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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

GOP goes to war…with itself

Republicans used to reserve their vitriol for Democrats who opposed President George W. Bush's failed war in Iraq. No more. Now it's the GOP calling other members of their party names because they have joined the majority of citizens in this country in opposing what many see as an illegal and immoral war. "Wimps," said House Republican leader John Boehner, referring to his Republican Senate colleagues who have backed away from Bush's war.

Republicans used to reserve their vitriol for Democrats who opposed President George W. Bush’s failed war in Iraq.

No more. Now it’s the GOP calling other members of their party names because they have joined the majority of citizens in this country in opposing what many see as an illegal and immoral war.

“Wimps,” said House Republican leader John Boehner, referring to his Republican Senate colleagues who have backed away from Bush’s war.

As their popularity plummets and their election chances dwindle, more and more GOP Senators say enough is enough and escalated their demands that America get out of Iraq.

Such public defections have ripped away the thin veneer of civility in the Grand Old Party.

Reports The Associated Press:

With both houses of Congress debating war-related legislation, lawmakers awaited the Bush administration’s assessment Thursday of political, economic and military progress made by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government.

Administration officials said in advance the report concludes that the Iraqis have failed to pass long-promised laws that the administration has called key to national cohesion and economic recovery, such as legislation that would fairly divide Iraq’s oil resources.

But officials said the report also would show progress in several areas, such as a drop in sectarian killings in Baghdad and opposition to al-Qaida terrorists by tribal sheiks in Anbar province.

Predictably, Democrats say the findings are proof the war effort is failing, while Republicans say the limited progress shows hope and that lawmakers should not lose faith.

Boehner, R-Ohio, made his “wimps” remark in a private meeting Wednesday with rank-and-file Republicans — ironically at nearly the same moment that several GOP senators beseeched the White House without apparent success for a quick change in course on Iraq.

“I’m hopeful they (White House officials) change their minds,” Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., said after a meeting that President Bush’s national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, held with several Republicans in the Capitol.

Domenici and several other GOP members, including Sens. Richard Lugar of Indiana and George Voinovich of Ohio, say they want Bush to begin reducing the military’s role in Iraq. In the meeting, Hadley said Bush wants to wait until September when Gen. David Petraeus, the Iraq war commander, will reassess military progress.

Emboldened by the Republican divide, Democrats called for a vote on legislation to end U.S. combat operations next year. The House planned to vote first on Thursday.

Boehner spokesman Brian Kennedy said the lawmaker’s comments “were intended to illustrate the fact that we just recently voted to give the troops our full support — including ample time for the Petraeus plan to work, and that too much is at stake for Congress to renege on its commitment now by approving what can only be described as another partisan stunt by Democrats.”

A senior U.S. official familiar with the report’s conclusions said it would assess Iraq’s progress toward congressional benchmarks in three main categories: completed, partially completed and those that show limited or no progress.

Most of the bigger and more difficult issues, the ones that the Bush administration has said were key to Iraq’s national cohesion and economic future, likely would fall into the partially completed category, the official said. One major exception was the expectation that Iraq’s government would pass a law redressing the effects of a policy to purge Baath Party members following Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s ouster during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. There has been almost no progress on that goal.

23 thoughts on “GOP goes to war…with itself”

  1. Mary

    Ad hominen attacks on those who differ are so typical from members of the GOP. Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et al have made fortunes doing just that.
    Seems like there is a market for personal insults within the super Christian base of the GOP.

  2. On ( another article “House approves Iraqi pullout” sure and my ass isn’t white. I don’t even bother to read shit like this crap written by reporters just earning a pay check. What garbage, if our so called congress was going to do something, they would have by now. Bunch of whoring sorry blood sucking bastards. This nation is finished and I say good riddens, it deserves everything it will eventually get.

    If you think their is a chance in hell it can be changed from total destruction well just hang on to your delusion for a while longer. Time will prove you wrong and unfortuneately (me) right. I am not exactly over-joyed about this demoic crap.

  3. It will be like too many rats in a cage when these born-again %^&*(*% start eating each other. And just watch when they all start lying, in unison, “Oh, I NEVER supported the war….” The hate-filled Christian Right will be the first to turn each other in when the #$%%^ hits the fan. Just watch.

  4. Can you believe the nerve of that drunkin sot boehner calling anyone a wimp when bush and company are nothing but a bunch of cowardly draft dodgers . Theres lots of military age bushes , how many are serving ? That slimbag is my ( gag ) congressman and an embarrassment to Ohio . There he stands slobbering drunk bloodshot eyes slurring his words on television no less not to mention openly passing out bribes on the house floor and he just keeps gettinng reelected . Sometimes I think they need to throw a net over the whole damned district .

  5. God what a joke. His records are restricted. Thanks Seal for the info. This shit gets more and more incrediable as each day goes by but I guess no one here is surprised.

  6. Hey!! (zursch) now that you mentioned it..thats right. Bush has made several statements like that over the last several days.

    What a scum bag human piece of shit he is.

  7. If Boehner couldn’t make it through USNTC there really is something wrong with him. The Navy boot camp is nothing like the Army or Marines. It isn’t all the physical combat training you see in the movies. Navy boot is mostly education. They spend their time in classrooms instead of crawling through the mud and climbing obsticles. There is just enough physical stuff to get the fat and lazy ones in shape. But mostly it’s marching from classroom to classroom. The point is thay must know how a warship works and what the Navy is all about. It’s hard to believe that anyone could not make it through USNTC unless there is something very wrong with them.

    I tried to get the records of his discharge but they are restricted. So, he has something there to cover up. Being incompatible with Naval service usually means they are gay or psychologically unfit. It is possible that he just decided he did not want to be in the service and refused to participate. What ever the reason he has managed to have the record restricted from viewing.

  8. Just came from ( theirs an article “Bush reaffirms commitment on Iraq”. Read it if you want to get sick and throw up.

  9. Yes and if he fails to toe the line for chimpco they will change his name to Beetreaus and manufacture some way to discredit him. I actually feel sorry for this man, there goes his pension………..his dignity…….. and his name, down the chimpco hopper……………drain…

  10. NNDB summed it all up in black and white.

    The man must have an army of skeletons doing the down and dirty in his Straight White Male Christian bedroom closet.

    Come on, let’s ferret them out! Larry Flynt, get cracking!

  11. Has anyone else noticed that in the last week or two, it’s become “the Petraeus plan” and “General Petraeus’ Surge”?

    They know where it’s headed, and it’s clear who the scapegoat will be.


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