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Saturday, June 22, 2024

So much hate, so little reason

Texas Tea Party leader Dale Robertson

In 2008, I sat with a group of local government officials in a Georgia city and listened to some of them predict that if Barack Obama won the Presidential election, he would be assassinated before ever taking office.

“There’s no way the racists and extreme right-wing will let him serve a day as President,” said one. “It won’t happen.”

I’ve thought about that conversation many times over the last year-and-a-half. Their certainty that Obama would never be allowed to take office bothered me. No one at the table advocated killing a candidate for President for office. They just took it for granted that it would happen.

It didn’t happen, but Obama’s election and first year as President has brought an increase in activity by extremists, hate groups and self-styled “patriots” and anger against the American government.

The recent arrests of a ragtag group of “Christian militia” members, who called themselves “Hutaree,” on charges they planned to start a new American revolution by killing cops and then bombing the funerals to increase the carnage highlights the rising level of hate in this nation.

Anti-homosexual sign

The Tea Party racists who screamed “nigger” at African-American congressmen and “faggot” and “homo” at openly-gay Rep. Barney Frank underscore the vitriol that flows through the inflamed veins of political rhetoric.

The cowardly domestic terrorists who cut a propane line at the home of a Congressman’s brother in Virginia or hurl a brick with a threat attached through the glass door of a New York Congressman’s district office are defended by the self-righteous right as purveyors of free speech.

While I understand some of the anger that Americans feel over what is happening in the country, I don’t understand the hate nor will I ever condone violence as a political tool.

Others also need to understand that I do not tolerate hate on this web site nor do I turn the other cheek when some direct their hate at me or my family.

At Tea Party rallies, racism starts young

I receive, on average a half-dozen threats a day via email or voice mail. A reader of my local blog and one who thinks Sarah Palin should be President got in my face the other day on the street of my hometown. He threw the first punch but didn’t get a chance to land a second. A good dentist should be able to make a bridge to replace his missing teeth but he will have to wait until his jaw heals.

Those who issue threats and advocate violence are usually cowards who hide behind anonymous screen names or send unsigned missives through email or just leave them in your mailbox.

The few stupid enough to get in my face and take a swing will go down and will need medical attention.

I don’t start fights but I know how to to end them.

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41 thoughts on “So much hate, so little reason”

  1. FYI, Alcee Hastings has few scruples and would be just the sort of person to introduce FEMA camp legislation. He is a senior Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence so he is one of the few that could actually bring such a bill to the floor. He actually can be bought fairly cheap, just $150,000 1980’s dollar money. Cheap by any standard.

    Alcee Hastings, Bribery, and the House Intelligence Committee I guess I don’t hold folks impeached for corruption (bribery) and perjury in as high esteem as Guardhouse lawyer, but that’s just me. I figure this man will do just about anything for money.

    • It is hard for me to imagine a black person’s taking any steps to inflict concentration camps upon the US, regardless of anything else in his past.

      And I did read the flipping manual about the civilian convict’s labor camps. You apparently did not choose to understand that that is something entirely different, authorizing military bases to use people convicted in civilian courts as a labor force. To equate that with a concentration camp is an example of very muddled thinking, in my opinion.

  2. For months leading up to the healthcare vote, my representative here in the 24th district of New York, Michael Arcuri (D), promised he would vote the will of his constituents. We overwhelmingly opposed this bill and let him no in no uncertain terms.

    He shall be replaced come November, as promised.

    • Oops…Sorry Michael, read the wrong roll call vote. As promised, you voted your constituents’ will. I may just vote for your again this time around. We’ll see how you do on cap-enslave and immigration.

  3. Would that message be ?
    Enough stupidity ,
    then we might focus,
    on unending war ?

    ” I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind. ”
    Thomas Jefferson…

    All I hear is lameness everywhere.
    Sure we’ll ” bringum home. ”
    Even if it’s in the bag ?
    Got one to top that ?

    No reason, to listen a little harder ?

