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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tea Party fruitcakes: This is change?

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle: Crazies to the forefront (AP)

The Tea Party’s performance in Tuesday’s round of primaries was — at best — a mixed bag.

TP struck out in Virginia, where three candidates lost out to the establishment. Their anointed pick for governor in South Carolina faces a runoff amid charges she sleeps around and their pick to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada is an extremist fruitcake who represents all that is wrong with the phony grassroots movement.

The Tea Party may be the CB radio of this political season — a flashy fad that came on with more flash than substance and faded quickly.

No one exemplifies the extremes of the Tea Party more than Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Anlgle, a right-wing whack job who thinks fluoridation of water is a Commie plot, abortion causes breast cancer and at least one parent should stay home and take care of their spouse and kids.

Democrats in the Harry Reid campaign dropped to their knees and thanked the political gods when Angle won the GOP primary in Nevada.  Angle wants to phase out Social Security, ban booze, deep six the IRS and Department of Education and provide saunas for prisoners.

In South Carolina, Tea Party centerfold and Sarah Palin favorite Nikki Haley appeared headed for an easy win until two allegations of affairs with political operatives surfaced. Haley denies the sleep arounds and pledged to resign if she wins and the affairs turn out to be true but questions about her sexual habits kept her vote total below below 50 percent and she now faces a runoff.

Sarah Palin claims her endorsement helps Tea Party candidates but a closer look reveals that she traditionally backs those who are already front runners and have the resources to win. She has also come under fire from the Tea Party faithful for backing establishment candidates like Terry Branstad or Carly Fiorina instead of one theirs.  Her endorsement did nothing to help Vaughn Ward, the Idaho House candidate who went down in flames in March.

Of course, the Tea Party propagandists are crowing about Tuesday’s primary results, saying they have delivered on what voters are asking for.

They should remember the old Mongolian proverb that warns: Be careful what you ask for…you just might get it.

Sharron Angle proves that.

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20 thoughts on “Tea Party fruitcakes: This is change?”

    • I’ve been told the ACLU is nothing without Soro’s money. Can’t stay in the fight long enough anymore to get anything done. They were used to promote an anti-family/global agenda and are now discarded like an old Kleenex.

      • I’ve never been a big fan of the ACLU generally, but they do some good sometimes. Support is on a case-by-case basis.

        • “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

          gee so which part of the Constitution do you not support?

  1. I observe two Tea Parties and a lot of confusion. The movement started out with a Libertarian bent – smaller government, less government spending, and less governmental intrusion into personal affairs and social preferences. There are still some of those people associated with the Tea Party.

    But it didn’t take long for the conservative wing of the Republican party to see the opportunity. The Palin Crowd has been working overtime to convert the Tea Party into a conservative Republican stronghold; a hiding place for ultra-conservatives that the mainstream Republican Party can disavow but that, come November, will support Republican candidates. Not an independent movement by any stretch of the imagination.

    While I was enamored of the Tea Party early on when it had a Libertarian agenda, I am no longer. It’s been subverted into more of the same.


    • I agree Warren and thanks for pointing it out. The Tea Party Express folks have done their best to ruin a good thing. Luckily all Tea Party functions are generally localized so if you actually attend a Tea Party there are still some really good people there and they are mostly your neighbors and not the dog and pony show the Express brings to town.

    • Here’s a fine piece along those lines.


      “This, then, was the ultimate reason for the breakup of the libertarian-conservative alliance accomplished with the John Randolph Club: that while the libertarians were willing to learn their cultural lesson the conservatives did not want to learn their economics.”

  2. What is your deal with misrepresenting the Tea Party Doug?

    Your focus on the fringe and not the main values of the Tea Party will cause a loss of readers. For instance, you claim the Tea Party is full of racists and focus on Haley’s alleged and unproven affair and not her Indian-American heritage. Why is that Doug?

    Why would racists promote an Indian-American?

    There are lots of folks against fluoridating water. According to Wikipedia, over 1,730 health industry professionals, including one Nobel prize winner in medicine (Arvid Carlsson), doctors, dentists, scientists and researchers from a variety of disciplines are calling for an end to water fluoridation based on real health risks and the fact that the industrial grade waste products used to fluoridate over 90% of America’s drinking water supplies (fluorosilicate compounds) have never been subjected to toxicological testing nor received FDA approval for human ingestion.

    I’m 35 years old, male, and I am raising my kids. My wife and I decided before the kids were born that we wouldn’t let others outside of our family raise them. I watch the kids during the day and work nights and weekends. I intend to keep doing this until my kids head off for school. I would never let day care employees making $10/hr instill my kids with their beliefs during their formative years.

    Lots of people say they admire what I am doing, though many of the men say they would never do it themselves. I can’t understand why they don’t want to be involved with their kids. I might be a minority in this instance, but I don’t feel I’m wrong or bad. I feel great about it and I am loving the times I spend with them. I have a strong feeling many of those men will regret not doing so when they had the chance.

    My kids are healthier than those day care kids and everyone can’t believe how they are so polite and smart. My 4-year old can count to 50, knows basic addition and subtraction, reads at a 1st grade level, and can throw a football like Joe Montana. My 2-year old can count to 20, knows all his ABC’s, loves to swim, and is interested in learning to identify fish. They both know some Spanish. I taught them. How can this be considered a bad thing except in our upside down and backwards service economy/society where no one is supposed to do anything for themselves and their family anymore and has to hire an outsider?

