcoming demise, I would ignore it. If he was regretful of all the death and destruction he personally caused to this country, this world, and to humanity’s future, I would find myself in utter disbelief, greeting his regretful words with sneering curmudgeonly sarcasm, and salted with asides containing many four letter words.

Could it be that I suffer from an Empathy Deficit Disorder? Or could my internal mechanism suffer such disgust and revulsion about Cheney and some of his spawn, that empathy simply has no place when the topic is Cheney?

– – – – – – –

B. Financial Regulation  – The Little Train that Couldn’t

Amazingly, Senator Reid found 60 votes for a pathetic shadow of a bill, one which makes most corrupt financial institutions on Wall jump for joy.

Of course, the shadow of reform has not kept the GOP house puppies quiet. Already, they seek its repeal, right after they repeal Health Insurance  Reform.

President Obama will sign this bill into law early next week. I suggest he use either invisible ink, or a gray tone so slight, so inconsequential, that future presidential historians will wonder what all the fuss was about.  Pyrrhic victory, indeed.

– – –  – – –

C. Sarah’s Got a PAC

That which we call a  hippo-crite, by any other name would smell as rat-tish.

“No word yet on wardrobe costs, but Politico is reporting that Sarah Palin’s political action committee, Sarah PAC, garnered more in fund-raising cash, $866,000, in the second quarter of 2010 than it had in any three-month period since Sarah Barracuda formed the PAC in early 2009. Sarah PAC had revved up its fund-raising efforts as of late. Its expenditures were nearly double those of previous quarters, and were used to mostly to bolster her base via list-building and direct-email campaigns. The committee also contributed more than it ever had in campaign donations to other candidates, a cool $87,500. Her various national speaking engagements and her requisite $17,000 private jet bumped up her travel costs as well. This sophistication is a marked shift from her PAC’s previous m.o., and, as Politico speculates, is more akin to that of a political figure gearing up for a Presidential bid.”

The Daily Beast took a look into her investments in other races. Tea Baggers, ultra conservatives, and conservative christian types are happy, giddy recipients of her rather small largesse.

Despite Bible Spice’s verbal, if not financial,  support of Tea Baggers across our country,  the shine is definitely off. Candidates across the country find themselves failing, falling, faltering, and floundering.  Even Caribou Barbie can’t help.

The future of the Tea Baggers, perhaps even the GOP’s future (at least in its current ultra-conservative, “Just Say No,”  christian based, existence) really revolves on two November races, perhaps three. If Democrats win two, or all three of these races, today’s GOP will have a lot of soul searching to do. Even the cheapest meat thermometer will tell you that they are toast.

Sharron Angle (somewhat ill in NV)
Harry Reid may be no slouch.  I often rag on him for failing to stand up to and pressure DINOs and the 2-3 potentially moderate people in the GOP. But, he is in the middle of this cultural war, and so far, he appears to be winning. At least within the Bloatway.

Back in Nevada? Who knows?

The best thing that could happen to Reid’s campaign is that Angle keeps opening her mouth. Unless all that nuclear testing has created some strange hallucinogenic bacteria to thrive in Nevada’s water supply, the chances that an entire state has collectively lost its mind, and would even consider a nutcase like Angle is simply unthinkable.

Yet, poll numbers are showing a tight race, which itself is a somewhat disturbing idea. A future Senator “41 to Angle” would have one good result – once America saw her in action, not one other Tea Bagger would ever come close to winning any other election. We may be a strange country, but we are not suicidal.

Rand Paul (quite ill in KY)

Ayn’s illegitimate son is even weirder than Angle. Just how weird he is may be impossible to fathom. His positions are so far out of the mainstream, that even conservative GOPers have been privately counseling him to shut up and sit down. It won’t last. The debate he had against his democratic opponent did not go well, and with his libertarian lobotomized mindset, combined with his contention that he is on a crusade, means that we will have Paul to kick around until November.

We just hope that this red state goes purple – for the health and future of our country, that is.

Mark Kirk (ill)

Captain Kirk has been caught in so many lies, that even the Federation would expel him if they had the chance. If he were a Democrat, his serial lying would have been the fodder for months of political hack reporting, talk show hosts, and the source of bets in Vegas, wondering when he would withdraw. Luckily, MSM and others have a double standard when it comes to blatant misbehavior and lying by GOPers. (Vitter? Gingrich? Delay? Issa? McCain? The list is too long.)  Even though MSM tries its best to protect and coddle this Romulan agent, there is some chance that he will prevail. What most Ill in noisyans don’t know or don’t remember, is just how ultra-conservative he is. The neocons would have a stalwart soldier in the senate, should he win.

Right now, the Democrat is losing the money war. As Huffpo reports,

On May 31, footage surfaced of his opponent, Republican Mark Kirk, making the false claim that he won the Navy Intelligence Officer of the Year Award, an award that doesn’t exist. Kirk spent much of the next month weathering a long string of revelations about exaggerations and embellishments of all kinds on his resume.

But despite the lambasting Kirk took in the media, the one thing in politics that talks louder than pundits is money–and the money had harsh words for the Giannoulias campaign this past quarter.

In the fundraising period from April 1 to June 30, Alexi Giannoulias took in just over $900,000, and he ended the period with over $1 million in hand. These numbers pale in comparison to Kirk’s take, $2.3 million during the quarter, and his cash on hand, $3.9 million.

Alexi, come on. Get a move on it. How many openings can you expect even from a serial liar like Captain Kirk? Especially since he put his media deflector screens up, and hides from any reporter. Seriously, Alexi, his engines can’t take anymore.

