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Friday, June 14, 2024

Sick of politics? Get in line


One of our writers decided last week to take a break from writing about politics. He said he’s sick of the whole damn mess.

Easy to understand why. The state of the nation, governed by the state of the sick political system that controls it, is enough to make anyone throw up their hands and cry uncle.

Politics, at its best, is a dirty, rotten business and our political system today is far from its best. As voters, we become accustomed to disappointment, disillusionment and disenfranchisement.  We expect to be disappointed and, even then, are disappointed when our expectations are met.

In 2008, many voters turned to Barack Obama as a bright hope for the future, a smooth-talking candidate who promised a break from the business as usual, money-talks, lobbyists rule form of government that dominated Washington.

He talked real good and rolled into office on a wave of hope and high expectations but the wave crashed into the rocks of political reality and the high expectations have vanished into a fog of broken promises, crushed hopes and unmet goals.

In reality, voters pinned their hopes to an inexperienced, one-term Senator from one of the most corrupt political organizations in the nation: The Chicago Democratic machine. In reality, the hope was just hype.

Now voters seek salvation in fringe movements like the Tea Party, another phony political movement that fronts for big money, hidden agendas and political consultants looking to make a buck.

If some of the Tea Party’s anointed candidates make it to office, things won’t change. As soon as they raise their right hand and swear to uphold the Constitution the promises of campaign 2010 will fade away and the special interests that control them will issue new marching orders.

It’s time to realize that the system itself is broken and that it cannot be repaired by simply feeding new cannon fodder into the grinding gears of politics.

The political system that controls our government cannot be changed as long as the decisions that drive that system are made by those who benefit most from it.

What’s the answer? Hell, I don’t know. I worked inside the political system for a decade and don’t have the answer. I went in an idealist who thought change was possible and emerged a drunk who did it for the money.

Politics is a powerful narcotic far more addictive than cocaine or heroin.

It controls those who fall under its spell.

Even worse, it controls this nation and its future.

And that should scare everyone.

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48 thoughts on “Sick of politics? Get in line”

  1. Spencer Tracy, Robert Young, TCM. Rogers Rangers.
    Give it a look for a true example of grit, resolve, and mission focus.

    • I posted that to make a point and I not sure what point I was trying to make. Maybe it was that with an organized plan anything is possible. After all we didn’t give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. I think I”ll go watch Animal House for inspiration;

  2. On a historical note,and for general interest, I am posting the following link giving some insight on how the Revolutionary War was fought. It is the rules of Roger’s Rangers an outfit put together by George Rogers Clark, the brother of William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. The way I hear it they owned a good portiion of the country and sold it all to finance the revolution.

    • I sort of got my history screwed up on that one, the rules are those of Robert Rogers but I;ve seen similar ones used by Clark.

    • Well, except for the fact that Rogers’ Rangers were active during the French and Indian War, and except for the fact that they were an independent group of recon/special forces type troops, and except for the fact that this was not the way the Revolutionary War was fought……

  3. Wow! I’m gone a few days, return, and the “Sick of Politics” posts are growing by leaps and bounds.

    Doug’s comment about how addicting politics are…must be something to it.

    • I’m not really sick of politics, I’m sick of the lack of politics. Somebody buying somebody off and no one doing anything about it is not politics. It all boils down to a CEO paid somebody to pay somebody to buy somebody and the asshole is totally blameless, so do your country a favor and punch out a,CEO. The main principle this country was founded upon was I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. So go beat the shit out of a CEO and we can get back to arguing like we are supossed to.

  4. Politics doesn’t necessarily have to be about a bunch of two faced. back stabbing, dirtbags. It could be about the American Spirit. The things that unite us define us and make us who we are. It could be about riding Harleys, bluegrass music or rock n’ roll. If it gets too serious, it is no longer fun. CHB used to read more like a bar room conversation than a political rag, I miss the gossip about what was going on inside the White House. Please make if fun again. Go get em Gonzo.

