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Monday, July 22, 2024

Chris Matthews: Obama ‘scares me’

Chris Matthews: The thrill is gone

Chris Matthews, the bombastic MSNBC talk show host who used to say President Barack Obama sent a thrill up his leg now says the nation’s first African-American President “scares me.”

Matthews, appearing on the “Tonight Show” says Obama’s lack of leadership in the the Gulf Oil spill crisis is frightening.

Matthews asked: “When is he actually going to do something?” The talk show host and one-time aide to late Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill added that the President has “been acting a little like a Vatican observer.”

Matthews transformation from Obama lover to critic highlights a growing dissatisfaction with the President that crosses both party and ideological lines.

Obama’s lack of leadership has already cost the Democratic party support of independents who helped put him in the White House and Democrats in control of Congress.

When cheerleaders like Chris Matthews head for the lifeboats you know the good ship Obama is taking on water and sinking fast.

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27 thoughts on “Chris Matthews: Obama ‘scares me’”

  1. What is there to take even remotely serious about Matthews of Wiffle Ball. He’s a self oscillating, equivocating pinhead who supported all the PNAC lies to invade Iraq & Pipe-O-Stan. What the Wiffle Whiffer postulates has as much significance as bathroom wall graffiti. The Waffle Whiffer is worried about Obama? Well, let’s send him a Teddy Bear.

  2. Hey Griff, you ever heard of “safeguards”? Yeah, I heat and cool my home, what has this to do with this? You must be reading from a manual from Fox, “put a spin on it”.

    • You call for the execution of people working to provide you with energy. It was an accident due to human error. Learn from it and move on.

      • I may be wrong but it appeared to me that the poster was actually stating how China would have handled the situation, I felt it was used as an example to show the difference of what our two countrys response would be. Interestingly I read yesterday that the agency has been split into three parts and they fired some of the federal employees and will charge some criminally. I am no fan of Obama however it is refreshing to once in my life to hear of federal employees getting fired and fantastic that some are being charged criminally. Kudos to you Mr. President !

  3. One of the biggest oil producers on the planet with decades of experience offered to help with this spill and was snubbed by Obama. Of course that country was Iran. A lost opportunity to build diplomatic bridges, of course we’re too proud to accept help from any one while all we do is whine, whine, whine.

    • Yep. Lots of experience. Tons.

      This is from Offshore Magazine:

      Iran set to start up offshore oil field

      Published: Mar 1, 2010

      Offshore staff

      TEHRAN — Iran expects first oil from its $300-million Hengam field development in the Persian Gulf in mid-March.

      According to Iran Offshore Oil Co. Managing Director Mahmood Zirakchianzade, the program has been undertaken quickly compared with similar projects in Iran and elsewhere in the region.

      Hengam is being developed with two platforms, with production set to ramp up gradually as further wells are drilled. The oil will be piped to onshore separation/refining facilities on Qeshm Island designed to handle up to 100,000 b/d.

      Yes, Griff. That’s exactly the kind of experience we want brought into our offshore environment. And particularly someone who has our best interests at heart too.

  4. Seems to me that BP is attempting every thing possible to stop a flow that was created by a chain reaction of mechanical failures, shoddy inspection, lack of safety procedures and on and on and then toss in corporate evasiveness – big surprise with that. OK…they are to blame so let’s beat them to death but how do they finally stop the flow? IMO those that created it are best capable of stopping it and it certainly behooves them to fix it ASAP. From what I can gather BP has already consulted all available “experts” on this issue and continue to attempt a fix. So far they have managed a partial solution so good luck on the rest. I’m sure when the government steps in we’ll all be inspired by their long list of successes in other ventures to solve this problem.

    The next phase will be the bill. BP certainly has the financial resources to make amends. Other companies involved are in the same boat. Deep pockets all around. That Texas City refinery complex would certainly get some dough in a fire sale.

    What has really been lost is that eleven died.

  5. Oh, let me add something!

    After the trial and conviction of these bastards, the execution should be held on the Mall in DC and televised on all the major networks.

    • I’m curious…do you drive a car? Heat or cool your home? If so, then against the wall and don your blindfold.

