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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Nuke’ em ’till they glow; shoot ’em in the dark

Sen. Joe Lieberman wants to bomb Iran back into the Stone Age.

Stupid idea. Osama bin Laden lives in a cave and look at the trouble he can cause from there. Turning a militant nation like Iran into cave men and women might create yet another primitive fighting force that's too strong for the self-professed greatest military power on earth.

Sen. Joe Lieberman wants to bomb Iran back into the Stone Age.

Stupid idea. Osama bin Laden lives in a cave and look at the trouble he can cause from there. Turning a militant nation like Iran into cave men and women might create yet another primitive fighting force that's too strong for the self-professed greatest military power on earth.

Lieberman gets most of his battle scenarios from that other great military strategist in Washington: George W. Bush. Neither have much of a record when it comes to fighting Stone Age cultures.

Maybe we should let Iran become the world's next nuclear power. We have a better track record fighting nations with sophisticated weaponry. It's the insurgents with used AK-47s and home made bombs that we can't seem to defeat.

Absurd? Of course it is but absurdity is all we have left in this Twilight Zone era. After more than a half-trillion dollars and 3,509 American lives (as of this morning), this country is still losing a war against a makeshift army using hit and run techniques that date back centuries.

So now a wing nut "independent" Senator wants to expand our fighting front and take on a new war in Iran. Why not? We're losing in Afghanistan. We're losing in Iraq. Why not make it three in a row?

Our military resources are stretched so thin that war-weary soldiers face third and fourth involuntary deployments in a war that has already sapped them physically and mentally. We've asked them to do the impossible time and time again. What's one more military debacle? What's another 3,500 lives? What's another wound on the dead carcass that is the soul of this nation?

America's vaunted military machine, like the nation it represents, is a wheezing, bloated, inefficient, scandal-ridden mess – incapable of overcoming its own inertia, devoid of strategic thinking and bankrupt from its own waste, fraud and abuse. It sends soldiers into the field with inadequate training, inadequate equipment and inadequate protection.

Back in America, states face oncoming hurricane and tornado seasons without available National Guard forces to help in emergencies because Bush sent them off to fight in his failed wars.

We can't fight the wars we have now and Lieberman wants to add another conflict to the mix?

God help us.

Oh, I forgot.

God only talks to George W. Bush.

26 thoughts on “Nuke’ em ’till they glow; shoot ’em in the dark”

  1. Yeah, I think it’s time to call for some back-up since our own military is out doing the bidding of avarcious drones who don’t do their job (representing U.S. voters) and refuse to admit their folly and resign gracefully; Is the Australian army busy right now?

    We may have to call them collect to come save what’s left of this once great nation.

  2. Joe, to my mind, doesn’t represent our interests but those of Israel. To learn the real truth about Israel, an academic library is almost required. From Israel’s inception in the mind of Herzl, a secular Jew who loved German culture, to the fruition of the state of Israel, the roots of Zionism are not representative of true Judaism. And now we find out that Israel is not really our friend–we are more like her errand boy. For a great resource about Zionism put together by true Torah Jews I highly recommend this site to Doug’s fans:

  3. What happened to that? People sent you money. Anything to report? Somebody asked you about it awhile back. You had a vague answer and the guy told you fair enough. Is there anything on the site besides the click to donate thing? That’s hard to see with this current layout.

    So what’s up with the grassroots thing and people’s donations?

    This is the second time around anyway, isn’t it?

  4. I remember when Israel became an independent nation. It was designed to be a Jewish Nation. There was never a question about this and America was behind their endeavor.

    I’m an American Atheist and have respect for this Jewish nation as it is exactly as it was planned. Little influence can touch Israel and I wish America had the strength to say the same.

    I was 68 years old before I realized that America was a Christian nation. This infuriated me as I had read the Constitution that America was based on individual freedoms including religion. The problem was that Americans were impervious to collective groups who try to influence our standards. It took a new movement from the religious right to bring down these freedoms and millions of us are fighting it.

    If Israel wants to believe they operate under a divine mandate, so what? I’m more concerned that Americans believe our nation exists for Christians only.

    Do you honestly believe that Israel could exist a single day if it became Christian or Islamic?

  5. Any kind of violent popular insurrection would do nothing more than give the neocon cryptofascists the opening they want for the institution of martial law.

  6. Why is it that the people who are the most convinced that Israel operates under some kind of divine mandate are frequently also the people who have the greatest fear of it being destroyed, and who yell the loudest about the need to protect it?

  7. But in many quarters I am hearing more and more commentary leading me to believe that grassroots violence is on more and more peoples’ minds. I have a feeling that the neocons (today’s democrats and republicans) are going to keep on pushing their despicable globalist elitist agenda until mass violence erupts, seemingly spontaneously, in many locations. Keep your pantries fully stocked and your powder dry.

  8. There are certain individuals commenting here from Laramie and other places that so love and trust The Government, and police, that they want to take all of our guns from us and leave us to the tender mercies of those who, have been proven repeatedly to have none!

    I’m with you, Paolo!! But, let’s string ’em up in the woods where they won’t stink as bad when they rot! Buzzards gotta eat, same as crows!

    Stoney Browning

  9. So, you all thought the Neocons only dealt with republicans? Get ready–when the Dems take over next year, the Neocons will be ready to lead them by the nose, too.

    Does anyone sense just a little hypocrisy in the United States, with thousands of nuclear weapons, and Israel, with possibly a hundred, screaming about “international law” because Iran might some day, years from now, acquire ONE such weapon?