  4. Yes indeed Woody – but I did take pleasure in the following altercation:

    Once again in the days of my youth I found myself challenged. This time I was minding my own business (waiting for a friend) standing outside the pub just after closing time. Unfortunatley I made eye contact with some galoot who took it as an opportunity to fight.

    He shaped and threw an easily avoidable punch; it was obvious he couldn’t fight for shit. I now kne my enemy but it was obvious he had help. Standing behind him in anticioation were his four stupid mates.

    I didn’t fancy taking on five so Sun Tsu came to my resue. He who knows himeself and knows the enemy will win every encounter. It is always best to win the battle without firing a shot etc.

    By now the crowd had gathered around waiting for me to retaliate; I avoided another careless punch.

    I decided it was time to make my move so I pointed my finger directly at the galoot’s face and looking him directly in his eyes propositioned him (in a very loud and direct voice) to a one on one out in the carpark – “and no witnesses”. Come on I repeated: “you and me and no witnesses.”

    The galoot’s eyes dropped to the deck as he about faced and disappeared into a crowd. His mates sniggered at him, one actually looked at me and grinned in a friendly manner.

    No long after a stranger came up to me and said: I enjoyed that.

    So did Sun Tsu I thought.

  5. BTW many years ago I put a guy in hospital for attacking me by surprise. I made a mess of him but have never talked about it, and have never felt any satisfaction whatsoever.

    • I agree, never taken pleasure from it. It’s terrifying and unpleasant and really no one “wins” because both usually get busted up and incarcerated.

  6. Violence is exactly what the neocons / zioniosts / rightists want. They’re looking for any excuse they can find to start using FEMA’s concentration camps, if they haven’t already.

    • Bullshit. There are no FEMA concentration camps. That is the sort of unadulterated bullshit that sends the right wing boobies off the deep end into full-blown fits of groundless paranoia. All you are spouting is the conspiracy theory lunatics’ line of lies. Please stop taking us for fools enough to buy into that crap.

        • Sec.1 The, NECEA.

          Sec.2 Paragraph 4

          Can we give a cheer for the S.H.S. as he or she meets appropriate need determined by threat for our own good ?

          Dumb asses deliberate and wait for the next horror show, all the while talking themselves into the lead of a closed show.

          There will be no, all, all, in free !
          Red rover has every chicken in the coop hypnotized.
          A very few got out ahead of time to be swept up the Wabash..

          Going up river, as Pop always said, ” keeps ones boots cleaner.”

          • The bill cited above as proof of the existence of FEMA concentration camps was introduced in the House in 2009. It was referred to committee and has not seen the light of day since then. It was introduced by Alcee Hastings, who is perhaps the last person in Congress one would think capable of suggesting concentration camps.

            Jesus Christ, people. Read the Flipping Manual. Get a grip on reality. Stop for a second or two and put your brains in gear. There is no statute calling for anything like a concentration camp. There are no concentration camps. All there is out there is PARANOIA! This feeding on one another’s fears is an example of mass psychosis.

            If, after a careful examination of the facts, you still believe that they are all out to get you I suggest you consult a competent professional.

  7. The term “Christian militia” intrigues me; if it were Muslims planning to do violent stuff we would call them terrorists, would we not?

  8. Yo Bill,

    I’m glad you’re fit so you won’t burden Obamacare in the future, but your pride concerning you are quick to use your fists makes me question your sensibility.

    I don’t know what area of the country you reside, but if you conduct yourself like that in my area you’ll be wearing an orange suit picking up trash aside of the road in a NY minute. Oh, you’ve already mentioned you’ve done six rounds in county stir.

    “if I’m not provoked you have nothing to fear from me” …extract from post

    It must be hell going through life confused as to whether you’re a man or a rottweiler. / : |

    I suspect you are sufferiing from IED; ie, Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Here’s a link.

    Possibly Effexor XR will help. Consult with your physician. I’m not joking either and suggest this as someone who’s concerned. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    p.s. I owe you an apology for calling you “Bluto” in one of my posts the other day. I realize now with your post of today that it was cruel remark. You need help.

