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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Democrats pile on the pork


With so many of their House colleagues in trouble back home, Democrats have pulled out all the stops to pile on the pork while actually working at governing the country as little as possible.

The party of the jackass packed 54 self-serving amendments on to a innocuous science competitiveness bill this week before adjourning early and heading back home to campaign.

It’s a craven, cynical political ploy that shows Democrats are scared and willing to do anything to save their endangered jobs.

The pork is piled on so thick that any attempt at subtlety is lost: $50 million for a manufacturing program in the district of John Boccieri of Ohio; “innovation funding” for federal labs in the new Mexico district of Martin Heinrich and plum appointments to the President’s advisory council on science and technology for school administrators in the California district of Loretta Sanchez.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders of the House have shortened the work week to just three days — Tuesday to Thursday — retreating from an earlier pledge by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to turn Congress into a five-day-a-week “working” legislative body.

Republicans, of course, are taking notes to use in upcoming campaigns.

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