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Friday, April 19, 2024

Did Goldman-Sachs buy the Obama White House?


While lawyers for Goldman Sachs worked overtime to avoid civil fraud charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm’s CEO visited the White House four times.

In addition, the company’s political action committee, employees and relatives of employees dumped close to a million dollars into Obama‘s 2008 Presidential campaign and CEO Lloyd Blankfein was a regular guest at high-dollar donor gatherings with Obama and became part of economic advisor Larry Summer’s inner circle.

Now Goldman, facing SEC charges in a massive civil fraud case, is using Obama’s former White House Counsel, Gregory Craig, as a key part of its legal team.

Goldman has more ties to Obama’s team. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel worked with Goldman on a $8.2 billion deal in Chicago during the 1990s.

“Almost everything the White House has doen has been haunted by the personnel and the money of Goldman,” Lawrence Jacobs, a Univesity of Minnesota political scientist, tells McClatchy Newspapers writer Greg Gordon.

Jacobs adds that Obama is also tainted by “the suspicion early on that the White House, particularly early on, was pulling its punches out of deference and its war chest.”

Obama, in his campaign, claimed his White House would not be a haven for lobbyists or the high dollar influcent peddlers that have controlled Washington for decades but the $994,765 in contributions from Goldman’s PAC and its employees is the largest from any single business entity.

Obama dismisses the Goldman contributions as “meaningless,” saying his campaign got “lots of money from lots of people.”

Which could mean he is owned by more special interests than just Goldman Sachs.

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16 thoughts on “Did Goldman-Sachs buy the Obama White House?”

  1. Don’t look too closely at the revolving door or the Chameleons spinning inside it’s confines GL, it only serves to make one dizzy and disoriented.

  2. Let me make sure I understand this

    The SEC just brought up Goldman Sachs on charges by a 3-2 vote, with the two Republican members of the board voting no.

    And now you allege that Goldman Sachs has bought out the White House?

    I must be missing something.

  3. Arnold says the trough has been fouled beyond recognition and soon cannibalism will be the order of the day. It’s been reported he will go lightly into his twilight years as a vegan.

  4. The only way will have any meaningful oversight over Wall street is if Arnold Ziffel is brought into the fore (I think Bryan will back me up on this)

  5. Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. You claim Sachs bought the ability to dictate presidential policy by contributing less than 0.167% (that’s 0.00167) of the money that went into Obama’s campaign? And that this is the reason Sachs is being hauled into court now and being publicly embarrassed by the SEC? Right. If that’s not fruitcake logic, I don’t know what is. Good luck crossing the street without getting run over, mister.

    • Thanks Stratocaster for the link. I’m sure DejaVuAllover will enjoy it too. : )

      The article references a door guard that weighs 21 stone. One stone equals 14 lbs. Stone measurement is a quaint English measurement from the days of “Braveheart”. So the biker, now guard weighs out at 294 lbs.

      How do you take out a 294 lb bruiser with sleeve tats, who jiggles with a copious amount of body fat over muscle? Simple. Large men have exceptionally stressed; ie., weak knee joints due to their ponderous body weight, so a swift side or straight kick to the knee cap/s will crumple them to the ground, the rest of the job only needing something handy from a desktop, room decor or anything else that’s necessary over their gourd. Either incidental or beyond that all that’s needed is a couple of burly U.S. Marshal’s with a search warrant and a court order to kick the door.

      I find it ever so enjoyable that these links to he mob, high level corporate scum and crimpols are coming to light. Hopefully we are slowly but surely moving into a new age of “enlightenment” concerning ethical business practices.

      The benefits of taking out Goldman Sachs and their ilk far exceed keeping them in financial power over this nation and world markets. Make no mistake Goldman is a T-Rex in the financial community. Maybe they’ve finally met their asteroid incoming, insuring their summary extinction. A healthy, publicly supported marketplace sans “bubbles” will take this nation and its people a lot further into the 21st century than simply doing business Goldman style, as usual.

      Carl Nemo **==

  6. The Obama Administration™ being influenced by copious campaign contribtions™ from Goldman Sachs creating a conflict of interest™ Are you F*ing™ Kidding®

  7. Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex are one and the same. Eisenhower warned us about those people. Americans are so slow to catch on.

  8. Ah, well at least one promised was kept. In this instance at least, the Obama administration is transparent. 🙂

  9. Wall Street has owned Washington for years. The Bush family made its money in investment banking. Just look into the dealings of Dubya’s Grandpappy Prescott and all of the pieces of the puzzle will begin to fall in place.

  10. The list of Goldman Alumi, past and present, should tell us the answer to the headline title of this column.

  11. Souled out ?
    Brings to mind the story of The Devil and Daniel Webster.
    Where is that confounded tree ?

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