  9. “He threw the first punch but didn’t get a chance to land a second. A good dentist should be able to make a bridge to replace his missing teeth but he will have to wait until his jaw heals.” …extract from commentary

    This is truly a stunning revelation. I remember about a month ago someone on this site made a somewhat innocuous comment to one of your posts that you took as an insult and you told him that you have breakfast every morning at the Blue Ridge restaurant/cafe in Floyd and he was welcome to come for a meet, but be prepared to be served a fist sandwich or something to that effect and a comment about the need for dental care…!?

    He apologized for what seemed to me to be nothing. I tried to find the post, but I believe it occurred prior to your old CMS crashing.

    “The few stupid enough to get in my face and take a swing will go down and will need medical attention.

    I don’t start fights but I know how to to end them.” …extract from commentary


    I know you’re 62 Doug, myself 65, but the last time I was in a fight was as a young man in the Navy. I’ve had confrontations through life, but was able to calm the assailant and the situation down. I’m blessed with a deep voice and have a presence so maybe that helps, but wow is all I can say. / : |

    It sounds like your neck of the woods solves a lot of their issues with their fists and not their brains. I have no idea why they would be confronting or threatening you or your family. Of course we haven’t met personally. I’ve only heard you speak once on a televised interview between you and I believe someone from the Daily Kos or some other opinion site. You were calm to the point that I thought you were going to fall asleep while the other younger guy was quite a noisome, motormouth.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Carl said;

      “I remember about a month ago someone on this site made a somewhat innocuous comment to one of your posts that you took as an insult and you told him that you have breakfast every morning at the Blue Ridge restaurant/cafe in Floyd and he was welcome to come for a meet, but be prepared to be served a fist sandwich or something to that effect and a comment about the need for dental care…!?”

      I see that Doug and I have very similar personalities. I’m 60 years old and have had my share of confrontations thru my life. It’s in my nature I guess. You see I’ve been a motorcyclist my entire adult life. At 60 I’m fit as a fiddle (thank God cause I can’t afford the cost of health care) and I will not take shit from even the biggest 21 year old. He’s on the ground quicker then you can spit, that I can assure you. I’ve been incarcerated six times in my life for kicking someones ass and it was well worth it. And yet, most of the time, if I’m not provoked you have nothing to fear from me, I’m a really nice fellow and a good dedicated friend that you can count on.

      Oh, and by the way, I too have a really deep voice.

  10. Belligerance (probly spelt rong) seems to trickle down from the top, beginning with the United States versus, apparently, the world. Violence as entertainment appears every night on television. The movies are full of violence. From the time we’re born we’re de facto taught that violence is the answer. Gangs form. Militias form. All of them resort to violence to “guard their turf”.

  11. Is it any wonder that politics has devolved to this? After all, isn’t this the way our “leaders” conduct our business throughout the world? With threats, bribery, coercion, and violence?

    Is it any wonder that some folks think that these are the only things our Political Class understands or responds to? They surely don’t respond to letters, phone calls and e-mails. The voting booth is an exercise in futility.

    A thousand to one opposed to the bankster bailout – and they pass it any way. How? With threats, bribery, and coercion.

    Roughly eighty percent opposed to Obamacare – and they pass it any way. How? With threats, bribery, and coercion.

    Business as usual.

    These poor, beleagured, righteous politicians!

  12. Bible-thumping trailer trash militias, thugs, con artists, grifters, conspiracy theorists….

    Quotes from your last couple of rants, Doug. When it comes to name-calling, you’ve got it pretty well covered yourself. Not that it isn’t mostly warranted mind you, and well within your right to say, but you should expect to be burnt yourself when fanning the flames.

    That’s not to say that violence or threats of violence is condonable or appropriate, but to ignore the media’s influence in stirring up emotions is like the proverbial kettle-and-pot scenario.

    The only ones that seem to be getting a pass these days are our illustrious politicians themselves, and their media whores that perpetuate the insanity. Just innocent bystanders, I guess. Just reporting the news in an objective, rational and adult manner, I presume.

