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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A Congress of co-conspirators

The stage is set for a showdown between President George W. Bush and Congress. In the end, we might see who has the biggest balls…or perhaps if anyone has any at all. At issue is whether or not two former White House aides will be allowed to testify before Congress in the probe of the politically-motivated firings of U.S. attorneys. Bush, as expected, claimed executive privilege but said the aides could meet, behind closed doors, in "off the record" sessions on the Hill.

The stage is set for a showdown between President George W. Bush and Congress. In the end, we might see who has the biggest balls…or perhaps if anyone has any at all.

At issue is whether or not two former White House aides will be allowed to testify before Congress in the probe of the politically-motivated firings of U.S. attorneys. Bush, as expected, claimed executive privilege but said the aides could meet, behind closed doors, in “off the record” sessions on the Hill.

While it’s no surprise that Bush claimed executive privilege it is extraordinary that he’s claiming it not on current White House aides but former staff members who, theoretically at least, are free to make up their own minds about testifying because they no longer work in the administration.

Under most circumstances, former White Counsel Harriet Miers and former political director Sara Taylor should be able to decide for themselves if they want to appear before Congress, take the fifth or fight the subpoenas.

By claiming executive privilege for both Miers and Taylor, Bush is saying that his power to control people is absolute – that it covers not only those currently working for him but also anyone who ever worked for him.

Jonathan Turley, professor of Constitutional Law at George Washington University, said Bush’s claim of executive privilege is “absurd” and that by offering to let his former aides speak in private he dilutes his case.

“It would have been far better for the White House to say that aides would not speak in any context to disclose this information,” Turley told The Hill newspaper in an interview. “Instead the White House adopted this absurd position that it’s willing … so long as there’s not a threat of perjury.”

Another Constitutional law expert, University of Richmond professor Carl Tobias says Bush’s claim of executive privilege would not hold up in court.

But legality is not a guiding principle for Bush. Neither is the law. The President has proven, time and again, that he will do whatever he damn well pleases and dare those who object to try and stop him.

So far, no one – not Congress, not the courts and not the law – have successfully blocked Bush from his vision of imperial rule from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And those who expect Congress to step up and put a stop to Bush’s despotic rule will most likely find the Democratic leadership on the Hill is not up to the job.

To date, the new leaders on Congress have fallen on their collective asses when it comes to standing up to Bush or stopping him from riding roughshod over them, the law and the Constitution.

Bush is an absolute ruler who enjoys absolute power with the knowledge that the Democrats can do absolutely nothing to stop him.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi emasculated the Democrats when she took impeachment off the table. If Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached for lying about blow jobs from a White House intern then George W. Bush deserves not only impeachment but conviction and then a criminal trial followed by a life sentence pounding rock in Leavenworth.

But it won’t happen because Pelosi lacks the balls, both figuratively and literally, to take the necessary political risk to haul Bush before a tribunal on charges. If Harry Reid has any balls they are probably too old and shriveled to pump any testosterone into his timid veins.

Both Pelosi and Reid talk like leaders but they fail to deliver.

Both are little more than political hacks and, by continuing to allow George W. Bush to remain in the Presidency, they are both complicit and willing co-conspirators in a plot to destroy the United States of America.

24 thoughts on “A Congress of co-conspirators”

  1. I’ll agree that it isn’t solely the fault of the Democrats – however, those “Republicans” that insist on keeping Bush in power in the Senate would change their minds rather quickly “if” the people had some direction – and we again called into the White House to express our outrage and the demand that Bush and Cheney are impeached.

    Why just one day of “phone protests?” Shut them down for a week, or however long it takes for our voices to be heard – and believe me, if we approach this in a concerted, organized manner – “we the people” will prevail, or King George will declare his intent to exercise his so-called power as “King.”

    It’s time to bring this pot to a boil why we still have a semblance of free speech – and if King George, in his deluded state decides to declare himself our new “Ruler” – we will deal with that when it happens, and maybe the mases will remember the true meaning of why we celebrate The Declaration of Independence – and re-declare our Independence while we are busy rounding-up all those that are complicit in the theft of our Liberty!

