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Monday, December 4, 2023

Clinton: Arizona immigration law encourages profiling

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (AP)

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Arizona’s new immigration law invites racial profiling and she thinks the state may be overstepping its authority.

Clinton says the law “does what a state doesn’t have the authority to do — try to impose their own immigration law.”

And she tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” there’s no doubt it invites racial profiling and that people might be questioned about their immigration status because of their accents.

The law requires police officers to ask people to prove their immigration status if they have a reasonable suspicion they are illegal immigrants.

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13 thoughts on “Clinton: Arizona immigration law encourages profiling”

  1. Hillary
    This law was not drafted by the state of Arizona…This law is a federally drafted law already on the books. The Arizona govenor is just enforcing it because the federal agencies refuse to address the problem. Its already law!!! All you have to do is look it up.

  2. @ Guardhouse Lawyer. I never expressed the desire that 1 of Clinton’s relatives be slain. Learn to understand plain english. But if IT DID happen to be 1 of them I bet she would have a different outlook on the situation.

    • “Do bad it was not 1 of her (Clinton’s) relatives that was slain”

      “I never expressed the desire that 1 of Clinton’s relatives be slain.”

      Really? Who would have thought that the first sentence is not expressing a desire? I certainly think so.

      • By the author’s own lights, the meaning had to do with the enhanced perspective such tragedies can bring.

        Since you can’t get inside his head, you can’t know or claim otherwise, legitimately.

        That’s the problem with lawyers… always picking rhetorical fights where none are germane.

  3. @ Guardhouse Lawyer. I have a right to free speech just like you do. And if it were 1 of your relatives that was slain by that illegal alien how would you feel? I am a firm believer that it is time to secure our borders from all the murderous, drug smuggling aliens and keep them out of our country. If you have a problem with that maybe YOU should move to Mexico. Furthermore I am a disabled vet that FOUGHT for my RIGHTS and my COUNTRY. What have you done other than sit here and make comments? And if Mr Thompson feels that my remark was off key he can fell free to remove it.

  4. This piece of useless political tripe is worried about the non existent rights of federal immigration law breakers when the livelihood, nay the very lives and sustenance of gulf port Americans has been turned upside down, inside out, and frozen in time.

    Their very future and the legacy they will hand to the next generation is in dire peril while the bleeding hearts of many little villages come to the rescue of drug runners and murderous flesh peddlers.
    Damn a politician, damn a stinking liberal who would sell out his countrymen for political correctness.

    Damn the oil profiteers who throttle the existing technology that would free this beutiful blue orb from the yoke of the black smokers.

    And damn me because I am so utterly powerless to effect a meaningful change….Hack !

    • Stay the course…

      “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds”
      -Sam Adams

      • I keep telling myself , honest resolve will win the day.
        In my bones I know the enemy plays not by rules .
        Pop said, hurt’s , don’t it ?
        Make them feel it too..

  5. But a national ID card required for employment isn’t overstepping their authority?

    That’s some twisted logic.

  6. She is an idiot just like her husband Slick Willie. Do bad it was not 1 of her relatives that was slain by that illegal alien. Maybe she would have a different perspective on the subject.

    • Thank you for the meaningful insightful comment. I particularly like the part where you express your desire that one of Clinton’s relatives be slain. Very enlightened. You must be very proud of yourself.

      If I were Doug Thompson your sorry ass would be gone from this site.

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