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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Pelosi, Hoyer questioned in Massa coverup

Former Congressman Eric Massa

House Ethics Committee investigators and FBI agents are looking into increasing evidence that Democratic leaders covered for problem Congressman Eric Massa and stalled an investigation into the former New York representatives pattern of sexual harassment of male employees of his office.

Investigators grilled House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer along with top staff members for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressional insiders say evidence points to a coverup by both leaders.

The controversial Massa resigned from Congress in March amid growing charges of improper conduct. Investigators have established that Massa’s chief of staff brought the Congressman’s behavior to Pelosi’s attention five months earlier. A staff member for Massa later brought sexual harassment against the Congressman.

Massa’s campaign issued a $40,000 check for Massa’s Chief of Staff, Joe Recalto, who also filed sexual harassment charges.  According to some sources, Pelosi and Hoyer may have been warned about Massa’s behavior in early 2009 but neither leader took any action.

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