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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Freshmen Dems to Obama: ‘Stay the hell away from us’

President Obama: Don't call us, we'll call you

Freshman Democrats who owe their seats in Congress to the Barack Obama poltical tsunami in 2008 now want to keep the President at arm’s length because they fear his increasing unpopularity and political missteps cold hurt them in the November midterm elections.

Many fear alignment with Obama could cost them the election and want to campaign without his endorsement or a presence in his district.

“I just think we don’t quite know yet where his popularity is,” Pennsylvania Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper told Congressional Quarterly in a recent interview.

Some have already told the White House they don’t want or need help from the President.

“It might upset some people,” says Virginia Democrat Tom Pirriello.

Obama’s eroding popularity is taking another hit from the administration’s lackluster response to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Some are calling the situation “Obama’s Katrina,” referring the the federal government’s failure to react quickly to the Hurricane Katrina crisis that became a benchmark of George W. Bush’s failed Presidency.

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22 thoughts on “Freshmen Dems to Obama: ‘Stay the hell away from us’”

  1. Doug,

    I used to be a moderator on CHB. I used to have a lot of respect for this site. That said, many today are fed up with the Obama “ether” and are now simply pissed off. I’m one of them. I voted for the guy. I’m sorry that I did. I encouraged others to do the same. I’m sorry that I did. I thought that his man was a new type of politician, bright, eloquent, articulate, and honest. I’m sorry that I did. As should be you.

    I first started reading your stuff years ago, when you were quoted by a friend with whom I was engaging in a political debate. I served as a Moderator, right here on CHB, for several years, until I could handle the anti-Semitic, ultra-liberal, progressive, socialist crap no longer. Sure, you remember, Phil Hoskins, Steve Livingston (STEREOMAN), and others who wished that the Jews and Israel had never drawn breath. It was a rough time. I had so much respect for you then. How sad that it has all been lost. Not that it matters to you, much. You continue to prosper, good on you, Doug. You also continue to spew misinformation. Not so good. I hope that your future is filled with more honesty, truth, and straightforwardness than has been your norm, until now, Doug.


  2. Klaus –

    and when were those regulatory shenanigans going on? exactly? and which administration put a stop to it? exactly?

    if you answered “pre Obama” to the first 2 you win the prize! and “post Bush” to the latter 2 you win a bonus. Do you imagine it is an accident the head of MMS just “resigned”? Obama is cleaning house and has been on this shit since he came into office, but like everything else with embedded employees from Bush years burrowed in to their jobs he cant just fire them from MMS. DUH . . .

    • Hi Rob,

      I don’t understand where you come up with “Obama is cleaning house” unless you are being facetious. This President was engaged in appointing retreads from past administrations even prior to taking the oath of office. He made the decision to keep SOD Robert Gates on post the Bush era along with a host of other Bush appointees. So I just don’t get that he’s cleaning house. In fact he’s got appointees going back to the Clinton, Reagan era too. There’s not much fresh blood at the top advising this seemingly ‘synthetic’ president.

      Unless he’s lying, he claims he wasn’t aware of Ms. Birnbaum’s resignation as MMC (Minerals Management Service) director.

      “Interior Secretary Ken Salazar “came in and started cleaning house. But the culture had not fully changed at MMS. And surely I take responsibility for that.” …extract from another article

      So is Ms. Birnbaum part of the referenced ‘culture’ or not? She’s been around since mid 2009. He was sworn in January 2009, so if she’s part of some ‘culture’ then she’s part of Obama’s culture whatever that is…no?
      She’s failed us too because she’s more of the same as we had under Bushco and the Clinton era too.

      I’m not questioning you simply to be contentious, but I don’t buy into this President being some unwitting victim of the past culture. He’s nothing but a continuation of the same in spades as far as I’m concerned and this unanticipated oil spill accident has bitten them all in the arse…big time! It exposes them for their perennial shuffle-butting and ongoing cronyism gone wild.

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Rob- you’ve just agreed with all my points about Obomber™

      Rob- The problems at MMS have been well known for YEARS

      Rob- Obomber™ has been in for more then a year fully well aware about the BS @ MMS allowing these regulatory oversights to fly as you have agreed with me. This was on ChimpCo’s™ watch and on our ‘We Canⓒ’ president’s watch.

      We want presidents that are Pro-Active instead of Re-Active. It took a national disaster to get our ‘We Canⓒ’ president off his keester to clean house.

      How many more agencies are there now that are populated by ChimpCo™ retreads and what surprises will we have to look forward to.


