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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Pentagon bribes nations to support Afghan war

American soldiers in Aghanistan (Reuters)

The American government is paying millions of dollars for training and equipment as bribes to buy support for nations for the increasingly unpopular war in Afghanistan.

The funds, spent without Congressional approval or oversight, comes from a $350 million Pentagon “slush fund” used to “improve the counter terrorism operations of U.S. allies,” the Associated Press reports.

Pentagon official admit privately that the expenditures “sends a message” that countries that support the U.S. effort in Afghanistan will be rewarded for their support.

The AP report says $50 million has gone to Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — small nations with about 1,300 troops in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon belatedly reported the program to Congress late last week as members packed up to head for their districts for a two-week Easter recess.

The program earmarks another $150 million for Yeman, a nation that often harbors terrorists. Eventually, Pentagon plans to spend the entire $350 million for the program and may ask Congress for more.

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5 thoughts on “Pentagon bribes nations to support Afghan war”

  1. Energy policy that drives the golf cart off the cliff ensures,
    ” we caddy” .

    Dear America;
    Witness blood for fuel ?
    Lately ?

  2. Soon we will have the plan in place.
    A world in flames, hate rampant, and the spoils from,
    will the phoenix of mans ignorance rise again slaking no thirst ?

    What more could we ask for ?

  3. Money for Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Yemen to buy arms and train soldiers, but we can’t keep people in their homes in this country?

  4. Hamid Karzai is a handpicked U.S. cutout to support our interests in the region. One of his brothers reports to the CIA and is heavily involved in the opium trade. The other brother is a shadetree businessman no doubt up to his armpits in clipping the U.S. of as many ‘aid’ dollars as possible. Now we find out the Pentagon is misappropriating U.S. tax dollars for the purpose buying support for a conflict in which have no business, so too in Iraq no doubt.

    Meanwhile our both broke and broken, now rogue, criminally disposed government continues another day; ie., business as usual passing legislation we can ill afford all the while continually borrowing to keep itself afloat.

    It seems America is DOA, it’s just that we don’t realize it yet…!

    Carl Nemo **==

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