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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Is Dick Cheney above the law?

House Democrats on Thursday denounced Vice President Dick Cheney's idea of abolishing a government office charged with safeguarding national security information — and criticized him for refusing to cooperate with the agency. Cheney's office — over the objections of the National Archives — has exempted itself from a presidential executive order that seeks to protect national security information generated by the government, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Under the order, executive branch offices are required to give the Information Security Oversight Office at the archives data on how much material it has classified and declassified.

House Democrats on Thursday denounced Vice President Dick Cheney’s idea of abolishing a government office charged with safeguarding national security information — and criticized him for refusing to cooperate with the agency.

Cheney’s office — over the objections of the National Archives — has exempted itself from a presidential executive order that seeks to protect national security information generated by the government, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Under the order, executive branch offices are required to give the Information Security Oversight Office at the archives data on how much material it has classified and declassified.

Cheney’s office provided the information in 2001 and 2002, then stopped. Henry Waxman, chairman of the committee, said Cheney’s office claims it need not comply with the executive order because it is not an “entity within the executive branch.”

“Your decision to except your office from the president’s order is problematic because it could place national security secrets at risk,” Waxman wrote in a letter to Cheney on Thursday.

Megan McGinn, a spokeswoman for the vice president, said Cheney’s office was not breaking the law, but did not elaborate.

“We are confident that we are conducting the office properly under the law,” she said.

The Information Security Oversight Office has asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resolve the legal dispute over whether the order applies to Cheney’s office. So far, the Justice Department has not ruled on the issue.

Waxman said J. William Leonard, director of the Information Security Oversight Office, told the panel that after he sought advice from the Justice Department, Cheney’s office recommended that the executive order be amended to abolish the ISOO. “I question both the legality and wisdom of your actions,” Waxman said.

Waxman said Leonard also told the panel that in 2004, Cheney’s office blocked the archives from doing an onsite inspection of his office to make sure classified information was being properly protected.

“To my knowledge, this was the first time in the nearly 30-year history of the Information Security Oversight Office that a request for access to conduct a security inspection was denied by a White House office,” Waxman wrote.

The eight-page letter asks Cheney to respond to a series of questions about why he believes his office is exempt, and what steps his office has taken to ensure that national security information is protected.

34 thoughts on “Is Dick Cheney above the law?”

  1. When’s he going to croak? He’s had four heart attacks that we know about, maybe more. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s on his second or third heart transplant, done during some of his many extended stays at undisclosed locations. Why can’t he just freaking DIE?!?!

  2. cheney looks like a cold toad, my apologies to toads. he’s smug. for some reason, he believes he’s untouchable. When’s he going to croak?

  3. BushCo is straining the armed forces with extended tours and repeat tours along with hijacking National Guard, and using the Blackwater mercenaries, so it is always ‘somebody elses’ kids getting killed. And not to be un-done, the military are taking just about anybody to join the military, people with questionable mental stability.

    So your average American is not feeling any pain from this war personally. If the draft starts up, just wait to see how quickly things will change.

    I am indeed dismayed by a good percentage of my friends of which the war really dosen’t matter all that much. Their too preocupied with their ordinary lives to care much since none of them is feeling the pain of losing a loved one in Iraq. Damn Democrats by and large are asleep at the wheel.

    The apathy of this nation truly just makes me want to tear my hair out.

    Putin made a comment comparing BushCo’s PNAC Neo-Colonial expansionist policies to the Nazi ‘Lebensraum’ (living space) expasionist policies of land grabing, including the Nat-C’s grabs for the oil fields of the Caucasus in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and southeastern Russia.

    One sign of a decaying Empire is when IT hires mercenaries to fight its wars like the Roman Empire was doing in its last days, which is what BushCo is using to a high degree.

    I’m always an optimist, but it just makes my blood boil with the apathy of this nation.

    Where is the outrage! As Carl Nemo always says, we got to do what we can as individuals and call up our Senators & Representatives which he does every day, or whatever way we can think of to do.

    I continue to keep my morale up by reading
    the CHB postings knowing there is some intelligent life
    out there in Cyber-Ville

    CHB Web Posters, You Rock!!!

  4. For all practical intent and purposes Cheney is saying that he and the chimp are the law.

    Americans must like it, they are doing little to stop this pair of thugs from doing what they want. These two are setting the stage for future administrations to do as they please, and pointing out the rules by which we are goverened apply only to the honest Presidents (if there ever was one).

    The biggest farce about this administration is the American people letting them get away with their dealings. I have to agree with Cindy – what is wrong with the American people?

    If Americans are not willing to stand up to these thugs, then they will loose their freedom.