  3. It’s what the Obomber Administration didn’t do: The Minerals Management Service inspectors let oil companies fill out the inspection forms by themselves. There is all sorts of regulatory holes all over the place that gave the crude oil genie a chance to get out of its lair.

    Obama is also a shill for reviving the nuclear industry which no insurance company will insure, no utilty will pony up any money for a nuclear plant…but Obomber’s plan is to go around all this and we will pay for nuclear plants to be built; nuclear plants which without nearly any exception ALWAYS run over at least 10 times the eastimate for construction costs which is around 5 billion dollars. They take 7 to 12 years to be built, licensed & operated. The labor to build them always goes up because they take so long to build. Whatever benefit of so called cheap energy genertion is immediately offeset by when the reactor needs to be refueled which is extremely expensive compounded by the cost for storing the waste.

    The amount of money spent on nuclear planst would be far better spent on financial incentives for citizens, businesses & industry to insulate and other cost saving energy efficency methods which generate almost immediate results of electrical savings vs the up to 12 years to see any results with nuclear plants.

    But Noooo…Our Brave Obomber is beholden to the Nuclear Industry which is splayed out on its ass hoping Obomber will ream us citizens wallets to get it up and running again.

    I dispise the Neo Liberal, PNAC agenda of Bare Ass Obama!

    Obomber will never live this one down.

    • Good points Klaus, and I think it’s important to note the Junior Bush started the nuclear revival and it’s just another way Obama and Bush are pursuing the same agenda.

  4. So what else exactly would you propose the federal government do in this situation to clean up a spill from a rig that was greenlighted by the BUSH infested MMS???
    It is all so convenient, cowardly and easy to blame this on Obama. The facts are inconvenient here: they immediately deployed resources to the gulf which have now exceeded 22,000 people ON SITE, 1200 vessels ON SITE, almost 20 staging areas ON SITE, 17,500 National Guard troops authorized, etc. etc. The rank hypocrisy of Governor “I hate the stiumlus but will hold this stimulus check and take credit for it”| Jindal is breathtaking. That POS got on his knees forever wooing and approving of expanded drilling in the Gulf and now he has the temerity to blame the Obama administration for BP’s abject failure here? So really just go ahead and pile on without offering a whit of concrete positive suggestions about could have been differently or it should be done now – it is so courageous to ignore the facts. Pathetic.

  5. OMG! You were perfectly willing to ride in on the coattails he generously provided. Traitors! DIMOS! Obstructionists! Wimps! Blue Dogs!

    Help our President, you scalawags! He owns the democratic agenda we elected him to achieve and elected you to help him. Don’t you dare turn your backs on him. Help him clean up the stinking republican outhouse he inherited and get on with the plans we had for the country.

    If you don’t get behind him and help him publicly, I’ll find out who you are and support your opposition, I swear I will!

  6. Yes, when Sir Obama Was Running for Prez the stench of Lexus Equivoconism already permeated itself with his voting as senator for retro-active immunity for Telecoms which was as Obomber put it, “a compromise vote”.

    Obomber’s continued coal shoveling for PNAC, AIPAC and all the cabinet level conivers that go with that line stinks like a stinking steamer.

    The D-Crappers suffer a delusion that being progressive is the exclusive domain of ‘We Can©’ Democrapper™ Lexus™ Liberal Lemmings™ -IT IS NOT!

  7. The minute Obama hired Rahm Emanuel and the Israeli Mafia for his cabinet should have made it clear to a turd that we were in for more of the same rule by neocons, neoliberals or zionist nazis, whatever you want to call them.

  8. Same here , but I realized he was a phony when he started putting his Goldman Sachs corporate friendly cabinet together and it’s been nothing but downhill since .

  9. Yes…That’s what Obama is doing. He just sitting back, sipping soda and “letting BP destroy our planet.” I’m just curious. Exactly what steps should Obama be taking that would help cap the well more quickly? – especially given the fact that the U.S. government does not have the skills, experience or equipment that BP has….I’m just interested if you have some actual concrete suggestions as to the steps he should be taking…or are you just mad that he’s not out there doing useless photo-ops wading through oil and picking up baby penguins? Ever think that you have absolutely no idea what’s actually going on behind the scenes or how frustrated the feds may be by the fact that NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO TO STOP THIS? That’s what makes this a disaster….it can’t be easily fixed. Do you think BP and the Feds really want this to keep going on?