  5. That’s what happens when you’re spring-loaded in the f**k ’em all position. Why not try studied reason for a change?

  6. That shoul d have been guerilla, not gorilla but you might be able to train apes to do this crap.

    • And, I made that comment after viewing the first video that popped up. I had to view afew others before I understood what was going on.

  7. My comments were made before I viewed the link. I thought you were just posing a question. That brings up anouther strategy to use when you are outnumbered, gorilla warfare. Remain anonymous, hit run, hit run, and hit again.

    • Well my point was that she received many phone calls in opposition to this yet she supported it any way. Another Marie Antoinette moment for the Hill People.

      Send ’em packing – each and every one of ’em.

    • Yeah, there is a whole bunch of dumb f**ks. The problem is it is so much easier to live in a dream that it is to face reality. The only way to get anything done is to poll the voter base to find out what the majority are in favor of and tell them what they want to hear. After your elected, you can carry out your own agenda.

  8. Hmmmm, from reading the post not to many seem to be sick of politics.

    Ever get a flat tire and go balistically mad? Ever occur to you that you might just be addicted to the air in the tire?

    Ever look at the title of a politically charged column or rant thread title…and just say nope, not gonna look at it, not gonna read it – but then your fingers can’t help themselves from clicking that link bar?

    If you are posting a comment in this column you might be a political addict.

    No matter how sick and tired addicts get – they just keep going back for more.

    • Until rock bottom, that is.

      “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” – HL Mencken

  9. Hillary?? Give me a break. If you think that reptile would be any better than the reptiles we currently have, you’re just the kind of moron who stands to be a great median pundit. The architect-ress of the Honduras coup, zionist warrior princess, neo-liberal con artist, bankster welfare queen and MIC warmonger cheerleader, I can’t see how it could get any scummier than Madame H.

    • Well, calling people moron certainly goes a long way towards being scummier than Hillary Clinton.

      I thought Doug was going to crack down on this sort of stuff.

      • Please tell me where I used invective and ad hominem attacks. One cannot ask questions around here?

        • “Well, calling people moron certainly goes a long way towards being scummier than Hillary Clinton.”

          Ask all the questions you like.

  10. We’re not sick of politics as much as we’re sick of the dirtbags that control OUR politics. And now that we cons[piracy-theorists, anti -Semites or whatever you want to call us are looking like prescient sages while you idiots standing there with your heads up your rears try blithely to defend your stupidity, this is one conspiracy-theorist who is NOT too stupid to know who’s trying to kill me. And yeah, Obama is one of ’em. Son of a Muslim father and a Jewish mother. And the son of a female dog, too.

    • Idiots?

      Son of a female dog?

      Were you born this way or did your parents do something to make you turn out so badly?

  11. Woody. Dont look at the scoreboard, just keep playing the game. Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Ye who fights and runs away lives to fight anouther day. Don’t ever expect the fight to be over. There will always be dumb bastards to trample your rights if you let them.

  12. I felt the chill for being a Hillary supporter now. Would defintely vote for her again in a primary. As for the general election, I probably won’t bother.
    What’s the point?

  13. Oh Doug you promised this new Messiah was the real deal. Banned me because I didn’t “tow your line”. I was for Hillary. How about your boy’s Obama Whistleblower Policy? How about Gen. McCrystal saying the only “thumbs Up” was Hillary.

    How do you feel about it now Doug? And the rest of you people I tried to warn.

    I know you won’t post this, and censore this like your Obama does. You are as corrupt as the government is. I’m not posting your “atta-boy” opinion, and it will never come up. Your just another propaganda mouth piece.

  14. While the average voter remains a dumb ass, there is a growing percentage of them that are ready to accept the fhe fact that our country and our government is a lie. Whether there will ever be enough of them to do anything about it or what they will do will be the next chapter in American History. Change can be a very slow process.

    • The key to the whole thing seems tobe to educate the average dumb ass voter. But… Now that I think about it… That would require brain transplants. So… Maybe instead… If you get out on your soapbox with your anti-establishment message, a large percentage of those dumb ass little lemmings will blindly follow you anywhere.

