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Friday, July 12, 2024

The Sestak bribe offer: Obama’s Watergate?

Joe Sestak: What was he offered?

The Obama administration’s apparent attempt to bribe Rep. Joe Sestak with a plum federal appointment if he dropped out of the race against Sen. Arlen Specter is a simmering scandal that’s threatening to boil over.

Republicans, and even some Democrats, want to know more about Sestak’s claim that the White House tried — and failed — for force him out of the race with the job offer.

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, seven GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday demanded an investigation into whether or not the bribe offer violated Federal law.

The letter said Sestak’s claim is “very serious and, if true, suggest a possible violation of various federal criminal laws intended to safeguard our political process from the taint of bribes and political machine manipulation.”

Republican Senators Jeff Sessions, Jon Kyl, Lindsey Graham, Tom Coburn, Chuck Grassley, John Cornyn and Orrin Hatch signed the letter.

Over in the House, GOP Rep. Darrell Issa sent our an email to supporters calling the situation: “The Sestak Affair — Obama’s Watergate?”

Republicans aren’t the only ones raising questions. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democratic leader, said both Sestak and the White House need to come clean on the bribe.

“I actually think the White House and Joe Sestak should be a little more detailed and put this behind them,” Rendell said in a Wednesday press conference.

Senate Majority Dick Durbin also said the White House needs to provide more details.

But the White House refuses to do so.

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10 thoughts on “The Sestak bribe offer: Obama’s Watergate?”

  1. Obama’s Watergate? Really? Obviously, Sestak was offered a position, and rejected the idea. It seems to me that these types of dealings happen everyday in our nation’s capital and have been happening since president #1. My question is where was the outrage over actual law breaking when the previous administration outted an intelligence operative and put fellow operatives at risk? Who paid the price for that? That was a real crime.

  2. OK—-I found it.

    U.S. Code Title 18 Section 600

    But I will guarantee you that this law is broken a thousand times a day. But I also will agree that if this law was broken, then someone should pay the price.

    • That would be 18 U.S.C. Section 201…

      Read it here.

      But you are correct in saying that this type of criminal “negotiating” occurs every minute of every day.

  3. Would someone tell me what “crime” was committed? I might agree that some ethical standard was crossed, but I don’t see this being equal to “Watergate”. In the business world, this is called “negotiating”.

    • well first he broke the constitution of the U.S. and second the law he broke is a felony your not allowed to bribe government officials he need to get removed form office and waterborded then he need to go to wanimabay with the rest of the terrorist

  4. Bigger question, why would Obama support the GOP incumbent turned Democrat flip-flopper to maintain the globalist fascist status quo instead of going with the former admiral and true liberal Democrat?

    It’s the elephant in the room that no mainstream media will touch.

  5. Business as usual in this new Obama-led era of enlightenment and responsible government, transparency and accountability. Doesn’t it just warm the heart?

    • I totally agree, we must rename him to Nobama, takes 32 days to show up and all he does is blame someone else, he must feel that he walks on water but that smell coming from his feet is not water smell, phew let me outa here

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