    Another example of lying hypocrisy: accusing Iran of violating “international law” by allegedly training Iraqi soldiers to resist the occupation, when the occupation itself was illegal according to international law! (Unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation–a crime for which we hanged the Nuremberg defendants).

    We need to grab our guns and pitchforks, march on Washington, arrest these criminals and hang them from the nearest lampposts.

  10. Spot-on commentary Doug…!

    What’s really tragic is that it’s another Monday morning and “we the people” have to suffer another day with the likes of Lieberman and his kin in the Whitehouse, the Senate, and the House. Bush, Cheney, Lieberman, McCain and a host of other irresponsible bullies all talk tough and create havoc as long as they aren’t the one’s having to fight from house to house in a cesspool such as Bagdhad, Kabul, Kosovo, or wherever else in the world that there’s continual mindless bloodshed.

    All of this activity can in someway be traced back to our CIA, DIA, NSA and other MIC sponsored agencies who are constantly creating and stirring up zones of conflict for the benefit of the shadowy money guys. They are all elitist, sociopaths and for folks to give them credit for having any semblance of humanity puts this once great nation at risk of becoming nothing but a footnote of history.

    If the people of Connecticut were smart they’d make an effort to recall this mattoid Lieberman rather than give him another five years of he driving them and the rest of us nuts with his idiotic screed that continually issues from his duplicit lips!

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Well well, one stupid remark by a Jewish Senator and out come all the anti-Jewish commentaries. Those of aliases are, as usual, the most vociferous. Cowards hide behind a pseudonym and are afraid to be seen in their real guise, sort of like KKK members with their holey sheets. No guts.
    Call Lieberman whatever you want to, it won’t account for the fact that he is just plain wrong. The entire Iraq conflict is wrong, and we act as if we learned nothing from Vietnam.
    The fact is that a people fighting for their own country IN their own country cannot be defeated. Over a long period they will wear out the agressor/invader and will win the conflict. We saw that happen in Vietnam, I don’t know why we keep ignoring our lesson which cost over 50,000 American lives.
    Wait, that’s not true. I do know why. We are in the grasp of an evil demonic pair, Bush & Cheney. Their greed is the same kind of force that got us into the Vietnam conflict, which in Vietnam was the military/industrial complex we always hear about. Bush and Cheney are personally becoming billionaires from the war in Iraq, and Bush intends to lock us in there so he can continue to reap many millions of dollars for the years to come. If we let him do this, we will be paying the price for a long, long time.
    Iran is another situation. Potentially a nuclear disaster waiting to happen. I’d like to think that Lieberman is farsighted and wants us to start a small border conflict with Iran that can be escalated into a bombing of the nuclear facilities that are being developed there. I’d like to, but I don’t believe that is the case. I don’t really know his motives. If they are, as many rational and irrational people believe, to keep Israel safe, so what? Israel has always consistently been a friend to the United States, unlike ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST! Hell, they are our friends, they deserve our support.
    They do not, however, deserve that the USA should go to war to avoid Israel getting bombed or rocketed. Only the USA deserves that protection, and if I sound like an isolationist,so be it. I’m not, and I believe that we have a place among the world’s nations and that we have a responsibility to stand for honor and integrity. We used to do that. We don’t anymore. False arrests, false proclamations of dangers, secret prisons, denial of due process, abrogation of the legal rights of our citizens, and a false war have impuned our honor and degraded our integrity to the point that they may be forever destroyed. This is our president’s and vice-president’s legacy. Although they too supported Israel, I don’t see anyone calling Bush “Jew Lover” or any other pro-Jewish derrogatory names. Why not? He is doing the same thing that Lieberman called for. He just did it in the false name of Homeland Security. So Lieberman is a coward and a Jew Lover and has sold us out for Israel’s sake. Damn! Why aren’t these bigots calling church-going Christians “Christ-Suck-Ups” or even “Crusaders”? I don’t ever hear gentiles being villified because they go to church, or profess love of Jesus Christ even if they never really respect or practice his teachings. I think that’s called a “double standard.”
    But back to the war in Iraq… I see the NY Times has a headline that reads: “U.S. Arming Sunnis in Iraq to Battle Old Qaeda Allies.” Well, we don’t have to worry about the “Surge” anymore. We have just begun to endorse the murder of our own troops. We did this before in Iraq when we supported Saadam Hussein and in Afghanistan when we supported the Taliban. Both those actions came back to bite us very hard in the ass. Arming Sunnis is another stupid act, but it will keep the gun manufacturers going and going and going. It will also keep our fighting men and women smack dab in the gunsights of the enemy.
    We need to get out of Iraq and out of Afghanistan. All we are doing now is setting up scenarios where our troops will continue to be murdered. We are not accomplishing anything other than that.
    When will we ever learn???

  12. I noticed that you and everyone else forgot the other 2 nuclear bomb countries- India and Pakistan. The fact that it is these 2 countries who will probably start a war(with nukes) because of what England did in the nineteenth century. BTW, isn’t it interesting that England, if one goes back far enough, is the direct cause of many wars and problems thruout the world. England is the one who made up the country of Iraq out of 3 warring groups back in the 1920’s. England is also responsible for both transjordan, and just how Israel was created. They are also responsible for the current state of affairs in India,Pakistan, and Bangladesh, 3 countries where there used to be one. They have a lot to atone for, that is if the US doesn’t start WWIII as a result of hubris, and ivory tower(neocon) thinking.

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