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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Domestic terror a real threat to America


Sen. Joe Lieberman: Domestic terror a 'real and present danger' (AP)

Domestic terrorism is a “real and growing danger” to America, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee said on “Meet the Press” Sunday.

Connecticut independent Sen. Joe Lieberman cited extreme, incendiary and too often racist rhetoric as examples of what he and other Senators see as an increasing threat.

Said Lieberman:

The threat has definitely escalated. The level of discourse about our politics and about our country are so extreme and so incendiary that if you’re dealing with people who may, may not be clicking on all cylinders and, and may have vulnerabilities personally, there’s a danger that they’re going to do what this group of militia planned to do this week. The FBI is on top of this. That’s why, through good work and informants, they stopped this Hutaree group before they had a chance to do what they wanted to do.

The FBI busted Huturee, a self-styled “Christian militia” that planned to start a new American revolution by killing police officers and then upping the carnage by bombing the funerals.

A report released last year noted a significant rise in domestic militias and hate groups, fueled by anger at government and racism towards America’s first African-American President.

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22 thoughts on “Domestic terror a real threat to America”

  1. Even the most guarded thought cannot be hidden from any form of human indignity before, lo and behold,
    the next umbrage takes it’s place as fact.

  2. My apologies to readers and to Carl Nemo for losing my temper this morning because of a link posted to a white supremacist site that I consider to be a source of hate and bigotry. I closed the comments to this thread. That was a mistake. The thread has been reopened.

    • Thank you Doug,
      ” Get them in the tent, pissing out “. Abraham Lincoln.

      Pop used to say if it’s got teeth it can bite, make sure your shoes are on tight.

    • Thanks Doug for the public apology and opening the thread again. I had no idea that the .pdf doc supplied by SolarGeneral ; evidently an organization that has a history of racism, bigotry, and rabid anti-semitism along with the now defunct were linked to such activity. In my eagerness to post the material I didn’t expand my research; also failing to do a background check concerning the source.

      I’ll surely be more careful concerning the quality and veracity of any supporting links that I supply in the future.

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. A report released last year noted a significant rise in domestic militias and hate groups, fueled by anger at government and racism towards America’s first African-American President.

    Let me guess, this unnamed report is the MIAC report: “The Modern Militia Movement” that has been retracted and discredited again and again and again.

    It seems Doug has returned to the quiet slumber of the Matrix. What’s next, polar bears floating on icebergs and a return to the promotion of Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory?

    • Wow, I just realized that Hutaree were mentioned on page 6 of that MIAC report. Now that is just too much of a coincidence no?

    • There’s an old rule for research that says “when you assume something, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

      Your assumption was wrong. I was referring to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s report from August of last: The Second Wave: Return of the Militias.” The report is linked to in the article.

      Nice try, but if you want to take me on you had better bring more than a knife to a gun fight.

      • Although Southern Poverty Law Center was simply used as a reference concerning “The Second Wave: Return of the Militias”, I thought folks might enjoy reading about this faux do-gooder org. I’ve sent contributions to it in past years, but once discovering its true mission; ie., the making of bucks as first priority over principle, I ceased doing so.

        (link removed by site admin: We do not allow links to racist, white supremacist or Antisemitic web sites.)

        Just because they are publicly fighting what seems to be a good cause doesn’t elevate such entities to that of saints and angels. Beware of money hungry, wolfish “do-gooders” in politically expedient sheep’s clothing. / : |

        Woody188 may have made a mistake concerning your source with reference to militias, but SPLC is not what it seems and admits to having become an intel wing for national law enforcement. So pumping out an enforcement friendly product is no doubt their prime in house directive.

        Carl Nemo **==

        • And another excellent debate tactic rears its ugly head:

          Kill the messenger.

          I read the SPLC report and found nothing inaccurate in its facts.

        • Carl:

          Please do not ever, again, post a link here to a hate site like It is not welcome here and I have removed the link. A web site that features a “library of White Self-Directed Evolution; the core of the White Liberation and Self-Determination Movement” or promotes anti-Semitic tripe like an article which the site claims “accurately predicts the upcoming struggle between jewish manipulation and Aryan self-preservation.”