    William Cormier

  2. I really believed in Nancy, and I am so sad that she buckled under. There goes all my hope.
    I am not happy with cronyism or apathy. and I hate my vote not counting or being heard. Don’t we pay these folks salaries?? I thought we had SOME power. Guess not. What a drag for this middle aged woman.

  3. It isn’t that the Democrats are gutless: They are just smart enough not to shoot themselves in the foot.

    They understand that Impeachment is not the end of the process. The House Democrats could impeach Bush tomorrow and then the Senate would fail to convict, because it takes a 2/3 majority for conviction. Guess how many Republican senators would vote for conviction? I think it would be in the range of 0 to 5, which is way below the required 67:33 votes needed. I don’t believe the threat of losing their re-elections would be enough to get conviction votes from 17 of those Republican senators. The Republicans in Congress have proved again and again that they are willing to do ANYTHING for George W. Bush, so I think he would have start murdering people on the White House lawn to get 67 votes for conviction!

    And what happens if he is impeached and then NOT convicted? Bush would dismiss it as a partisan attack and spin the whole thing into a mandate for everything he has done!

    Conviction is almost impossible, but even with a simple majority they can haul former Bush staffers before investigating committees and compel them to testify. That is what they can do, and that is exactly what they are doing. They can also pass legislation, but again without 67 votes Bush can veto anything. If you want congress to have the power to hold a President to account for his crimes, then you need to elect 2/3 from the opposing party. (Or else you need to elect people from his own party who have the moral sense to vote against him when he is wrong. Good luck on that!)

  4. Thanks Doug Thompson for your “thought-spark” concerning our failed leaders…!

    Spot-on William Cormier…! I’ve been advocating for quite some time that Americans need to curtail their habitual shopping, their trips to the gas pump except to fill-up for their work connections etc. and even their vacation travels.

    I always admire the French because they are experts at striking and causing national disruption when they wish to make a point…! Viva la France! Always remember, without the French our efforts of chucking British rule would have been for naught. We ended up back-stabbing them and not aligning our infant republic to their designs relative to their needs to destabilize global British rule, much to the chagrin of Benjamin Franklin; but they still remained our friends throughout our political history with the emergence of our young nation and beyond.

    So I’m for boycotts, strikes and constructive “non-participation” in general. The real problem is that our young people do not have the “fire in their bellies” as most euro-youth! Maybe they are more educated and sophistocated when it comes to their knowledge of history and the result of tyranny for all time and all places?!

    To the youth of America and to their parents and grand-parents I say fire your thoughtshot across the bow of dreadnaught “Tyranny” that’s steaming our way by stopping them cold through boycotts and general failure to participate in their smug paradigm. Hey, if 100 million Americans didn’t didn’t send in their monthly minimum credit card payment; that would surely be a heads-up to the business mattoids that think they’ve got us all by the “short-hairs”…no?! :))

    Maybe it’s time Americans showed the entire world that “we the people” still have some brains and “starch” and haven’t forgotten our great nation’s roots are grounded in rebellion…!

    My favorite colonial era battle flag is the Gadsen rattlesnake flag with simply “Don’t Tread on Me”…!
    Most Americans don’t realize it, but the “RATTLESNAKE” and not the eagle is the symbol of our INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM for all time and all places…!

    I’ll post the duty links so folks can get in touch with their elected reps and kick butt in the days and weeks to come. Do something proactive then feel good about yourselves, and not join the ranks of those cold, gray-hearted souls that shall know neither victory nor defeat…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Doug;

    I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I believe it is germane to the issue. Last week we found out the “power of the people” when a Blogger published the White House phone directory, it spread through the Internet like wildfire, and suddenly, the “people were heard” – even though it was accidental to some degree, we should have all learned a valuable lesson that day. If we look closely at what happened, and capitalize on it – the “people” can again be heard and have a decisive voice in this government.

    A link to this article was on the BuzzFlash main page for 4 days, and the parent article was published in their mailbag. It’s an idea that will take even your assistance – but for the stated goal, I believe all that are concerned will pitch-in and make it, or another better idea, a reality!

    It’s time for more than Articles and Discussion!

