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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Gates: McChrystal messed up big-time

President Obama with problem-child Gen. Stanley McChrystal (AP)

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the top U.S. general in Afghanistan made “a significant mistake” and used poor judgment in remarks to a magazine reporter.

Gates says Gen. Stanley McChrystal has apologized to him. Gates also says he has recalled McChrystal to Washington to discuss the matter in person. That’s on top of the White House summons that McChrystal appear there Wednesday.

The Pentagon says McChrystal will hold a separate meeting with Gates.

Gates’ statement says nothing about whether McChrystal should keep his job.

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8 thoughts on “Gates: McChrystal messed up big-time”

  1. To be on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sir , you FIRST have to be in the military. non-military bloggers don’t have the proper credentials. “Chicken” is a strong word to apply to a soldier who has served our country honorably during a 20+ year career.
    As a “wannabe-on-line-barrister” you may wish reconsider your choice of verbage. Incidentally Sir, When and with which branch did you serve?

    • No. I do not wish to change my choice of words. I do happen to know what the credentials are for JCS. I said “Had I been”. The chicken reference had nothing to do with his courage. But it does have something to do as to what should have been done to his scrawny neck.

      Twenty years in the AF good enough for you?

    • Reminds me more of George Armstrong Custer, whose name should be wreathed with infamy instead of approbation. Patton was not a fool, but Custer was and now it becomes patently obvious that McChrystal is.

      His track record just plain sucks, particularly his deep involvement in the coverup of the death of Pat Tillman and his apparently just as deep involvement in the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere.

      Had I been on the Joint Chiefs I would have recommended his forced departure at the time of the Tillman incident. His involvement was deep and troubling. All in all I am not surprised by his abrupt departure from the scene, though somewhat taken aback by how long it has taken for this particular chicken to get to the stew pot of history.

  2. I cannot fathom why a theatre commander would allow a reporter to be embedded with him and his staff!
    Especially a General whose lineage is through the Special Operations community.
    Especially when the journalistic endevor is as left leaning as RS magazine.
    Whatever happened to Operational Security (OPSEC)? What else other than the General and his staff may have been compromised?
    Mainstream media rerely covers anything military in a positive light.
    Obama and Biden have never served a day in uniform and are not military strategists. However civilian leadership in our country controls the military, as it should be. War is what happens when diplomacy fails. If diplomacy has failed so miserably that the dogs of war must be released then they need to be turned over to the dog handlers. Those handlers and the soldiers must then receive support from the elected / appointed leadership. As a military member you do not critisize your chain of command no matter how clueless and inept they may be. You take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and to obey the orders of those over you. General McChrystal must fall on his sword for his indescretions. Once again the military in our country operates and adheres to a higher code than our elected “officials” do.

    • If they were adhering to this higher code, then this wouldn’t have happened. They’re no better than anyone else, they just have a different job to do.

      • RA, Sir: You are correct on one issue He didn’t adhere to the oath he took as a member of the military and he paid the price.
        I did not say that the military was any better than you, I said they ” adhere to a higher code than our elected officials do.””
        Apparently you have never served and are attempting to elevate your status by denigrating those who do. Anyone who volunteers for something larger than themselves and is willing to risk their lives for others and the Constitution of this country is on a heck of a lot higher plane than someone hiding behind a keyboard and belittleing the defenders of liberty.
        Read the Uniform Code of Military Justice and maybe you can understand the laws that govern our military.
        It is a decidedly different code than the laws that govern civilians. And as observed by behavior from our congress and the administrations there is a third set of rules. They don’t even pay taxes and get cabinet positions. And honor has been long gone from the majority of elected officials…

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