          The self-proclaimed mission of is ” to build the largest White Internationalist archive in the world.” They proclaim themselves as:
          “Finally! A Kosher-Free News Media!”

          FYI, the web site quoted in the article you posted ( went offline after several researchers found their articles were complete fabrications. A Nexis search for the articles cited in the article found they do not exist.

          (Edited after I cooled down. My apologies for losing my temper)

      • Had a nice reply, hit a wrong button, not gonna bother. You want to place your reputation with the SPLC, be my guest.

  4. One only has to look at the theft of our American future, especially by those who purport to represent us, to understand the vitriol of the many who are undoubtedly being labeled as domestic terrorists in order to insulate against both their rhetoric and recruitment of other Americans who continue to sleep.

    The neverending war, the fiscal bankruptcy of our govt and its citizenry by the criminal bankers and their Federal political stooges, the trampling of civil rights and constitutional guarantees by our Executive branch and Congress, the failure to protect against the onslaught of illegals that overrun our country, and now the “change we can believe in” of remaking our Republic into a Socialist Democracy headed for an insignificant role in a burgeoning world government controlled by the other countries that we have been mortgaged to.

    And what is the thrust of the argument here??? That the citizens who have had enough and are speaking out are somehow the ones to blame for it all.

    I suppose that could be true if trust in those who have been elected to represent us is the measure of blame.

    • Ha. Nailed it again.

      The Bush Gang intimidated with accusations of being soft on terror, terrorist sympathizers, and dangerously un-patriotic if you dared question his policies.

      Now, as forecast, the Obama Gang intends to intimidate with accusations of racism, bigotry and not only being terrorist sympathizers, but taking it one step further – full-fledged terrorists.

  5. The U.S. Government is more of a threat to the citizens than is domestic terror.

    They’ll make up anything to keep the citizens living in fear.

    • Yet another example of meaningful debate:

      When one has no argument resort to screaming loudly about how they are all out to get you, making baseless statements intended to frighten others.

      • Perhaps you could show us one day what meaningful debate looks like? Haven’t seen much from you.

        By the way, where’s our self-appointed CHB watchdog? Hey Bill, I thought you were gonna keep this site safe from posters attacking others. Oh, that must mean only those you dislike. My bad.

        • Hey Guardhouse – I beg that you ponder this as it pertains to your response to Ranter…

          Since American foreign policy is the driver for terrorism, would it stand to reason that indeed our government, in carrying out this uber-aggressive foreign policy, puts every American both here and abroad at risk of being targeted? How many politicians died on 9/11, and how many civilians?

      • Yo Guardhouse lawyer,

        I’ve noticed you keep grinding your axe concerning meaningful debate on this site. If you’ve come here to debate then you’ve found the wrong venue. This site as demonstrated over time is simply an “opinion based” news forum.

        We’ve had site members in the past that have operated as you; ie. one Gazelle 1929. In parsing your pattern of writing and thought processes I’m beginning to believe you are that entity having come back as G-lawyer.

        So rather than jumping every post to this site with your sour accusations you need to “launch” some meaningful debate our way…no?

        Mr. McClellan referred to Senator Joe Lieberman as a “pusillanimous pimple”

        Let’s break this down for your edification.

        def: pusillanimous
        Lacking courage; cowardly.

        def 6: pimple “Urban Dictionary”
        Someone with an irritating character. An individual who is on the verge of being annoying. Just like a pimple is on ones face, perfectly harmless but can mess up your day any second.

        Although I’m not one to attack someone based on their physical appearance it seems that Senator Lieberman has suffered from a case of scarring acne in his youth although I don’t think Bryan was referring to him in that sense, but that of the “Urban Dictionary” def: 6.

        He also seems to lack courage jumping from party to party and from one side of an issue to another all to further his personal agenda which to me would class him as a politically expedient coward.

        So although you don’t care for Bryan’s description of the man it seems to be very succinct and to the point concerning the Senator relative to him personally and his modus operandi as a U.S. Senator. / : |

        Carl Nemo **==

    • Another example of meaningful debate: When one has no argument resort to alliterative vituperation.

    • Only the most pitifully uninformed and childishly contentious would argue that ole dual citizenship Lieberman has any worth as a statesman.
      Read all about it before poking me with your outhouse shtick..

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