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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Democrat image sinks to record low


The American public now views the Democratic Party as the problem, not the solution, and the image of the party of the donkey has fallen to a new low.

A USA Today/Gallup poll released Wednesday says the image of the Democratic Party fell to 41 percent in late March, the lowest rating for Democrats since Gallup began tracking party images 18 years ago.

Republicans fare only slightly better, with a 42 percent rating, but the gap stood at 11 percent in September of last year and the large advantage once held by Democrats has vanished.

Says Gallup:

The images of the two major parties have particular significance in a midterm election year. For example, the favorable rating of the Democratic Party exceeded that of the Republican Party by 52% to 37% just prior to the 2006 midterm elections, in which the Democrats gained 31 House seats.

Americans’ current 41% favorable rating of the Democratic Party is five points lower than the party’s previous low, recorded twice in 2005.

By contrast, the Republican Party’s image reached its all-time low of 31% in December 1998 — just after the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Bill Clinton. The Republicans’ current rating is improved from a pair of 34% ratings Gallup measured in late 2008 and in May 2009.

Anyway you slice it, the news is not good for Democrats.

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4 thoughts on “Democrat image sinks to record low”

  1. So we can logically burn it down for fertilizer ?

    Yes my sons and daughters,
    we don’t crawl in the box,
    we build it.

    With doo wop sha doo woo, guess who’s representing who?
    One begs to ask whence ours is written in stone and blood,
    the American dream for themselves, who say they lead ?

    Not on your life if you are thinking of ever being close to pseudo royalty,
    the boat left,
    sunk in the harbor.

    One single slice of humble pie, and a larger than life bite of Crow has met it’s master at grade school 101 D.C.

  2. Outsourcing war will be the next great money maker { already happening some just don’t realize it’s ” our blood and guts ” } with the continuing fog of domestic dumbassitude at it’s zenith.
    The sky is the limit and the size of the enclosure containable as the ” single ” two forces of stupidity wage open war as twins of their bent and tired revolution.

    Sold, and resold by bi-fartisinship, a smell that wafts over and soothes the savage breast.

    Ambush by frontal assault, unrecognized in it’s nature and form by the common man Griff.

    Where is, that confounded box ?

  3. When neither “major” party can muster half the people to see them as being favorable, why isn’t a third party viable?

    Because the duopoly doesn’t allow it to be with the help of complicit media like USA Today/Gallup, NYTimes, and ABCNNBCBS and FOX. Trust the corporate media, be played like a corporate stooge. It’s up to you.

    • Because when push comes to shove, we’re too afraid to step outside the box and take a chance on something different or new – change?!

      My question is – when and how did America become so afraid of freedom?

      It’s embarrassing.

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