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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A multitasking sermon

You'd have to be a little crazy to want the President's job.

Fri May 28, 2010 at 10:03:09 AM CDT

1830 – President Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act which relocates Native Americans, often by force.

2002 – The Mars Odyssey finds signs of large ice deposits on the planet Mars. Forced relocation of Martians begins.


”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you.” – – –  Rep. Virginia Fox (R)

“I didn’t hear Rush Limbaugh calling a group of people whom he did not agree with ‘f-ing retards,’ and we did know that Rahm Emanuel, as has been reported, did say that. There is a big difference there.” – – –  half term governor Palin (TB)


– – – –
A) On Multitasking
A visit to the Gulf.
A high level talk with China, South Korea, Russia, and his DOD and National Security Council on North Korea.
A sit down with hostile republicans. ER Surgeons called in to reattach his arm after he offers to shake hands.
Aid to California pols at a a fund raiser.
A conference call on Greek economic troubles, probable solutions.
A meeting on America’s in the rut jobless rates.
A conference on Jamaican riots and drug war.
A meeting with congressional leaders on DADT.
A briefing on the Gulf Spill.
A press conference.
A long call to South Korea, including local US military intel aides.
A kiss for both daughters and hug for the wife.
A political dinner.
A conference call with Mexican leaders re: drugs, immigration, gun imports.

Any single one of these topics (except the kisses and hugs) would consume us, and most of our time. Yet, on top of inheriting two really bad wars and occupations, a horrendous budget, a depression-like economy, angry voters, terrible jobless numbers, our president faces a badly divided congress, part of which marches in lockstep to deny him any and every rational policy victory, and another part infiltrated by DINOs whose only talent lies in how far they can anally insert their heads.

You’d have to be a little crazy to want that job. W’s frequent vacations now make a lot of sense. I cannot imagine being in his shoes, not even for a few hours. I wouldn’t even know how to rate these issues in terms of importance. NK? The Gulf? Jamaican drug wars? The Economy? Talk about a full plate.

– – –

B) Nikki Haley (R) and very late hour chats
34 hours.  2 months.
When you add to that, that most of these calls came very late at night, and lasted a long time, somehow you might begin to suspect that they weren’t talking about politics.

For those who don’t follow red state politics, all you need to know is that Bible Spice endorsed Haley, and thinks that she is a kindred spirit. Enough said? Given Sarah’s track record, it sure seems as though her endorsement is The Kiss Of The Locust. Just ask Vaughn Ward.

Apparently, South Carolina covets a new motto: “SC’s for lovers.” With 14 years of marriage, and at least one out of wedlock afair, Ms. Haley’s election chances appear to be fading. So much for her family values campaign.

– – –

C) Does he receive a Kiss of the Locust?

Briton Robert Dee, feeling humiliated at being called the “world’s worst tennis pro” by London’s Daily Telegraph (and other news organizations) sued the newspaper for libel last year. After taking testimony in February 2010, the judge tossed out the lawsuit in April, persuaded by Dee’s having lost 54 consecutive international tour matches (all in straight sets).

The worst tennis pro in the world. Heh, after he threatened other papers, some actually settled out of court with him. Ah, yes, a game where love means nothing, a first fault always gives you a second chance, and landing in the court has nothing to to do with lawsuits.

– – –

D)  Sarah’s Palin Wall

The infamous Berlin Wall had nothing on this one.

Normally, building and maintaining good fences makes for great relations with your neighbor. (except mine) In Sarah Palin’s case, (of course) it is anything but normal.
Sarah owed some $$$$ to a neighbor for work the neighbor did on Sarah’s house. Sarah, being the greedy, small-minded, reactionary cheapskate that she is, refused to pay. The neighbor got revenge by leasing his home next door to a  novelist, Joe McGinniss, who is planning a less than flattering and “no spin” based book on Bible Spice. Here were Sarah’s choices:

a) Apologize to the neighbor for stiffing them on their fee.
b) Pay the damned bill from those millions she has earned.
c) Build a really ugly 14 foot fence between her house and the neighbor’s. Place mines and barbed wire around the perimeter. Have armed guards keep watch from armored towers.

Guess which she did. That’s a REALLY ugly fence, Bible Spice

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3 thoughts on “A multitasking sermon”

  1. Re: D. Sarah Palin’s Fence

    Since her home is within the city limits of Wasilla, Alaska it seems she may be violating local fence height ordinances. Seemingly the maximum height allowed to the rear of the home is eight feet with no more than four feet in the front.

    I live in Clark County Washington and not in an incorporated area and we must abide by fence height and even types of fences that can be used. Fences cannot exceed eight feet in height…period! Of course Sarah being an area “poobah” no doubt looks at the laws of the land from that of a scofflaw which no doubt would be the same if she made to the office of the Presidency, the horror of the thought! In our emergent “Idiocracy” though she seemingly is perfect for the job in these end times for the Republic. / : |

    I suggest that the neighbor who’s been stiffed payment based on the article concerning fence height secure an attorney and file suit against her using the statutes to support his grievance if so supported by local laws.

    This is classed as a “spite fence”; i.e., a no-no in most sane, grounded jurisdictions in the lower 48 whether incorporated or not. Of course we all know “Things are Harder in Alaska”…seemingly mostly “heads”. : D

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Speaking of Rahm Emanuel, I was quite shocked at the way Israeli’s were treating him and his family, following them around shouting out anti-Semite at him and possibly even spitting at them during his son’s Bar Mitzvah. Then I realized it was all probably a big show to prove he isn’t Mossad or a dual citizen. Sneaky propaganda wizards.

  3. “Yet, on top of inheriting two really bad wars and occupations, a horrendous budget, a depression-like economy, angry voters, terrible jobless numbers, our president faces a badly divided congress, part of which marches in lockstep to deny him any and every rational policy victory, and another part infiltrated by DINOs whose only talent lies in how far they can anally insert their heads.”

    So you denounce Republicans for their lockstep partisanship while also denouncing the Democrats as not being lockstep enough. Shit, that’s right – because their agenda is so much better.

    Because Bush’s deficit spending, comparatively conservative when measured against Democrat spending, is so much better for the economy, as evidenced by our current “jobless recovery,” failed bailouts and failed stimulus packages. And now we have the Democrats pushing for billions more in pension bailouts and “emergency” spending.

    Let’s not forget about those two failed occupations you mention. You know, the ones that Obama campaigned against to win the election?

    And oh, now that Obama follows in the Bushian tradition of frequent vacations, it all seems to make sense now! Gee, I wonder how many years it took to realize that; or more accurately, how long it took for a Democrat acting in the same manner that was widely denounced by the left for the left to begin rationalizing and apologizing for it.

    A little more than a year, it seems.

    Now we have the much-anticipated release of Obama’s 2010 National Security Strategy, which of course looks a lot like the Bush Doctrine of old.

    The cure for the problem of globalism? Why, more globalism, of course.

    The cure for the terrorist threat? Why, more meddlesome foreign policy, of course.

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