      • That’s just it, they won’t follow just anyone. They will attack you violently because their minds won’t let them accept the truth. There’s maybe 10% of us out there that acknowledge that we have already lost our republic. Everyone else is watching Dancing with the Stars.

        And how many of us acknowledge that the system is broken, that voting is rigged, and that special interests and corporations control the government and media, but still we vote and complain and act like we can do anything about it?

        Do we all suffer from doublethink?

        • You mean 10% of the population know whats going on. Damn, I would say that is one hell of a victory. I can remember when only three people knew what was going on, and I’ve only been fighting this crap since 1963. If we ever won, the CIC would get a bullet through the brain. All you can do is joke about this crap. Serious discussion gets way too depressing. Remember the Alamo.

          • In my discussions with people both online and off, there is roughly 10% that are aware. They say roughly 12% got the first revolution here started.

            There are different degrees of awareness, and there are differences of opinion in the causes and the powers behind the scenes, and even what it is we have actually become as a nation. Most of that 10% agree we are a fascist plutocracy, but others see us as communist, socialist, or something else in between. But all agree we are no longer free, and we can’t claim free market capitalism as the basis of our economy. We know what we aren’t, we just don’t know yet what exactly we’ve become.

            1963, wow. I’ve only been awake since 2000. Had some doubts in the 90’s but I was just a kid and taught to believe otherwise. I had to dump most of the nationalist pride and blind faith that was beaten into me since birth to come around and see the truth. Most folks aren’t willing or capable of doing that without some major event that lays the lies bare for all to see. And even then some 30% will deny the truth even after seeing incontrovertible evidence of it with their own eyes. Apparently it is the inherent nature of man to do so and has been written about by many others referred to as cognitive dissonance or doublethink for the Orwell fans.

            Thrown in the false dichotomy, Hegelian dialectic, and add wishful thinking and ignorance and we as a nation are ripe for control and being lead down the path of tyranny. Heck, we are already at tyranny. Now is the time when we’ll see among us are free men and who are the cowering slaves.

            Smart folks may note Guardhouse Lawyer’s comments prove all this. His is an example of Hegelian dialectic and false dichotomy.

            My country is in trouble.

            I turn my back on my country.

            I do not give a rat’s ass about my fellow Americans.

            I think only of myself.

            I am a good citizen.



            That’s why so many of us get frustrated with GhL. In his eyes the State is the ultimate freedom so everyone must serve the State. It is infallible and must be defended and protected at all costs. Others here are more libertarian and feel the individual or family is the ultimate freedom.

            One might note how he’s twisted giving up trying to help others that don’t want to be helped as selfishness and turning our back on our State that calls us terrorists and is training the military to fight us. We can’t save them. They must learn to save themselves. But it is an impossible task as the deck is stacked against us and people just won’t learn.

            We can’t give them freedom, they have to want it and be willing to fight and die for it. That’s is also why we fail in Iraq and Afghanistan. Freedom isn’t spread by the barrel of a gun. Freedom is in the hearts and minds of the people. If they don’t want it, it isn’t possible to give it to them. They have to reach out and take it for themselves.

            Perhaps that is why we flounder today at home as well. Who is willing to reach out and take back their freedom? I’m running away, like it won’t end up on my doorstep some time in the future. But can I risk my life and my family to take back what God gave me?

  15. In the spirit of giving up “ignorance,” I wonder if we can start a dialogue about political positions on issues. Just what do Dems – especially leftist dems – want from politics these days? (We’ll get to other “fringe” groups later.)

  16. My country is in trouble.

    I turn my back on my country.

    I do not give a rat’s ass about my fellow Americans.

    I think only of myself.

    I am a good citizen.



  17. I’m looking to move out in the country, arm myself to the gills, and hunker down for the next decade or so while the nation implodes on itself. Found two nice ranch homes I’ll be looking at on Wednesday. I’m planning on being moved before September.

