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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Obama runs and hides from Specter campaign

President Barack Obama: The coward in chief (AFP)

President Barack Obama has become the “coward in chief” when it comes to supporting candidates in trouble.

After wooing Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter to switch from the Republican Party to the Democratic side of the fence, Obama pledged that Specter would “have my full support.”

But Obama, as he so often does, lied. With Specter’s campaign in trouble, the President is running and hiding from Specter and refused to come to Pennsylvania to campaign for the man he praised so highly just a year ago.

It’s a pattern that repeats itself often in the failing Obama administration. The President is unwilling to risk his presence in the race.

And recent results show that Obama’s involvement isn’t that much help anyway. He made personal appeals to voters in close races in Massachussets, Virginia and New Jersey and lost all three.

The Teflon has worn off the Obama mystique. He is now seen as part of the system that angry voters want to purge from Washington. He’s the problem, not the solution.

So he takes the easy way out. Leadership takes a back seat to political experience and the President of the United States takes a pass, leaving candidates like Specter to face the same fate that may await Obama in 2012.

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  1. Doug, Instead of complaining, why don’t you run for office. i would like to see what you could do to clean up the mess that was created 8 years ago and get this country on the right track. i welcome your point of view.

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