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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Obama looking for some asses to kick


President Barack Obama says he wants to know “whose ass to kick” in the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Some might suggest the President should start by kicking his own ass.

Obama tried staged anger as a ploy today in interviews with NBC’s Today Show.

He tried out some new material, including jabs at BP CEO Tony Hayward, who said this week that “I want my life back” and claimed the “environmental impact of this disaster is likely to be very, very modest” because the Gulf is “a big ocean.”

Obama’s response: “He wouldn’t be working for me after any of those statements.”

Obama’s appearance on the Today Show is part of a new White House propaganda campaign to show Obama is “actively engaged” in dealing with the oil spill. Obama’s advisors worry about polls which show most Americans think the President blew it on handling the spill.

“I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers — so I know whose ass to kick,” Obama told Today Show host Matt Lauer.

Anyone got a mirror?

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19 thoughts on “Obama looking for some asses to kick”

  1. I always thought that toxic dispersants were what came out of the mouths of politicians. I see nothing anywhere to make me even think of changing my mind. Put them all in a leaky life raft above the well head and see how quickly it gets cleaned up. I like the fine idea, and 40,000 BPD at $70 a barrel comes out to only $2,800,000 per diem. Quadruple that and you get $11,200,000 a day. That sounds like a fair sum if we make it retroactive, charge BP for the total cost of the clean-up, and give the $11,200,000 daily to those fishermen and other water business individuals to pay for some of their losses.

  2. Special Forces Groups are geographically oriented. For example, the 7th SFGroup is geared for South / Central America, the 10th SF Group is oriented for the European theater, etc. The Army Special Forces lineage comes from the WWII Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Consequently the soldiers assigned to these groups are normally stationed in the Area of Operations (AO) that their Group has as it’s region of responsibility. In a number of cases they also posess physical attributes that allow them to blend in with the indegineous people of that region. It is geographical regions not countries per se that they are oriented toward.

    • You say this as though their killing most of the Al Qaeda leadership in Iraq in just the past three months is a bad thing.

      Further, if you had carefully read the article you would have seen that “When Mr Obama took office US special forces were operating in fewer than 60 countries,” but now the special forces are operating in 75 countries. That means that the current administration has secretly deployed US special forces to about 15 countries, not 75 as you have alleged.

    • Special Forces Groups are geographically oriented (i.e. 7th Group- South and Central America–10th Group-Europe–etc. etc. etc.). The lineage of Army Special Forces is from the OSS of WWII. These soldiers reflect in many traits and training the theatres they are required to operate in. They blend in with the indigenous people of their assigned areas. They have been and presumably will continue to be in these places.

    • You read that article and concluded that it must be toxic dispersants coming down as rain? Even though there was not one word about the possible cause of the plant lesions in the article?

      The sky is falling. The sky is falling.

  3. The dog barks but he has no bite. Really should be threatening to pull of BP’s contracts and turn them over to Exxon or Shell. Talk is cheap.

    Meanwhile, real people are already boycotting BP. Hit ’em where it hurts, the wallet.

    Just an FYI, there are plenty of Iranians already living within the USA. Might want to make a note of it Guardhouse. They have not blown up anything. Paranoia will destroy ya.

    • I was talking about the Iranian Government’s offer to seal the wellhead in the Gulf, which was mentioned here recently. I was not talking about any Iranis who have immigrated to the US. Would you let an Iranian Government entity come anywhere near the shores of the US? I wouldn’t.

      • If I were an Irani and you let me near the wellhead I’d sabotage it so it’s even worse than it is and then say, “My bad, I thought I knew what I was doing. Allah told me to screw you over to the nth degree anyway.” -Guardhouse lawyer

        Actually speaks volumes about you and nothing about the Iranian government. Is subterfuge and sabotage a part of your everyday life or do you just save that for special occasions?

      • I referred to the Iranian offer of assistance in another thread, but I think you misinterpreted my point.

        I never suggested that the Iranians offered to take over or run the operation, nor did I suggest that we should allow such a thing.

        My point was that this offered an opportunity for Obama to show some diplomacy and statesmanship, a little courage. What we got was the same old arrogant dismissal that has become the cornerstone of our foreign policy.

        No change here.

        Would we really be in that much danger if we had a few Iranian engineers flown in? What on earth would they do? Jump off a boat, swim a mile into the sea and blow up a well that’s already been blown up? Devious indeed.

        I dare not even consider what might happen if we were to suddenly find out that the middle east is inhabited by other humans. Makes me shudder.

  4. Fine BP $100 million a day. Oh, that’s a GREAT idea. Too bad there is no law allowing you to do that. And what happens when BP declares bankruptcy and then there is no one to do the work of stopping the oil?

    And the Iranis? Look at their history. They are just now starting their first under-water drilling operations. Where in the name of all that’s holy are they going to get the expertise to deal with a deep-water spill? And would you let into the Gulf a country that has none of our best interests at heart? If I were an Irani and you let me near the wellhead I’d sabotage it so it’s even worse than it is and then say, “My bad, I thought I knew what I was doing. Allah told me to screw you over to the nth degree anyway.”

    And as to all the stuff about Obama:

    What do you expect him to do? He’s the President of the United States, not a miracle worker.

    Seriously! You be the President. Tell us what you would do to stop the oil leak within the framework Obama is stuck with. The Federal Government has no expertise to do anything about an oil leak like this. What do you want them to do, explode a tactical nuke at the wellhead to try to seal the leak? My off the cuff guess is that it might well work, but the repercussions around the world would be incredibly negative. Not to mention the repercussions here at home.

    Stop with the cutesy s?#? like “He tried out some new material” and “Obama tried staged anger” and tell us what he should have done.

    Remember, BP lied from the very first day about the size of the oil leak. And they continue to lie and spin and distort and obfuscate and prevaricate and dodge and weave.

  5. Hey, there, Barry Soweto! Do you want that oil geyser in the Gulf of Mexico capped within 48 hours? Then simply fine BP $100 Million Dollars per day until it is capped. The flow will be stopped within 48 hours or less. Iran has said it can cap that well and offered to help. But that cannot be allowed. Wouldn’t want to piss off Israel, because they would release those pictures wouldn’t they, Barry?

  6. What are you gonna do, Barry? Increase their subsidies? Hand over Iraq’s oil fields to them?

    He wouldn’t be working for you after any of those statements? Are you implying that he lied or misled? I’m surprised you don’t make him your Energy Czar. He’ll fit right in in your administration.

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