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Monday, June 17, 2024

The Obama spin-machine: Lots of propaganda, very little fact

President Barack Obama: All the news that fits the agenda (Reuters)

The propaganda machine of President Barack Obama’s White House spews out a constant barrage of daily political spin in a round-the-clock effort to control the message, subvert both the media and political image, and shade the truth in the eyes of voters.

Using email, Twitter, an on-line “news” program produced by White House staffers and other communications tools, the Obama White House is an ever-expanding onslaught of political spin and diversion designed to tightly control what the public hears, sees and knows about the President.

This propaganda machine costs American taxpayers at least $4.3 million each year, has a paid staff of 60, a volunteer army that numbers into the hundreds and various government agencies whose communications offices have been subverted by the Obama press operation.

McClatchy Newspapers quotes Towson State University professor Martha Joynt Kumar, an expert in White House Communications techniques, as saying at least 350 people spend their days delivering propaganda on Obama’s policies.

“It’s an enormous operation,” Bradley Patterson, a veteran of the Eisenhower White House and expert on White House operations, tells the news service.

Despite his claims of an open and transparent Presidency, Obama avoids press conferences and limits exposure to carefully-scripted statements, tightly-controlled photo ops and use of administration-friendly media.

It’s a carefully-coordinated campaign of selective manipulation of the news and strict control of the message.

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7 thoughts on “The Obama spin-machine: Lots of propaganda, very little fact”

  1. The “illusion of choice” is becoming clear to those who have awakened from their slumber.

    Wings of the same crooked vulture.

  2. On a more recent note, Spoke meant something rockets forth, as we consider War , humans, or dogs to change our good men falsely through enimyism…

    Wright wheels, last shuttle flight, what,

    we’ve to bear on the sub- mariner now.

  3. Welcome my fellow Americans ; as we digress from the steel to the iron and on into the brass balls age of the new political process for your enjoyment,
    our message is that of no message but sameness.
    Bitch and you will be designated ?
    Follow and you might get a job at Fox, or the State department, or as a speechificator for the next village unification specialist that has no idea how big this Blue Orb really is.

    Either way, we expected better when the heeding of the Raven was clarion clear…Hack

  4. First, it’s shameful that modern presidencies have a propaganda machine and worse at taxpayer expense.

    It also shows where this jive, “change we can believe in” demagogue comes from. Rest assured folks, although he’s a black man, he’s one uv’em; ie., a mere running dog for corporate interests…!

    There’s no substance whatsoever; ie., a “talking head”. He’s simply a “holding president “between the tenure of the flagship party of the wealthy class, the Republicans. The most terrifying aspect is we must suffer he and his citizen unfriendly, do-nothing entourage’s presence for another 2.5 years. Ugh!

    Carl Nemo **==

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