    Since you like to quote Mencken, I’ll offer this one…

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and hence clamorous to be led to safety – and menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

  13. 1. Hutaree members were turned into the FBI by a Michigan militia member that also was a Muslim. Demonizing mainstream militias by comparing them to Hutaree is yellow journalism at best. There are also rumors that Hutaree might be a Mossad sponsored group.

    2. There is no evidence that anyone yelled “nigger” at an African-American congressmen and “faggot” and “homo” at Barny Frank or anyone and no evidence if it was yelled that it was a member of the Tea Party.

    Unless you can produce the video or audio where these events supposedly occurred, then it’s all hearsay and should be chalked up as media sensationalism for ratings and advertising dollars. Do you have any proof?

    I’m rather disappointed by the continued usage of these alleged events to further demonize law abiding citizens of our country that want nothing more than a return to the ultimate law of our land, the Constitution. This has to be your poorest work yet as it reads like propaganda and not journalism.

    It is one thing to be against hate, and quite another to promote that Tea Party members must be racist, and all Christian militias preach violence as a means of political change. You are fomenting rather than quelling hate by perpetuating these myths.

    • “mainstream militias”. You have got to be kidding.

      Just remember, all of us here at CHB support all of your rights, including your right to be blind to reality.

    • I think some of it is a matter of credibility … TPM has people carrying signs which suggest the sign carriers are racists and we must therefore conclude that since people in the movement do not denounce their fellow members as racists and not to carry such signs as being an offensive and ineffective approach to protestations, that they are as well at least tacit racists …. so the credibility issue is forced when a Congressman states something was said and there is apparently no direct evidence … which person is to be believed?

      Are we under an alternative Constitution? I just checked and yes we still live under the same Constitution my ancestors fought for, so there is no return to it … it is here and not lost … now if you disagree with the direction legislators and jurists have interpreted the Constitution then take it up with the Founders who in fact wrote it just so it had the flexibility to accommodate changes in the world … sorry it didn;t go your way

      Out of curiosity why would any group of people need a military arm in America unless it was to either protect themselves from the government or change said government? So if they are protecting themselves from the government what are they doing which requires the government to inspect their activities?

      Sorry but the facts speak for itself … there are definitely TPM members who are racists (my neighbor is one such person) and there are militia groups which are promoting the violent overthrow of our government …. these are facts not myths …. stating facts does not in any way promote hate

      • Show me the racist signs. If they exist, surely someone took a picture of it. You say they exist, where are they?

    • Woody, there were many witnesses to the confrontations on Capitol Hill. John Nichols of the Nation was walking with the Congressmen and reported what he saw and hear. Several videos have surfaced on YouTube and the Brave New World Film project that will be included in its upcoming documentary on racism in America.

      If your disappointed by the portrayal of Tea Party radicals on this web site you’re discomfort is just starting. I was present in the conference room on in Washington, DC, in 1984 when Citizens for a Sound Economy, the sham grassroots group that later became the Tea Party, was created. I know the roots of this organization and I will continue to expose them as racists, homophobes and bigots. I’ve added photos from Tea Party gatherings to the column above.

      No proof of racism within the Tea Party? Open your eyes man.

  14. “Those who issue threats and advocate violence are usually cowards who hide behind anonymous screen names or send unsigned missives through email or just leave them in your mailbox.”

    I too have received foul name calling here and on other sites as well as in my emails Doug and always from people who hide behind silly internet handles. When I have offered them my mailing address so that perhaps we may meet face to face to discuss our differences they simply attempt to redirect my suggestion and call me other things I do not wish to repeat here. My opinion they only show their own lack of character. Though I would fall short of calling them cowards they certainly are uncouth to say the least. I’ve been called numerous nasty things since I began posting here on your site, but that’s ok, I really take no one seriously that hides behind a silly internet handle.

    As to the Palin fan that swung the first bunch at you, I’d of paid the airfare to be there when you decked that ass.

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