    I for one will fight until my dying day, these thugs deserve to be in Getmo.

  5. Hasn’t anyone else noticed the good news?

    The good news in all of this is that it appears Cheney just resigned!

    Everyone knows there are three branches of government, the legislative, the executive, and the judicial, and the offices of president and vice president are part of the Executive branch. We know that Cheney was elected vice president (or stole the job), which put him in the executive branch. He has just declared that he is not in the executive branch. Seems to me this can only be interpreted to mean he resigned. So now we don’t have to impeach him. He’s gone.

    Unfortunately, though, he probably doesn’t yet realize what he has done to himself. He just out smarted himself but hasn’t noticed yet. So, I guess he still needs to be evicted.

    We don’t need any fancy legislative action. We don’t need any long, dragged out processes. We just need some big, burley bouncers to throw him and his stuff out into the street!

  6. As long as there are still enough members of the GOP in Congress, I believe it’s almost impossible to impeach Bush or Cheney. There have been recent revelations in the news that have received little attention, however paint a picture that opens the imagination as to how President Bush and Dick Cheney are holding on to power – even with the majority of American’s in favor of impeachment. It’s not that hard to connect the dots – and one thing we know for sure, Rove is capable and likely culpable in a multitude of dirty tricks – all illegal, which has been the hallmark of this administration. There have been few crime families in the Costra Nostra this organized or vicious – yet they still sit at the helm of power, wiping their butts with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    The below article connects the dots and demonstrates “why” it’s essentially impossible for this Congress to impeach either President Bush or Vice-President Dick Cheney:

    Why it’s impossible to Impeach Bush and Cheney!


  7. The Power of Nightmares (thank you Klaus for mentioning that film) should be REQUIRED in high school curricula. It is a truly frightening masterpiece. If you haven’t seen it please do so. It is available for free on the ‘net.


  8. I guess to say this nation is in serious trouble would be the understatement of the century, the last century and probably the one we are currently in.

    This nation is going to (financially) implode (very soon, actually it has already started and picking up speed) and (99%) of us citizens of this weird nation will feel the affects. I know this white house gain is in leag with the devil himself but politics is going to become one of the lesser of the many evils we contend with each and every day now.

    Food, water, energy, a job, a roof over your head, increase in crime, third world living standards, a dollar that is truely worthless, hyperinfation, depresssion (1929 style but much bigger),little if any medical care and the list goes on and on and on and yes lets hope I am WRONG but unfortunately, I’m not!!

    When you are bankrupt (a thousand times over), produce almost nothing, export almost nothing, import almost everything, and print tons of worthless paper that (world suckers) buy everday
    just to keep the doors open….well you get my point and just for fun throw in the decreasing oil supply and increasing cost of fuel.

    Folks its OVER more ways that many can imagine and politics want matter when a loaf of bread will cost you a days wage. Now where did I here that before?

  9. Monty Python Lives!

    I listened to Jonathan Turley on Countdown last night and he spoke of unconstitutional actions coming from our current White House. It could be setting the position of Vice President into a new category of government control that is absolutely not part of the job description of anyone in D.C.

    Turley is a University Professor and the U.S. Constitution is his subject. When Turley is nervous about Cheney, we all should be.

    The only oversight with this problem must come from the Congress or the President himself. We apparently don’t have either recognizing the problems facing our Constitution.

    Without any authority in D.C. we can only work on locating a new group who must be questioned extensively on how they will work within the system. Just not being Bush won’t cut it any more when the laws of the land are in jeopardy. I see “dictator for Jesus” on the faces of every Republican currently running for office.

    We learned something valuable these last 6 years and that is nobody is protecting our freedoms found in the Constitution. Our voters like having a dictator in the white house and it will be a renewed fight in 2008 to restore as much as we can and never forget men like Bush/Cheney/Gonzales.

  10. That smug look on Cheney’s face shows he has absolutely no fear of doing whatever he wants with total impunity.

    There are a few good Dems such as Waxman, but most Dems you will hear little, if any talk about pulling up the tent stakes on permanent military bases in Iraq, or the Super Mega Embassy which is being built (is it finished?). Until I hear any talk from Dems about dismantaling these hives of villany, then there full of crap like Christmas Turkeys.

    Many Dems, such as Senator Diane Feinstein has defense industry ties, and the AIPAC lobby has a tremendous sway with Capitol Hill, such as Pelosi who early on in the Iraq spending bill removed the clause that stated Bush had to go to congress for permission to bomb Iran. When she revealed this to a meeting with AIPAC she got roundly booed, and big surprise, the next day she removed that language.