    Banning booze isn’t a Tea Party value. Tea Party mantra would insist on legalizing all currently illegal substances. Getting rid of the IRS and the Department of Education is among their goals. I assume they took the good with the bad and choose the candidate that aligned closest with their platform. Odd how a former school teacher would be against the Dept. of Education. Maybe you could expand on that in another article. Sounds like she is against it from experiences in dealing with that department. Perhaps she knows how they like to hold out on funding unless the local districts follow strict guidelines that seemingly prevent teaching critical thinking and promote memorization and conformity. Certainly since the department was formed our public education system has gotten worse and worse.

    You are right about Palin. She hurts the Tea Party more than helping it. But again, she is paid by the Tea Party Express faction ie, the old rich Republican conservative vanguard that has been trying to co-opt the movement and not the real grassroots Tea Party folks.

    It would behoove you to get back to real reporting and abandon these opinion pieces particularly when it comes to the Tea Party. There is a reason the mainstream media is failing. They lost their integrity and our trust. Don’t go down that same path Doug. Be a journalist, not a propagandist.

    • Collectivism used to demonize a diverse and wide-reaching cross-section of the populace to ensure that the two parties continue to dominate the system with little outside interference (to include those that actually vote).

      Why does the EPA’s opwn union oppose fluoridation?

      Look on your tube of fluoride toothpaste and read the warning. Of course, I use non-fluoridated Tom’s of Maine, so I had to call a relative to get the warning, but here it is, from a tube of Crest 3D White…

      Warnings: Keep out of reach of children under 6 yrs. of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

      Duh? The only active ingredient is Sodium Fluoride. Duh?

      But it’s OK to put it in the water. Duh?

      • Love Tom’s of Maine. I used their deodorant when all the other manufacturers switched to aluminum based products as I was allergic to them. Didn’t realize they had a fluoride free toothpaste. Am definitely going to check that out. Oh and I stopped using deodorant altogether. Decided it was stupid to smear poison under your arms day after day. Strictly powder now for me. Thanks for sharing.

        • Yeah I use their deodorant as well – great stuff.

          I wonder what role a lifetime of ingesting toxic waste such as sodium fluoride has in the explosion of chronic illness we see today, particularly later in life. Not to mention, of course, the thousands of other chemicals and dyes we gladly scarf down every day.

          • Agreed, we wonder why our children are developing younger and younger, we wonder why conditions like autism and down’s syndrom are getting more and more prevalent in today’s society. We wonder why upwards 25% of americans are on anti-depressants. We are killing ourselves with the garbage we eat/drink and put in our bodies.

    • Much the same could be said about the empirical linkage between abortion and breast cancer. Many epidemiological studies have been conducted that show significantly increased risk of breast cancer associated with abortion, and while correlative data do not, because of their statistical standing, provide definitive “causal” status, they have traditionally been deemed authoritative in epidemiology. The problem with attribution, of course, is the multi-factorial nature of disease… genetic, behavioral, environmental, etc., factors; however, to deny such an extensive data linkage is tantamount to saying that smoking cigarettes does not “cause” lung cancer.

      Bottom line… Angle is on pretty solid footing regarding this one:

  3. No, no, no. Angle does not want the prisoners given massages and put into saunas. She wants them put into stew pots. After proper massaging to soften the meat, of course.

    You have completely missed the point. Ms. Angle is in favor of a return to the past, but the recent past only. For example, she wants to scrap all this high-faluting technology and return to the simplicity of eight-tracks. The fact that the only company in the world that still repairs those machines is in Nevada is completely coincidental, of course.

    The opposition to fluoride stems from a desire to achieve full employment for dentists. You did not know, I assume, that the largest dental school in the US is at UNLV. Right now many unemployed dentists around the state are contracting with loan sharks to assist in debt collection by extracting gold teeth from hapless compulsive gamblers. She wants only for dentists throughout the country to be able to boast that business is rotten. What do you have against dentists anyway? They’re almost all Yanks.

    • The whole thing about the flouride helping your teeth and them putting it in the water is a farce. Your stomach does not use the flouride, it has to stay on your teeth for an hour or so. Digested flouride does not go to your teeth, it does nothing for your bones. It is an old wives tale that this works and it’s high time they quit lying to themselves and us in this matter.

  4. This article is a prime example of why I stopped voting Democrat and started voting Independent: I couldn’t keep track of who I was supposed to hate and why. First the Dems told me to attack Conservatives for representing only the wealthiest top 2%. Then I was told that no, I was supposed to hate conservatives because they are poor racist white trailor trash with no grasp on economics. Which is it now? Looking into this deeper I started becoming more and more disillusioned with the party as I saw more and more articles like this with a lot of insults and no real backing. I’ll probably be called a Teabagger for saying this (seems anyone who questions federal spending on any level is now a Teabagger), but it’s my understanding that Progressive means moving forward, and I fail to see how cutting insolvent spending that is holding us back is not Progressive. Moving forward does not mean refusing to fix the mistakes of the past. I for one will weigh the ideas on both sides of the fence with a shrewd but open mind. The amount of disinformation in this article is staggering, a little independent research shows that Angles statements regarding banning booze and alternative treatments were taken completely out of context here, and it’s this kind of truth smudging that may cost Reid a race that should be carried through on his reputation alone.

  5. Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. (Rev) Green, Miss Scarlet, the Butler, Ms Peach, the Inspector and Miss Scarlet are all running for Congress. They are all fierce opponents of Tea Party candidates.

    Will they use a knife, candlestick, revolver, rope, lead Pipe, wrench, or poison to rid of their competition?

    I’m sorry for being so fatuous with my little political scenerio above, but that is just how ridiculous politics have become.

    Be rest assured that whatever is going on with candidates in elections across the country…big money special interest will put into office whoever will best serve them…not the constitutents.

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