– – – –

D. Argentina insults God

Watch for America’s doltish conservative preacher crowd to start attacking all things Argentinian. And no, the utter lack of a defense, the complete lack of a coaching plan, and the embarrassingly quick exit from the Whirled Cup has nothing to do with it.

Rather, Argentina voted to completely erase all laws against same sex marriage. What seems to natural, so logical to them, remains an alien notion to much of America. Luckily, this appears to be our Christian Reich’s last gasp, and over time, this issue will disappear from our political framework. Just how many hetero marriages in America have been damaged or destroyed by Mass’ gay marriage legislation? One?  None? Any one at all? How a loving couple in Vermont can somehow destroy a South Carolina couple’s marriage, simply because both happen to be the same sex has always escaped me.

Consider this: Argentina’s life expectancy is 75.38 and rising. US has 78.4 and is stagnant or falling.   Argentina spends 1/4 per capita of what the US spends on health care. Argentina’s health care infrastructure is improving. Ours? not so much.

And most of all, Argentina has fantastic soccer fans, especially the female ones who make great offers.

We have Glenn Beck.


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20 thoughts on “The “Cheney has no pulse” Sermon”

  1. Intelligent Design Theory of…………………… Evolution?

    Vu Du again, huh, ?

    You must intend to reference a theory of …………….. creation.

    Where in Darwinian theory is there the necessity to eliminate any and all……. competition as the sole means of survival – especially as regards one species (man) emulating another………………… crocodiles ?

    Kinda wandering around in the weeds here guy?

  2. Not to be a broken record (eh, CD, MP3… whatever people listen to these days) but isn’t this really just our ongoing debate of evolution in action? I mean, that people can choose to act like crocodiles or reptiles…. survive at all cost by eliminating any and all competition….the pure Darwinians……. versus those of us who believe that our INTELLIGENCE was/is designed to enable us to cooperate, moderate, negotiate, feel empathy and work to enlighten, rather than destroy? (the Intelligent Design Theory of evolution….)

    OK….. nice rant though, as usual.

  3. “When I think about this, I am terrified;
    trembling seizes my body.
    Why do the wicked live on,
    growing old and increasing
    in power?” Job 21:6-7

    • It’s natural to die. It’s unnatural to have 5 heart surgeries. God has already spoken on Cheney and tried to kill him numerous times. You think it’s God’s good grace keeping him alive? Probably should look lower and hotter…

        • He’s definitely worth more to Satan alive than dead. Just look at all those souls he’s added to both sides of the war for heaven. Countless millions have suffered directly by his actions. How many can say that?

          Miss you Carl. Drop me a line anytime at Same goes for any of you others out there that are of like mind, and those that aren’t but want a civil discussion of the issues. Cheers!

    • Cheney’s fate, I hope.

      Sent You UP
      by Knife in the Water

      Well I watch the fire in earnest
      ‘cause I thought it would quell my pain
      But the more that I saw your burnin’
      I only felt the same

      Chorus: So I sent you up
      But the angels turned you down
      And the devil already had you
      But he turned you right back around

      So I put you on the canvas
      Like a prison for all time
      But I couldn’t stand to see your face
      And chills ran down my spine


      So I cut you into pieces
      And I threw them in the river
      Now the fishes they all curse me
      For the poison I delivered


      Now your body’s in the ocean
      About 900 miles from home
      And your life it never left you
      It just wants to be alone


      • Talking to myself, here…

        I added the above in response to Jim, July 17, 2010 – 10:23 am, but it dovetails nicely also with commentary by woody188, July 18, 2010 – 1:11 am

    • As far as I’m concerned a state of war has existed between Israel and the US since their vicious extended attack on USS Liberty in 1967 (regardless of the fact that Johnson would not allow other American forces to come to the aid of the US ship).

      No federal government employee at any level, from the lowliest WG-1 employee to the president should have, or ever have had, dual citizenship with any other country as their first loyalty will always be in question.

  4. Why is it that any thing “outside the mainstream” is unacceptable when every one knows that “mainstream” thinking and policies is destroying what’s left of this country?

    The Democrats are no good. The Republicans are no good. Any one with a different philosophy “outside” these mainstream parties is no good.

    What the hell is left?

    • Australia, griff.

      Want to join me? Adelaide is simply lovely. Great wines, beers, and even better horse back riding. the natives are friendly, and the country is beautiful.

      • While I would agree that Australia is a beautiful country, I happen to live in one as well. I have the Adirondack Mountains just up the road, the Finger Lakes wine country to the west and the rolling hills of the Southern Tier to the south. The only blight is 90 miles to the east, but they had to put the state capitol some where I suppose. Haven’t been to or desired to go to NYC since I was a kid.

        And Australia has their own problems, so the grass isn’t any greener in that respect.

        • Oh we also have the F.X. Matt Brewing Company (Saranac and Utica Club beer) as well as Brewery Ommegang (authentic Belgian ales) out in Cooperstown 35 miles to the southeast, which also happens to be where the baseball Hall of Fame is located.

          Last weekend we hosted the annual 15K Boilermaker Road Race, another record-breaking year for that famous event and we have a PGA event coming up at Turning Stone Casino next month.

          We tend to take what we have for granted when we live some where for a long time.

          • Griff, does Matt still make Matt’s Draft? Great beer, far superior to their Utica Club I always thought. I grew up in Waterloo, half way between the north ends of Cayuga and Seneca.

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