    The PNAC bunch is a very fearfull bunch influenced by Leo Strauss who is considered to be the Father of the Neo-Con Movement. Strauss was a political science professor at Chicago University in the 50’s and 60’s and he came to the conclusion that the decadent tendencies of America (Apple Pie, Rock & Roll, Elvis & back seats of Chevrolets) was weakening America, that America had to be lied to, to protect it from itself.

    BushCo very much embodies Straussian philosphy. Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle and others are very close to Likud in Israel, but Likud is not the only voice of Israel, there are many Israelis who are not at all happy about the PNAC machinations and stuff that Likud is up to. An excellent BBC documetary, The Power of Nightmaress, really goes into
    Strauss and his posthumous influence on PNAC nutcases.

    A brilliant Professor of Middle Eastern History at Stanford, Joel Beinin, an American Jew, was the target of Neo Con Editor in Chief David Horowitz, who put a photo of Beinin on the cover of a book
    called “Campus Support for Terrorism” . Beinin sued this commentator. A brief excerpt below:

    Stanford University’s Joel Beinin is used to criticism for his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but when a conservative commentator put the professor’s photo on the cover of a booklet titled “Campus Support for Terrorism,” it started a whole new war.

    Beinin, a prominent Middle Eastern scholar, filed suit in March — turning his ideological clash with Editor in Chief David Horowitz into a legal one.

    Horowitz removed the photo from later printings, but Beinin said the harm had already been done and is demanding unspecified damages. With the United States at war in Iraq, Beinin said, it’s a scary time to be labeled a supporter of terrorism.

    Check San Francisco Chronicle Link below.

    Harry Reid is so much like the Not So Brave Sir Robin in Monty Python & the Holy Grail where Sir Robin Runs away from the Three Headed Knight, and Sir Robin’s minstrel sings “When Danger reared its ugly head, brave Sir Robin turned and fled, bravely taking to his feat, he beat a very brave retreat, Brave, Brave, Brave, Brave Sir Robin”

    [The Three Headed Knight is of course, Cheney, Bush & Alberto Gonzales]

  11. More and more it looks like the Forth Reich is here to stay. And they were right, this time it came calling itself democracy and patrotism. The only question seems to be, which political party will rule it. If this were not true, the first business of the new congress would have been a Bill of Impeachment by the House to force a Senate trial.

    Assuming there was a proper presentation of all the eveidence against Bush and Cheney, regardless of party loyalty there would be no alternative for the senators but to convict or face a public that heard the same evidence.

    However, the first business of the new congress that was elected upon the promise to put an end to the crimes of the thuglican was to take impeachment “off the table.” Then, as confirmation to convince those who still had hope, the second thing the did was not pull the trigger of their funding weapon and shut down the war when they had Bush against the wall. Instead, they continued the Iraqi war crime while dutifully chanting the Reich’s ‘Support the troops” slogan.

    Those of us that have been paying attention have watched as the Third Reich’s methodology has been folloewed step by step beginning thirty years ago with the takeover of the the media byt the corporations while Ronald Reagan gave the best performance of his acting carrer in selling the the concept of corporate control as “trickle down economics.” When the public bought that nonsense, I knew we were in real trouble.

    During the Bush senior and Clinton years they continued to follow the plan and surreptitiously move all the pieces into place in preparation for the time when they could grab control of every branch of government at the same time. This they accomplished in 2000. The final take over was launched.

    The excuse of Terororism was created and Congress stripped themselves by turning over all power to a supreme commander president to launch wars, create one homeland agency to control all internal and external departments of law enforcemet, information networks, regulate travel, and spy upon the citizens. The Patriot Act destroyed the peoples constitutional rights and protections. Step by step folowing the The Third Reich’s footprints, now they were ready to take over the world.

    However, they made one huge mistake. The same one the Third Reich made. They had incompetents in charge of the military operations who, like Hitler, roared off with immediate successes that they turned into failure because they would not listen to the military commanders. Consequently their bothced up “war” has lasted long enough for the citizens to wise up.

    Now, this Reich has the same problem the last one had, a mad as hell at them American citizenry. Well, maybe not quite there yet, but getting there as the exposures continue to come to light due to a few in congress that know the truth and will fight.

    But this Reich is smarter than the last. They have a replacement administration coming in to con the people into believeing they are the good guys who will straighten everything out. They will modify many of the programs that have been installed as a show of it. But the programs and agencies will remain and the rights we have lost will not be returned and the Reich will continue to strenghten its hold over the country until it is too late unless the people act soon to cut this cancer out of its government.

  12. Janet wrote: “Will the little Troll who lives under the bridge have to commit mass murder before they take action and impeach him?”

