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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tea Party becomes Harry Reid’s new best friend

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Back from the dead? (Reuters)

The Tea Party and its extreme right-wing Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle are Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s new best friends.

Before Tuesday’s Senate primary in Nevada, most political oddsmakers considered Reid a goner. Now he’s got new life, thanks to the nomination of Angle, a fringe Tea Party poster child who thinks water flouridation is a Communist plot, abortions cause breast cancer and nuclear waste belongs at Yucca Mountain not far from Las Vegas.

Congressional Quarterly, a respected Washington political publication that handicaps races, moved the Nevada Senate campaign from “leans Republicans” to “tossup,” which gives the veteran Nevada Senator new life.

Internal polls by both Democrats and Republicans show Angle’s selection as the GOP nominee has tightened the race and Reid may have momentum.

Looks like the Tea Party pot is boiling over.

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3 thoughts on “Tea Party becomes Harry Reid’s new best friend”

  1. Flouridation robs us of our precious bodily fluids, that’s why I drink pure grain alcohol.

  2. I’m sure Harry will find a way to blow it. He’ll say something stupid like man cause global warming and still get the boot.

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