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Friday, July 19, 2024

Unknown South Carolina Democratic Senate nominee faces felony charge

Alvin Greene: Who is this guy? (AP)

How did a 32-year-old unemployed vet who lives with his parents and who faces a felony charge end up the Democratic nominee for Senate in South Carolina?

That’s a question vexing political professionals in the Palmetto state and one that has some smelling a Republican rat in the primary process that saw Alvin Greene, a political novice and unknown, defeat a former state legislator and prosecutor to emerge as the challenger to Republican Senator Jim DeMint.

Greene ran no public campaign. He didn’t have signs, a web site or ads. He didn’t raise money.

He did have a pending felony charge that accusing him of showing obscene photos to a South Carolina college coed before suggesting they go to her dorm room and mess around.

Vic Rawl actually ran a campaign but the former state legislator went down in defeat to Greene. Some suspect a GOP operative recruited Greene to run and provided the $10,400 filing fee. Republicans have been known to find black candidates to run against white Democrats in South Carolina with its huge African-American voter base.

Greene didn’t register a campaign committee with the Federal Election Commission or file a financial disclosure form with the Senate Ethics Committee.

He just came out of nowhere…and won.

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16 thoughts on “Unknown South Carolina Democratic Senate nominee faces felony charge”

  1. Some suspect a GOP operative recruited Greene to run and provided the $10,400 filing fee.
    This is what I don’t understand. Why do you have to provide such a large amount of cash to run for office? This is NOT what our forefathers envisioned. They did NOT expect you to be rich to run, this is NOT why the constitution was written and as long as this and idiotic rules LIKE this one is there, we’ll never have true change. Rich fat cats do not know what it’s like to be poor and therfore will NEVER help the people of this nation as we are ALL going bankrupt.

  2. I agree with Judy T. It’s the truth if your male, white a good ass kisser to Israel by golly you got the vote! People are tired of all the incumbents does not matter they are sick of them. As far as the so called 30 percent of Black people voted for Mr. Greene not so! My aunt worked the polls and was very dissapointed that BLACK people did not come out to vote so that information is WRONG! As far as some pictures what in the heck looked at thse pedophile congress people every time you turn around some one is having a sex scandal. No people are fed up and I truly believe things will change and I hope they change in my State too Georgia needs all these dopes out!!

  3. So what exactly are the qualifications needed to be a Senator? You do not need any sort of formal education or degree. There is not any training program. Currently it seems that the requirements are that you be male, white, a good ass-kisser to Israel and ready to give it all for Wall Street. These are not qualifications that I value. I would vote for him if I lived in SC.
    And as to his “felony”, it is just insane that it is a crime to share sexy photos with a college student. If you are old enough to go to college, you are old enough that anything related to sex should not be a shocker. Was he charged because the girl was white and he was not?
    It is beyond time for we the citizens to stop electing self absorbed idiots who have no idea how life is in the real world outside the beltway and other similar politician enclosures. I want some Senator’s that have had to make minimum wage stretch to cover monthly bills and feed a family.

  4. Greene is totally unqualified for higher office. In South Carolina, the primaries are open to anyone, even those registered as Republicans. I am sure many Republicans crossed over, to elect someone who was bound to be defeated in the general election. It was a good strategy.

  5. Further research:


    I believe he did raise the $10k himself. A lot of Army boys have a huge chunk of change coming out since they didn’t spend a dime during their service. He is a 15-year Army veteran with an honorable discharge. Just because he is on unemployment doesn’t mean he didn’t have some money saved up.

    58-60% of Democrats voted for him. Pretty dangerous for the establishment to not fund him with that number voting for him.

    More to come as it unfolds…

    • “A lot of Army boys have a huge chunk of change coming out since they didn’t spend a dime during their service.”

      I and a lot of other veterans would gladly kick anyone’s butt who said that in our physical presence. That is perhaps the most fatuous, wrong-headed statement you have ever made here. And that’s saying something! You owe it to a whole hell of a lot of people to retract that asinine statement.