    The little Troll(s), Cheney and Bush already have committed mass murder in Afghanistan and Iraq, calling genocide “collateral damage”. But they are only little brown people 10,000 miles away, mostly out of sight, so it doesn’t count.

    I do not advocate violence, and I will not participate in violence. But not all people think the way I do. I’m starting to believe that only violence will remedy the situation, however. And that is truly sad, because violence only breeds more violence. As someone above suggested, maybe its time for me to just gently fade away.

  13. It should be clear that Cheney has nothing but contempt for Congress, and the Constitution.

    His latest attempt to somehow establish the vice presidency as fourth branch of government is absurd. The Constitution clearly defines the executive branch. Further, Executive Order 13292, as amended by King George the Stupid, recognizes the office of the Vice President as being part of the executive branch.

    Never mind that Cheney has previously claimed Executive Privilege. Never mind the courts have ruled that this same Executive Privilege shields his notorious “Energy Task Force” from the light of day.

    We will now have Dick, in addition to the other three branches of government.

    Establishing Dick as a branch of government will trigger a constitutional crisis. Would that be enough to trigger King George the Stupid’s NSPD 51, which will establish a dictatorship?

    While this matter is being adjudicated, Congress should cut off all funding and services, since Dick is merely a shriveled appendage, rather than an arm of the government.

    Chutzpah pales before the unbridled arrogance of this administration.

  14. Not to mention…

    …I had to listen to that Dana P ‘SmartAssPressSecretaryWannaBe’ on my drive home from the office –

    …I wanted to reach into the radio and just SLAP her –

    …I know we’ve said it before ‘here’ – she makes one miss Tony Snow – and THAT must be ANOTHER sign the end is near –

    …This magic fourth branch is kinda like Taco Bell’s Fourth Meal concept –

    …ALL in the MARKETING –


  15. Hi Ladywolf55…

    Very succinct and spot-on concerning the complicity of the “Gang of Four”, the Executive Branch, the House, the Senate, and Justice…! It seems to me “we the people” are toast. Somehow I get the impression you live in France…”good for you”…! 🙂

    Carl Nemo **==

  16. JerryG. You are absolutely right!

    Now how can we keep this from being repeated? That is what worries me. The emotional reaction to Clinton is what brought Bush/Cheney in. Where do we go from here? Do we emotionally react and go back the other direction? Do we then bounce back and forth going nowhere while our freedoms continue to wane and our immigration laws are ignored?

    We all need to discuss how much government do we want and how much police state to we expect from another big daddy?

    Unless we can sit down and work on what we want, we are spinning our wheels.

  17. Could it be that the arrogance and total disregard for the rule of law by this Veep is unrivaled in the history of the Executive Branch? Even more troubling is how is it, that we, the electorate, have allowed this kind of unbridled behavior to become a part of the culture of the Presidency?

    I tell myself that history will eventually reveal that 8 years of Bush/Cheney were an aberration of American style democracy and that we will have righted ourselves subsequent to the expiration of their tenure!

  18. I guess you still haven’t figured it out, while you’re cooking, frogs. Congress isn’t doing anything, because they’re PART OF IT. The Dems aren’t doing anything because……. drum roll……….they’re PART OF IT.
    The Justice Dept isn’t doing anything because…. they’re PART OF IT.

    Last one in Amerika, turn out the lights, please.

  19. So what, Dick Cheney breaking another law or rule, he doesn’t look worried that someting will be done, he knows nothing will be done.
    How many times before this has he done or ordered to be done, something outside the law and everybody just sat back to let it happen?
    He has never faced a Grand Jury or a Judge.
    He hasn’t even been scolded.

    Taking One Day at a Time

  20. Support Dennis or Shut Up?

    And, mon ami, I am unsure of exactly which ‘pie hole’ you would have me close. As I see it, the disabling of either could have severe health consequences.

    But the rhetoric is familiar, sounding as it does much like that streaming from the GOP radio-talk freaks, as they struggle for issues to over-simplify and, thereby, divert the conversation to an argument about just whose hair is too pretty, or who is too pure or too angry.

    The impeachment of Cheney is a pipe dream of absolutists and others naive enough to hope that the call for it will be mistaken for action by a nation which pays no attention to the many warning signs that there may well be some very good reasons this administration fears no congressional reprisals.

    Color me surprised if we actually have a 2008 election.
    Joe Lawrence

  21. There is ONE candidate for President who has already called for the IMPEACHMENT of Dick Cheney.

    If you aren’t willing to support that candidate above all the others. then shut your pie-hole.

    House Resolution 333 has 8 co-sponsors.

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