    When you take into consideration the crimes Bush and Cheney have committed, and then spat in the face of justice, right after declaring themselves above the law! – Congress hasn’t drawn-up articles of impeachment, still beating around the bush attempting to find more support in the GOP! These are dangerous tyrants, evidence has been given time and again that neither can be trusted, and are directly responsible for America being involved in an illegal and immoral war. Each day we discuss and lament on the loss of American lives – more are lost, and unless we move quickly, that figure could elevate exponentially.

    Now even their Advisor’s are jumping ship, and the GOP can hardly wait to rid themselves of both without irreparably destroying the Republican Party. We all know they’ve crossed the line, and besides being thieves and charlatans, they are also dangerous – each somehow imagining himself knowing what’s better for the rest of us- as long as we shut-up and allow them to enrich themselves on money bathed in American blood.

    The time I feared most has arrived, the people are waking-up, the press is actually whispering the “I” word – and Congress is frothing at the mouth in disgust, and still not enough Republicans have denounced this President and administration so we could be rid of them and attempt to repair an ailing America. It seems that Congress is too involved in politics rather than protecting the people, so unless we do it ourselves, we lose. It’s brutally simple, but it appears as if we’re almost alone, but are easily up to the job with a little direction and leadership! No matter how you look at it, we are “the people” – and without us, everything grinds to a halt.

    The tide has turned – Bush and Cheney are on the run, and with some concerted effort from all of us – they can be booted-out of office faster than Bush can spell impeachment! Something happened a few days ago that demonstrated our strength – and even that movement wasn’t planned and executed in unison, but it still helped and history was made with little ado…

    Joe Biden, in his outrage over Libby’s sentence commutation by President Bush, suggested that everyone should call the White House and voice their outrage. Senator Biden made the suggestion, but it was Lambert’s blog that published the White House phone directory, a story that spread like wildfire through the Internet! The next day when I tried to call the White House, the lines were so busy, I had to call the Chief of Staff’s office, spoke politely with an aide, and told him I was outraged at the Libby sentence commutation, and I believed it sent the message that this White House believed they were above the law. He thanked me for my input, and I thanked him for listening – being extremely careful to remain courteous and polite at all times. I’ll admit it wasn’t really how I felt or what I longed to say – but it’s best to get the message across, and still be able to write and speak my mind the next day.

    The White House and Congressional phone system eventually ground to a halt from reports I heard – and votes changed at the last minute and “the people” made sure the immigration bill died in the Senate. Washington heard our outrage – and even those Senators that were backing the measure were hastily re-examining their position. We do have the power, and that was just a small squeak of the many millions who peruse the various Blogs and alternative News-sites. We made history, but the MSM made light of it, knowing that a precedent had just been set – that the people can be heard even when the MSM refuses to tackle the real issues and be honest with the country. Think about what happened. It worked, and it can work to get these bums out of office – and now, before they start a War with Iran, which Condi Rice was hawking today! LINK They always talk-it-up before striking, we’ve seen it in the very recent past, so ask yourselves how many times we’ve heard about a possible military strike on Iran? How soon could It happen based on past events and current history? By my reckoning, it could be any time now, so there is a real and pressing need for us to unite and work together and do what we can to save America!

    I wrote a recent article detailing a way we could all interconnect from all of the Blogs, which was posted here and on a few other sites. BuzzFlash was the only large site to reproduce the piece; LINK my hats off to them for at least attempting to float the idea. It will work. All it takes is for all the Blogger’s to agree to run one synchronized column per week, day, or whatever frequency is needed until the people prevail. From that one column appearing in all of the Blogs in unison- we could move mountains and generate a monumental response quicker, less expensive, and easier to do than anything I can think of. Do it for yourself, your children, or whatever it is that drives you in this life. It’s imperative we impeach this President and Vice-President before we’re in so far past our ears that our grandchildren will be speaking in a different language! The title stinks, but lays-out clearly how we can end this criminal administration – and NOW – while we can!

    Saving America – A Plan of Action!