      • And I know a lot of folks coming home today with $10,000 or more. That is a huge chunk of change to us poor folks.

        He had no family, no kids, nothing to pay for back home. It is entirely within reason to think he could have saved $10,000 in 15 years of service. I believe you owe me an apology for attacking me with stupidity.

  6. “Republicans have been known to find black candidates to run against white Democrats in South Carolina with its huge African-American voter base.”

    I noticed that sentence when I first read the article, and started to examine it further.

    Let’s examine it now:

    According to the wiki article on SC, the white population in 2000 was 68.88 percent of the total. Blacks made up 30.01 percent of the population.


    Huge? Much less than half of the white population? Doug, I’d have to disagree with you about the characterization of SC’s African-American voter base as “huge.” Perhaps in comparison to Virginia’s 20.54 percent you think SC’s black population is huge, but….

    The idea that Green “likely can beat DeMint” is absolutely ludicrous. In the absence of a scandal on DeMint’s part involving sex with deceased male pachyderms Greene is going to get less than 35 percent of the vote. The Democratic Party has already announced that Greene is not going to get a penny from them if they cannot convince him to leave the race. Also, the split between Dems and Reps in SC is about even as of 2008, according to Gallup:

    So even if every black SC voter was a registered Democrat, that’s still only 30 percent of the vote, and you can rest assured that there are many who would rather not vote than vote for an accused pornographer. It IS the Bible Belt, after all.

    • So admittedly, even though their own people voted for him fair and square, the established Democrats won’t support the person their people wanted to represent them. Some people still claim we have free elections. Oh you’ll get to vote, for the guy they say you get to vote for, not who you want to vote for or who you actually chose in the primary. Republicans do it too.

      You may note that when only 30% or less actually vote, population numbers don’t matter much. And any incumbent is going to have it harder this time around. The mentality is anyone but the incumbent. It’s better to give another person a chance to screw you, than to give the guy that’s already screwing you another chance to screw you again. Who knows, the new guy might not screw you, but DeMint will screw you again and again and again.

      Heck, look at Sen. Graham’s flip-flop on the Lieberman-Kerry Cap & Trade bill. Graham now claims they haven’t the votes to pass it due to the Climategate scandal, and that folks like Al Gore have been nothing more than the Chicken Little’s of the new millennium. The writing is on the wall. Globalist supporters like DeMint are under the gun.

      • Your assumption that Greene is the person the Democrats “wanted” to support is misplaced, at best. The conventional take on this primary election is that the Dems went to the polls and voted for the first name they saw on the list.

        As to the charge of racism, that’s as silly as the rest of what you have been saying. Neither I nor Doug Thompson said anything racist. What I said about the 35 percent was that once people realize the candidate is an unemployed live-at-home accused pornographer they will either vote for DeMint or just not vote.

        • 58-60% voted for him. If they choose him because he was first then it’s the other guys fault for being so lame. And I never accused Doug of anything.

  7. “How did a 32-year-old unemployed vet who lives with his parents and who faces a felony charge end up the Democratic nominee for Senate in South Carolina?”

    Easy answer. He was nominated and won. Don’t point fingers at the other party just because yours can’t do a better job of vetting someone.

    On the other hand, he’d probably fit right in with all the other con-artists and crooks that occupy our various levels of that criminal enterprise otherwise known as elected political office.

  8. Is there any headway being made in discovering if this gentleman’s nomination is the result of a GOP plot?

  9. With it’s “huge African-American voter base” perhaps they were fed up only getting the opportunity to vote for rich white guys and felt the poor black veteran would better support them and their views despite any qualifications. As most businesses will tell you, word of mouth is still the best advertising. Shame on both parties for not running candidates that could identify with their geographical base.

    It’s even likely he can beat DeMint based on current anger against incumbents. Washington had better realize the game is changing and their days of power are coming to an end. Many of us would rather see “one of us” in those seats than another rich white guy selling us out to international bankers.

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