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Monday, May 20, 2024

Geithner claims economy growing ‘faster than expected’

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (AP)

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (GYT’-nur) says the economy is growing faster than the Obama administration expected.

He tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the country is on the way to sustained job creation. But he acknowledges that unemployment may remain high, close to 10 percent.

Geithner says there’s more confidence in the business world, and he says the private sector is growing. He also says people are spending more.

He said he sees encouraging signs that should make Americans confident the country will emerge stronger.

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3 thoughts on “Geithner claims economy growing ‘faster than expected’”

  1. Hey Timmy, I think you should read Phil’s piece on certainty.

    Obama must have had pretty low expectations. I like how “not as bad as suspected” is now synonymous with good news. Oh, we just raped you a little less this month – just a half hour this time. Arntcha happy?

  2. This is such good news coming from Mr. Geitner. We are so excited, that we are
    going right now and spend our money on anything just to help the economy recover.
    Woops….we almost forgot….we don’t have any money. We don’t have a job.
    Banks are failing. Our national debt keeps rising. Unemployment is actually about
    21%. Foreclosures continue. Large banks are not lending; they are hoarding $$$
    waiting for the next bubble to burst. There are millions of families struggling to put
    adequate food on the table. Almost 600,000 small businesses failed in 2008-09.
    Millions of Americans have serious credit card debt, and so on and so on.
    But I guess we should believe in Mr. Geitner. After all, he is the nation’s
    Secretary of the Teasury.
    Good luck, America.

    • I nominate CP Smith for Secretary of the Treasury!

      (I just don’t know why… maybe in chapter two he will reveal all the answers?)

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