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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Right-wing extremists encourage violence, FBI says

One of many homegrown American "militias"

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning police agencies around the nation that an extremist right-wing group that calls itself the Guardians of the Free Republics is encouraging violence against sitting governors while claiming their mission is non-violent.

On its web site, the group says it wants to “restore America” by dismantling parts of the government. The group sent letters to more than 30 governors, demanding they leave office, saying they must resign or they will be “removed forcefully.”

A joint memo from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security advises police departments that while the letters do not specifically call for violence against the governor, the call could inspire others to take violent action.

The FBI and DHS are also encouraging police departments to step up scrutiny of self-styled “militia groups” in the wake of arrests of nine members of a Michigan “Christian militia” on charges they planned to start a new American revolution by killing police officers and then combing their funerals.

Several members of Congress have also received threats following passage of the health care bill.

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7 thoughts on “Right-wing extremists encourage violence, FBI says”

  1. Let it be a gallows of choking sensation for demise,
    and still my blade from the coward,
    yet he meet his piece of his own doing.

    Again, fools tool war and they will get better at it !

    Good night bill, it’s ever harder to believe a law starts out as a bill and grows into and beyond the obvious,,, duck…Hack.

  2. Seems to me the FBI should also be concentrating on the Jamaat-ul-Fuqramist camps created by Sheik Gilani from Pakistan that are scattered across America too! Maybe it’s harder to infiltrate those groups, regardless they probably have as much fire power as any other “militia” group. Look ’em up….you may find a compound near you!

  3. I disagree. You want to know where these people are living. They are all aroudn you. Open your eyes and ears. Look and listen. People are getting fed up with the Government trying to run everything. Look at most of the great nations in our history. Their fall came from within, not by outsiders destroying them. Regardless, there is a growing concern and I hear more and more people getting fed up with the current situation and governement. If there was an orginized movement I think you would be surprised at the amount of people who would join to start over with the principles this country was founded on. I am in no way saying violence is the answer but people will only be pushed so far until they push back.

  4. Funny it was a muslim militia member that turned in the Stones involved in Hutaree.

    The crucial moment of that tension came Saturday night when one of the Stone family members — desperate and on the run from the law — called the local militia commander, Matt Savino, and begged for help in getting guns or shelter. Mr. Savino offered neither, not only refusing to help but in fact calling the State Police, who passed the call to theF.B.I.

    Rumors are about that Hutaree might actually be a Mossad supported group. Most of these rumors are due to the missing image link at the bottom of that references the Star of David.

    One must also wonder if “forcefully removed” could mean voted out. The FBI apparently doesn’t believe we are capable of voting anyone out of office. Wonder why that is?

    Point is most groups planning violence wouldn’t send a letter alerting their marks. This seems more like a means of demonizing the legal militias and a further clamp down on freedom of speech than any actual threat of violence.

    • “This seems more like a means of demonizing the legal militias and a further clamp down on freedom of speech than any actual threat of violence.”

      Much like the spitting, name calling, etc., at the capitol.

  5. There are some really crazy people out there. Religious fanatics for some inexplicable reason are convinced that they are doing Gods work. These sorts of people live in a 24×7 world of terrors and fears, convinced they’re being persecuted by all of us bad people. I find it difficult to believe that these militia groups are preoccupied with President Obama or the democrats. They do however appear to have completely lost their grip on reality. They live in some mysterious fantasy land where it makes them feel good to dress up like soldiers just like when they were little boys playing Cowboys and Indians.

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