    • …and allow me to add. I despise Big Oil and the corporate control of our government just as much as everyone else who isn’t a shill for the uber-rich. And yes I would LOVE to see BP face fines up the wazoo and criminal prosecutions and have them banned from future government contracts and blah blah…but any saber rattling right now is not going to cap the darn well any more quickly…bottom line is…they REALLY screwed the pooch on this one and the feds are about as powerless as we are. I think one thing that would help would be to pressure the companies with tankers that are sitting around with full bellies waiting for oil prices to go up…if they emptied and came to the scene…they could scoop up a lot of oil (and clean it up and re-use it by the way) — or perhaps I am misinformed on this point.

    • Lets see, for one I would check to find out if the former naval officer who was a expert on nuclear weapons stated that one of them would work however he said that it is undesirable and a conventional weapon could do the job, that Russia had similar problems and explosives fixed them. Kinda worth while checking out the possibility, oh yes and Iran who has much experience offered to lend there expert to assist us. Wouldn’t it be great if we at least asked them, who knows it might cure the leak and open the door to better relations with them

  10. Poor little Sir Obama™ of Camelot is being ‘distanced’ from his young Democrapic™ Charges ;(

    It is such a Greek tragedy that a month after he’s banging the gongs of offshore oil development, this abomination by BP is rapaciously eviscerating the coastline.

    I grieve for the wildlife & the livelyhoods of fishermen whos livelyhood & lives are being destroyed.

    True to form, the D-Crapper™ Freshmen are cowering as D-Crappers™ always do.
    Neo-Con™ Republkaners™ no matter what in the same situation would be beating their chests.

    A Song for the Cowardly D-Crapper™ Freshmen: “Swing Low, Skanky Democrappers™, your constituents gonna vote you out -Swing Low, Skanky Freshmen, Obomber’s™ taken you all for a Ride”

    The Lexus™ Liberal ‘We Can©’ Obomber™ Administration continues and adds on to the Chimp™ Administrations renditions, extra-judical killings & you name it, but these things are ‘OK’ with Obomber’s™ ‘We Can’ Democrapper™ Lexus™ Liberal Lemmings™ because he’s doing it

  11. Jim, you are in good company. The term “dead ass” only begins to address the distain I have for a popularly elected President who has proven to be incapable of leading. But elections are coming. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice?

  12. I am only one small, poor American and I realize that whereever I stand on any issue doesn’t make one bit of difference, but my support of Mr. Obama is gone. By him sitting on his dead ass and allowing BP to destroy our planet, has convinced me that he is a “failed” President.

    • Tell us genius, just what should Obama have done. Plus, stop lying, you never supported Obama.
      He had no reason to doubt BP when they told him what they claimed the situation was. The government is hardly the expert source, where oil-spills are concerned. Maybe if previous administrations, hadn’t watered down regulations, this wouldn’t have happened.
      What’s your solution, turn everything over to the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd?

      • you are acting like in a country of 300+ million that created the space shuttle 30 years ago there is no experts here that can fix that leak.. no sir we are completely dependent on 1 foreign company that was responsbible for the leak that had to plan to stop any leak to begin with..yes we don’t have any body here.. the goverment can’t do it.. we need bp expertise..we’re stupid, dumb.. nothing here

        oh yeah and that 5000 barrel estimate must be correct because bp said so we can’t use basic geometry and physics to figure out it is far too low

        again we’re too dumb here bp is smart

      • .hamgar, get a grip, what gives you the right or the gall to belittle “Jim” for his posting. I am sick and tired of these personal attacks, just state your view OK? It never ceases to amaze me that we always have someone on the internet who most of the times is a coward in hiding their identity, belittling someone for there views. Who made you the expert, grow up and act like a responsible person instead of a idiot like Obama. Stop blaming Bush for That regime that has been gone almost two years now, how long do you people need before you start making Obama act like a president instead of a immature, self serving person that he is. He is the one who promised everything to everyone and failed/ lied on every promise. Remember the phrase ” the buck stops here”, well he had a responsibility to check on various government agency’s and he failed. He failed to find out if current regulations were sufficient in the event of a accident to prohibit this disaster, but no, just wear out the jet running all over the country pounding his chest is the only thing I have seen him do. What a bunch of hypocrites, just support your party at any cost is the only thing I have heard.

      • If wacko environmental groups hadn’t forced BP to drill so far down, this spill would’ve been more easily contained and cleaned up.
        And, BTW, didn’t the genius Obama just give BP an award for safety just before this fiasco?
        Wake up, Obama just wants to control oil production now-this is his great opportunity. He’s already got his sticky fingers in the financial sector of the US and is REALLY MAD now because everything else in his destructive agenda of America has to be put on hold, namely cap and trade. Have you seen this month’s job figures? Only 49,000 from the private sector (where money comes from to run the government) and 400,000 temporary census govt. jobs. And, Mr. O is thrilled-D”uh!

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