    As I said in the first article, I’m not looking for anything but a plan that will work. If mine stinks, fine, then submit yours, and then if enough of us put some thought into this, another plan can be implemented. Either way, we return this nation back to the path of our heritage, Constitution, and Rule of Law. It (The rule of law), and the people it was supposed to protect, has been absent for far too long. Be an American and do something about it! There has never been a time when public opinion and Congress are so incredibly outraged; let’s give them the boost they need to get us over the top.

    Remember, this isn’t sedition, but tradition many of us have forgotten. It was the protests and work of our parents and theirs that helped to keep this nation on track – and we owe it to them as well as to ourselves to unite and end this insult to the American way and the sacrifice of our forefathers. Non-violent work-stoppages, phone protests, etc., are simply tradition and the only way for the American people as a whole to exercise their right of free speech and speak in one, unified voice of opposition to a government that forgot who they’re supposed to represent!

    William Cormier

  6. Please. Everyone. Vote for every Green Party candidate in every upcoming election. It is way past time to abandon “our two party system” which is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution.

    — kent

  7. Kent said, “The country needs to get angry enough to vote for all third party candidates. Like that will ever happen.”

    Kent, you’re absolutely right…it certainly WON’T happen all the while you and I think that our one vote for someone else won’t “count”.

    But all those “won’t counts” just might add up to something if each of us had the actual courage to cast them.

    At the very least, if enough of us did so, it might send a strong message to the “Republicrats” that we’re on to their crooked ways, that we aren’t as stupid as they think we are, and that they’d better start correcting the mess they’ve made of our nation.

    And, Sandy, you are also correct. Like you, I voted for Republicans for all these years thinking they were the party of limited government. But, those days are long gone and, as Doug has said many times, we need to get back to looking at what the individual candidates stand for rather than their party affiliation.

    Right now, we have “one party” rule. And our nation is looking more and more like a kingdom rather than a participatory republic.

  8. We need to get those out of government totally who believe in an imaginary supernatural being who will grant them some sort of “afterlife” as long as they ask for forgiveness for their horrid transgressions, thus allowing them to participate in all sorts of immoral behavior, such as WAR, having disastrous consequences for the rest of us. This is all there is. There is no second chance. So grow up and learn to live and let live or better yet live and help live, and by this I do NOT mean “spreading democracy” at the point of a gun and the threat of a nuclear detonation. If there is a “god” he certainly has a rather crude and evil sense of humor to allow all this to go on and on and on.

    In the name of Jesus, Allahu akbar.

  9. “And, unless and until the American people completely wake up to that fact and then…collectively…decide to rise up and do something about it at the ballot box, the rampant fraud, blatant corruption and wholesale raping of our Constitution we’ve witnessed by the current Congress and our President absolutely won’t change.”

    I agree. But say we vote out all the incumbents, voting in all the challengers (obviously). We’re still stuck with republicans and democrats. What really changes?

    The country needs to get angry enough to vote for all third party candidates. Like that will ever happen.

  10. I agree Keith, but we all have candidates who caught our interest and support only to have them change dramatically when new President is brought into office.

    My own Republican candidates were elected to limit the government and then the religious right got into it and those same candidates began to search out new moral laws complete with large programs to enforce them. In 2000 the entire platform of the GOP changed into a potential police state.

    Removing the basic agenda of any political party should be done in full view of the members of the party. What would have helped was a strong separation of church and state but that on top of individual freedoms were scrapped along with our basic constitutional laws.

    We have the internet going for us and we all must express our discontent with all politicians when they treat us like sheep. Sadly there are few sites as open as CHB and we should hope to see more before the next election.

  11. The Republicans and the Democrats are simply two factions of the same “country club”.

    And, unless and until the American people completely wake up to that fact and then…collectively…decide to rise up and do something about it at the ballot box, the rampant fraud, blatant corruption and wholesale raping of our Constitution we’ve witnessed by the current Congress and our President absolutely won’t change.

    The “Republicrats” have now completely brainwashed the vast majority of us into thinking they are the only choice because “that’s the way it’s always been”. Part of the reason for that is that they’ve been peddling ignorance (in the name of “education”) and have been in absolute power for so long in this country they’ve now also rigged the money and “getting on the ballot” games so that no other candidates need apply.

