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Monday, December 4, 2023

Second thoughts on the Presidency of George W. Bush

George W. Bush: On second thought...(AFP)

Once considered by some as the worst President of modern times, former President George W. Bush’s legacy may be ready for rehab.

While the current administration of Barack Obama seldom misses an opportunity to trash Bush and blame the former President for problems that persist, history may be ready to re-judge some of Bush’s actions and policies while in office.

And history may be far kinder to Bush than anyone predicted.

Writes McClatchy Newspapers:

Is George W. Bush about to start a political comeback?

Written off as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history when he left office, the 63-year-old Bush has been keeping a low profile, fading from view as the country turned its attention to his successor, President Barack Obama.

Now, some events might be turning in Bush’s favor just as he and his family emerge to tell their side of the story, first with the release this week of Laura Bush’s memoir, “Spoken From the Heart,” then in November with the release of his book, “Decision Points.”

“The rehab’s well under way,” said Mark McKinnon, a Bush confidant who still bikes with the former president in Texas.

“His loyalists have always believed that history would be much kinder to the president than public opinion was during his term. We also believe that leaders who make tough decisions are rarely popular when they’re president, but that history puts things into context.”

Most notably, the war in Iraq may not turn out to be the political albatross it was while he was in office.

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11 thoughts on “Second thoughts on the Presidency of George W. Bush”

  1. From Robert Parry, March 8, 2010
    “In the 1980s, CIA propaganda experts and military psy-war specialists oversaw the creation of special programs aimed at managing public perceptions in targeted foreign countries as well as inside the United States, according to declassified documents at Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library.”

    (This has been so successful for so long why would they ever quit? ” managing public perceptions…. inside the United States” or in history books, not much difference)

  2. I believe if history is far kinder to GWBush than anyone predicted….it will be because history is being rewritten with a partisan agenda in mind, extremely slanted by the right wing and sprinkled with lies just like nearly every thing connected with his administration. Just because there are others in government who are as culpable of pushing the country over a cliff and none of them will answer for their crimes either, does not make him any less despicable.

    • Well that doesn’t explain Obama expanding the wars, ordering executions without trial, allowing torture and indefinite detention to continue, keeping GITMO open, continuing to spy on all US citizens phone calls and electronic communication, the list goes on and on. It isn’t partisan. Our destruction is very much a bi-partisan affair.

      President Junior wasn’t necessarily worse, though he does seem likely to be one of the worst of all time. Both rank someone around Woodrow Wilson, another “Progressive” that sold us out. But Obama is about to go further down the spiral particularly if they continue to push CO2 exchanges, mandatory service, national ID’s, and unfair (despotic) labor practices sending jobs and wealth overseas.

  3. Between Bushco’s two engineered wars that are still stuck to our national shoes like dog sh*t along with the financial “Kings X” they gave to Wall Street and the banks leading to our national travails; I’d say the damage that he and his coterie of greedy, evil associates have done to this nation is the equivalent of the U.S. having been attacked directly by a foreign power. : |

    Now we’re stuck with a faux “El Cid” for el Presidente who’s evidently been groomed to issue the coup de grace to our nation by slapping mind-boggling debt upon us, seemingly he and his ‘advisers’ engaged in the planned destruction of the US dollar and our way of life.

    Evil is afoot in our nation’s Capitol. Seemingly the enemy has breached the castles walls are now looting the keep all the while the populace having been induced into infighting and bickering over petty issues as their nation and way of life goes to the bottom…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. There is no way that invading a small country that was of no threat to anyone, costing more than 4000 lives, and hundreds of millions of dollars, can be justified. Also, cutting taxes for the wealthy, when there was a minor slowdown, was sound economics. Mainstream economists discouraged it. It would have been better to use monetary policy, with the Federal Reserve using the tools at its disposal. Some increased Government spending, on infrastructure and other important programs would also have helped. Bush was too much of an ideologue, believing that tax cuts and deregulation were what the country needed.

  5. It is hard to believe that anyone could even think a good thought about G.W. Bush. 8 years of nothing but an “express train” going south. Does anyone believe that Bush has written this book, hell he has never even read a complete book, much less written one. The book will be much like his whole life, A BIG LIE!!

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