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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Voters fed up with incumbents


A new poll shows American voters are fed up with Congressional incumbents and plan to vote for massive change in the structure of both the House and Senate in the November mid-term elections.

The anti-incumbent mood matches voter anger in 1994 when voters tossed out Democrats and turned control of Congress over to Republicans in the middle of Democratic President Bill Clinton’s first term.

The Washington Post-ABC News polls finds widespread voter dissatisfaction that spreads across party lines. Democrats, Republicans and independents say they are unhappy with the job their representative is doing and want change.

Less than a quarter of independent and a third of Republicans say they back an incumbent and Democratic voters are split over whether or not to vote for their current member of Congress.

“I’m not really happy right now with anybody,” Illinois Republic voter Sandy Davis, 64, told The Washington Post.

But Democrats can find some solace in the poll, which shows the public trusting Democrats more than Republicans when it comes to handling major problems and poll respondents say they trust Obama more than Republicans in Congress on the economy, health care and reform of the financial industry.

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3 thoughts on “Voters fed up with incumbents”

  1. I honestly believe that the polls represent what people say to the polster however when they get into the voting booth they revert to the party that they align themselves with even if the canidate of their party is a looser. I have lost complete faith in the party system as i feel that a politition is the best liar that the party has to offer for that election. Voters in general will express the views expressed in this article but will sent thier own politition back to office. That just shows how really concerned the public is. You get what you wish for and both partys are loosers in my book because of us, yes we need to look in the mirror if we want to find someone to blame.

  2. Fed up with incumbent parties maybe. Democrat or Republican just means more of the same. No surprise with this Congress having less than 10% approval rating in all major polls.

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