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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Right wingers raise $8 million

Karl Rove

A conservative activist group says it raised more than $8 million in June to help conservative candidates and causes ahead of midterm elections in November.

American Crossroads and its new affiliate, American Crossroads GPS, hope to raise more than $50 million by Election Day. Both groups are associated with former Republican White House aides Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie.

American Crossroads President Steven Law said Wednesday that the two groups together raised nearly $8.5 million in June, much of it solicited from wealthy donors by Rove and Gillespie. His organization reported raising $1 million in April but just $200 in May.

The tiny figure for May most likely reflects the group’s strategy of soliciting large pledges from wealthy people and then collecting the money in batches. Law said the May figure was an aberration and that he expects donations to flow more steadily in coming months.

Both groups are tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations operating under somewhat different rules. Major donors to American Crossroads must be disclosed in public reports filed with the IRS.

Donors to the GPS affiliate, which Law called an issues advocacy group, do not have to be disclosed. Law said that is important to some major donors.

American Crossroads has begun buying independent ads in some states attacking Democratic candidates, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is seeking re-election in Nevada. It plans to campaign against several other Democratic Senate and House candidates.

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2 thoughts on “Right wingers raise $8 million”

  1. $8-million for attack ads. Rove knows no other strategy. I think he enjoys fighting dirty.

    • As we witnessed with Obama (not to mention Bush), it’s far easier to be against some thing than it is to be for some thing.

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