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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Tea Party wraps up road show with Washington stop

Salin Palin: The mouth that bored (AP)

The three-week long cross-country tour by the Tea Party, the fake “grassroots” organization that fronts for organized right-wing causes, ends on Tax Day today in Washington — the town the movement loves to hate.

Missing from the staged events will be Tea Party darling Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor and failed Republican Vice Presidential candidate has headlined many events in the tour but will not among the featured speakers at the 11 a.m. rally in Washington, DC.

The protesters opened their tour in Nevada three weeks ago.

Radio host Neal Boortz is among the listed speakers for the finale in Washington.

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6 thoughts on “Tea Party wraps up road show with Washington stop”

  1. From

    I am aware of concerns and confusion about an apparent alignment of Grassroots in Nebraska with the Republican Party and AFP (Americans for Prosperity) to organize a Tea Party event on April 15. Please be assured that Grassroots in Nebraska will stay committed to being a truly grassroots group of Nebraska citizens committed to a return to a Constitutional, limited government. When we organize a Tea Party, we will abide by the no political party, no politician policy we’ve had since the beginning.

    It continues:

    One might wonder why this effort is being undertaken – why advertise our event for us if we have a rightful permit to use the location and they do not?

    Because, according to the Capitol Commission and direct report from one of the planners, the GOP and AFP will be holding their event across the street from the Capitol on the Centennial Mall. They seem convinced they can capture the crowd prior to or on top of our event and then lure them away from the area completely by offering free food, free drinks, and a movie.

    I hope they have a lower opinion of the average Tea Party goer than is reality.

    In addition to the blatantly false advertising, blatant ignoring of admonishments and instructions by a a state agency, and blatantly offering freebies and lures, a number of tactics – besides the ones that are already obvious – have been attempted to get Grassroots in Nebraska to give up or share the steps with the GOP and AFP.

  2. Oh Bullshit, woody. I just attended a tea party here and the same things that were expressed at my first one were expressed today: smaller govt, lower taxes, represent the interests of the people.

    Take your conspiracy theories and shove them you know where.

    • Just means your first Tea Party was after the take over.

      Where should conspiracies be shoved Andy? Do tell…

  3. Tea Parties were started by real grassroots, mostly Campaign for Liberty members and Ron Paul supporters. They were co-opted by a desperate Republican Party in an attempt to gain some ground back from Democrats. The Republicans threw money around and changed the message causing the nascent movement to flounder. Then chowder heads like Palin latched on and marginalized the movement to the fringe where it is now ridiculed and scorned. The conspiracy theory here is it was done on purpose because the Tea Parties (protest rallies) represented a real threat to the 2-party system and had to be shutdown by the powers that be. Why else would Palin still be around?

    The original Tea Party goals were smaller government, fewer taxes, and ending the wars. The Campaign for Liberty still reaches for these goals.

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