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Friday, June 14, 2024

Now Democrats feel the heat

Sexual predator Eric Massa (AP)

Four years ago, in the last mid-term elections, Republicans had to face the music with the sexual hijinks of Florida Congressman Mark Foley and his fondness for young male interns.

Now the Democrats have a predator of their own and lingering questions over how party leaders handled the bizzare case of New York Congressman Eric Massa and his sexual harassment of male staff members could mean trouble in the voting booth in November.

Foley and Massa both left Congress in disgrace. In both cases, leaders of their party tried to look the other way for too long with failed hopes that the whole thing would fade away.

When Foley’s philandering with young male House interns came to light, Democrats pounced on his case as a flagrant example of a “culture of corruption” within the Republican Party.

In Washington, karma has a nasty way of coming back around to bite you in the ass. Now Massa gives the Democrats the same problem the GOP faced four years ago and Republicans have gone into a feeding frenzy over a possible coverup by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The jury is still out but American voters comprise the jury in this case and they will deliver their verdict in November.

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