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Sunday, July 14, 2024

More money woes for Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio: Trouble paying his bills (AP)

Republican Marco Rubio wants to be a Senator from Florida where he can — among other things — tackle the nation’s economic problems.

Turns out Rubio has trouble taking care of his own finances.

A home Rubio co-owns with a Florida congressional candidate is in foreclosure after the co-owners missed five mortgage payments.

Rubio bought the Tallahassee house with state Rep. David Rivera in 2005. They paid $135,000 for the property with money borrowed from Deuthsch Bank National Trust and still owe $134,795 on the loan.

Rubio claims he and Rivera stopped making payments because of a dispute with the bank over mortgage terms. He also claims they paid $9,525 to the bank on Thursday but any such payment is not yet reflected in any court documents and the property remains in foreclosure.

Rubio’s financial dealings have been a campaign issue before.  He charged 110 grand to the Florida Republican Party’s credit card while serving as speaker of the state house. The charges included personal expenses for car repairs, plane tickets for he and his family and groceries.

Rubio reimbursed the party for $2,500 of the charges, saying the amount was “mistakenly” placed on the card but questions remain about the remaining charges of more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Rivera is running for Congress in Florida’s 25th Congressional district.

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