    We, the people, can stop this. We have before. That’s because it hasn’t ALWAYS been the Republicans versus the Democrats. There HAVE been Whigs and Bull Moose parties in our past in this country, just like there are Libertarians and Greens today. They just don’t get the press coverage because all the media is interested is in the “horse race” between the two mainstream parties, which, in turn, is probably because the mainstream media have now been completely brainwashed (and corrupted) by the “Republicrats” as well.

    However, unless and until a majority of us say “Enough is enough!” and start caring more about who the next President of our Nation will be rather than the next American Idol, things won’t change.

    But we CAN change things IF we start doing our homework. There ARE people running for office in our towns, our cities, our states and our nation who are neither Republicans nor Democrats. We just have to find, listen and vote for them.

    And all the while we continue to believe that “these newcomers haven’t got a chance” and that “I’ll just be “throwing my vote away”, the “Republicrats” will keep right on winning. That’s EXACTLY how they’ve been brainwashing us all into doing their bidding for all these years. Or, to put it another way, these leeches are still in power because you and I have kept buying that same crock of BS over and over (and over) again come election time.

    Fortunately, WE now have some very powerful informational tools at our disposal (one of which is the Internet) to get around the “Republicrat’s” finely tuned (and heavily monied) political machine. Capitol Hill Blue is but one of those tools.

    It’s also been said that longest journey always begins with the first few steps. Fortunately, the “Republicrats” have yet to do away with the write-in candidate line on all of our ballots. We CAN break the cycle on election day and send a powerful message to these clowns that we’ve had more than enough of their blatant corruption and the wholesale raping of our Constitution.

    Make your vote REALLY count on election day! Our ballots all still have a write-in line. Do your homework…and then USE it!

  12. I first started reading Capitol Hill Blue when it came up in a google search for Bush’s emotional state. I was and continue to be fascinted by this man’s psyche. That he can be SO delusional is simply astonishing to me, and apparently was to Doug as well, because he wrote this article that came up in my google search about how the White House is worried that Bush was going to crack. That was 2 years ago and there hasn’t been much on the topic in the news since then.

    But now, I have to wonder. What are the actual psychological and interpersonal dynamics at the White house NOW? What is going on in Cheney’s mind? IN Bush’s mind? Don’t we need to know these things? Everything else in the news is an indirect assay of the madness these two men share.

    Is it going to take post-mortems decades from now to reveal this aspect of history?

  13. I watched Sarah Taylor’s testimony all night and could not believe her admitting to work FOR Bush and then having to rethink her statement and say the Constitution took her oath. It shows me that these Christians have no moral obligation to take an oath on anything.

    I believe adding “Under God” to our pledge is what is wrong even with our pledge to protect the Constitution. Everything is justified if done in the name of Jesus Christ and we had better get used to it if Romney or any of those Republicans are elected.

  14. There aren’t words sufficient to describe the moral sewage that occupies the WH. Did you see the Sarah Taylor non-testimony? That filthy Christian whore raped our system of justice, truth and the American people. She has all the moral judgement of her boss the Antichrist. I hope she gets to feel all the pain her unbridled hubris entitles her to.

  15. Ardie. Bush would never have been elected had the Democrats put up a strong Presidential candidate. Bush bought the Religious Right and the GOP fell into it. Jesus Christ was turned into a Social Conservative and the churches were told they had to vote for Bush. It was such a strong movement that even the IRS did not remove the church’s tax benefits. It was a movement from heaven that turned into a movement from hell.

    After the elections of 2000 and 2004, the religious right went back to their normal ignorance of our government. They are still a strong part of the GOP and no manner of exposure can show them their mistakes.

    We must come up with strong consitutional candidates to work for all of us and demand that the candidates state their agenda clearly and their commitment to it. At this time the GOP is falling into the Bush mode just to keep the Christian vote and it will destroy their chances. We have Rudy and Ron Paul who have stepped outside the Bush mode but neither has the backing of the current Congress.

    The Democrats do not have strong constitutional candidates and are trying to buy the voters with handouts. This does not bode well for any of us.

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