    I’m tired of trying to convince people of what is even going on, how we’ve gone from freedom to fascism. It’s time to watch out for our own, and to hell with all the vapidly depraved, morally bankrupt fools. They could only save themselves. But they would rather play Xbox, watch television and take drugs then better themselves and deal with reality. Most don’t even want to know, or will violently deny the truth when confronted with it.

    It was over back in 2000 anyway. Just figured more might stand a chance if they were aware. They don’t want to be aware, so might as well allow them to be collateral damage and save ourselves if we can. Now it only means less competition for what’s left after the fall. I hate being so cold, but I can’t fight the fools anymore.

    • Come ride with me,
      Through the veins of history,
      I’ll show you a god
      Who falls asleep on the job.

      And how can we win,
      When fools can be kings,
      Don’t waste your time,
      Or time will waste you

      No one’s gonna take me alive,
      The time has come to make things right,
      You and I must fight for our rights,
      You and I must fight to survive

      Muse, Knights of Cydonia off the album Black Holes and Revelations

      • Great band, woody. Of course, my favorite would have to be ‘Uprising,’ followed closely by ‘United States of Eurasia.’

    • I wish you well Woody188 with your wise decision to extricate yourself from the madding crowd. The most important thing in your life and that of your family is simple survival in these end times for the Republic. Don’t forget to check/taste the water of any homestead purchase. The quality of the water can make a big difference in how you look forward to the day.

      Tyranny has no special place or time in history. As long as there are bullies in high places hell bent on trampling the rights of others, then solid resistance and revolution is in order to protect one’s natural inalienable rights from the usurpers. : |

      I thought I’d supply a link and quote from the clip.


      “They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn’t want to be broken!” … Bobby Sands, IRA


      All patriots should be Irishmen at heart, regardless of the cause or time in history…no?

      Carl Nemo **==

  18. I’m not running for office this election cycle for the first time in many years. It’s not that I’m sick of politics. Rather, I’ve entered a period of disillusion; serious doubt that electoral politics can be the solution. Politicians make fine targets for our frustration, but they are but the puppets. It doesn’t matter how often the cast of puppets changes or what their colors are as long as the same puppeteers are pulling the strings. It’s the puppeteers that need replacement but they are throughly beyond electoral control.


  19. Get used it it, folks

    Would you believe the new crop of 2012 Presidential “wannabees” are ALREADY poking about up in New Hampshire looking for support? I suspect various “exploratory” committees will be cropping up next.

    Sadly, our politicians are now locked in a perpetual “campaign” and “fund raising” mode, all of which leaves them little time for actually governing our nation.

  20. A large part of the problem is that what masquerades as politics in the modern vernacular is nothing more pissin and moanin about how the other side done us wrong. And that attitude is real bad here. Heck, Doug, is wasn’t long ago you wrote about it (A nation dominated by lies, anger & trivial pursuit). In fact, looking thru the archives for that title the number of similar articles was extremely thought provoking, and the comments to those pieces were disheartening for their lack of substance.

    Why is that the case? Why are there no reasoned discussions, just flame throwing? Are there so few genuine ideas that all that’s left is anger and hate?

  21. Thank God The ‘Greatest Generation’ didn’t have all the modern communication networks that we now have. We’d be speaking German.
    Many of our problems are bestowed on ourselves by the constant need for “News” on a 24/7 cycle. Whoever shouts the loudest wins has proven to be wrong so many times. Yet as soon as one crisis or &%^$*&^gate of one type or another ends another one is invented. The news no longer informs, it creates and pushes whatever agenda the media moguls desire. We have all been manipulated. The common good is a distant memory or pipe dream. Every problem must be solved immediately without any inconvenience to ourselves. We have become a society besotted with instant gratification and Lake Wobegon expectations.

  22. Thanks Doug for your timely thoughts concerning “burnout”. That’s precisely my problem. I’ve become reticent to comment on anything in these seeming end times for the Republic.

    It seems the center cannot hold and our nation is unraveling before our eyes with all dialogue having simply degenerated into white noise insanity.

    I’ve become simply a reader of your site content, but I no longer have fire in the belly commentary concerning the order of the day. : |

    Best regards always,

    Carl Nemo **==

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