  6. ” In China they’d have been shot in the back of the head ten days after trial and conviction. Going to jail should be a blessed relief for the f/;;;ing ba**ards.”

    Everytime I see that damage done to the wildlife and the earth, I feel the same way. Everything that man has touched since Adam, he has f%%k up!

    There is not one thing going to be done to BP, not in this life. Maybe God will pass sentence on them for destroying His planet. Obama sits on his dead ass and gives pretty speeches while oil is destroying lives and this earth.

  7. I’m a bit confused here Doug. In the event by my concurring with G-Lawyer’s suggested disposition concerning BP execs if they were under the direct control of the People’s Republic of China then his suggestion isn’t far from the truth because that’s what they’ve done in the past ten years or so with environmental criminals concerning tainted baby food or the massive release of benzene miles in length into one of their rivers. Maybe that’s why China is booming and ahead of the progress curve because they don’t waste years in a courtroom and millions of yuan to defend the obviously guilty. Money doesn’t by immunity from capital punishment in the PRC. They’ve even executed billionaires.

    Then we have Almandine’s post that GW, presumably referencing George Washington, long since deceased, that there would be little tolerance for such fumbling against the republic which I guess could be extended to our current resident in chief? Again, I don’t know to what your are referencing as a serious “death threat” and surely wouldn’t engage in such using my criteria as follows:

    To me, a living person/s needs to be named with the followup suggestion that such a sanction appropriate.

    My apologies if I were the “long time” commenter that possibly issued a “death threat” or approved of one. I simply don’t know?

    Carl Nemo **

    • Carl:

      The offending post and poster has been removed. The fact that you’re still here should show it wasn’t you.

      • I would have ever thought of G.W. Bush Griff. Why so? Simply because I couldn’t wrap my mind about anyone in these times doing what Almandine suggested with us having to go back to the founding of the republic to find people with enough starch to do what’s necessary.

        Nowadays we suffer mightily as a function of their incremental destruction of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and our way of life and all folks seem to have on their minds is their next shopping trip, the weekend televised games, races or some inane movie they are going to watch. / : |

        No politician is at risk in these end times for the Republic thanks to Prozac and it’s analogs, the fluoridated water and hundreds of food additives that have sapped their intellectual and psychic resistance to tyranny.


        “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”…Edward R. Murrow


        Seemingly it is so…! : |

        Carl Nemo **==

  8. A longtime commenter on this site just issued a threat against someone’s life. That is not allowed here and the post has been removed and the poster banned.

    If you want to act like a juvenile or a thug, do it somewhere else.

  9. The oil spill in the Gulf is just another in a long line of engineering disasters and when all the blame and finger pointing is complete then the real work will begin. Everything that led up to the disaster will be analyzed and safeguards will be engineered. That will be the important outcome and not the politics of ranting or corporate malfeasance.

  10. No, this was BP’s moment and THEY blew it. They have lied to the Government and to the public about the size and severity of the disaster right from the very first moment. How in the hell can any Government prepare an adequate response when the company responsible says, “Oh, it’s just a few hundred barrels of oil a day?” Then from week to week the scope of the disaster becomes more and more apparent after it’s too damned late to do anything.

    BP, according to its own web site had gross profits of Almost $6.1 billion dollars in the first quarter of this year. That’s $67.5 million a DAY!! And now the Republicans want a bill to limit BP’s financial liability to $75 million and to bail out the company beyond that figure.

    BP should be fined an amount equal to every penny in revenue they have earned in the US since the day the accident happened. Not profits, revenue. And the people who kept lying to us and to the Government should go to jail for the rest of their unnatural lives. In China they’d have been shot in the back of the head ten days after trial and conviction. Going to jail should be a blessed relief for the f/;;;ing ba**ards.

    • Good post G-Lawyer…! I concur.

      I liked your description as to how the PRC would have handled BP type execs if under their jurisdiction.

      Carl Nemo **==

    • It was my understanding that the Obama Administration gave BP waivers on the environmental impact study and the inspections that might have helped prevent this disaster.

      Seems there is plenty of blame to go around.

  11. Obama has spent more time trying to manage the PR disaster than the actual disaster. People don’t care about investigations and blue ribbon panels while oil is still spewing in the gulf. This was Obama’s moment and he blew it.

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