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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Blumental”s lackluster apology for Vietnam service lies

Richard Blumenthal: A serial liar

Democratic Senatorial candidate and serial liar Richard Blumenthal is finally apologizing — sort of — for lying about serving his country in Vietnam.

He says he “regrets” what his calls “misspeaking” about his military service. He says he made mistakes and is sorry for them.

Critics say his only real sorrow is in getting caught lying about serving in Vietnam and other untrue claims, including a published report that he served as captain of the Harvard Swim Team when he — in fact — was never even a member of the team.

Few think he tepid apology will satisfy critics.

“This issue isn’t about Mr. Blumenthal’s great service to the state’s veteran and military population, it’s about him refusing to apologize for claiming to be something he is not,” says Richard G. DiFederico, the Connecticut commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. “The attorney general was considered one of the best friends a veteran could have in our state. It is a true shame that he let a false claim of Vietnam service change all that.”

The New York Times last week revealed that Blumenthalon on several occasions, claimed he served in Vietnam when he had, instead, served in a Marine Corps. reserve unit that ran Toys for Tots drives and other charities.

Blumenthal also let stand, without correction, published reports that he had served as captain of the Harvard Swim Team while attending college there. Harvard records show he was not a member of the team.

When asked by the Associated Press why he had not really apologized, Blumenthan answered:

“I think I’ve answered that. I regret and take full responsibility for any time, those few times, that I have misspoken.”

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4 thoughts on “Blumental”s lackluster apology for Vietnam service lies”

    • Hey, I lived in DC, and now I live in Viet Nam. Believe me, Viet Nam is much safer!
      The only dangers here are the water (don’t drink the water unless you have the national franchise for Pepto Bismal) and the traffic.

  1. He just can’t man up. Why would he even be considered to sit in Connecticut’s seat in the Senate?

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