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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Obama chooses politics over principle, forces White House Counsel out

Former White House Counsel Greg Craig

President Barack Obama backtracked on yet another campaign promise for change by choosing political expediency over principle when he ignored his White House Counsel and forced him out so a political hack could take his place.

Greg Craig, who served as Obama’s conscience and top lawyer for 11 months, resigned in late 2009 as part of a determined campaign by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to convince the President that politics should control legal decisions by the administration.

Craig has argued that Obama should follow the principles he had promised during his historic campaign for President but Emanuel and others on the administration team wanted a more politically-expedient agenda, even if it meant breaking his promise to change the way things are done in Washington.

“Rahm won. Creg lost,” a Democratic insider says. “The old way of doing things in Washington became the law of the land in the West Wing.”

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10 thoughts on “Obama chooses politics over principle, forces White House Counsel out”

  1. It’s time to foist far past fastidiousness, azimuth is
    securing for depth charge, critical valves open,
    while surfacing into whatever atmospheres,
    free men will insist on straits of human currency ; that is ;

    Our ole girl America to surface upon anything less will not recognize I, nor you, lest endless shore leave be promised but rescinded for drill..
    Sounds like health, be like, money ?
    Hey Harry how are you, Well harry says, I’ve lost my monetary psycho obligations, Bernie got beat up…
    Some joke ?
    Not any day ?

    Up periscope …..

  2. The cakewalk is a moonwalk. Stuck in place as planned.

    Present principles excluded by tomorrow.

  3. I wouldn’t attribute this to a Rahm vs. Craig deal. Obama has always favored politics over promises/principle since day one in office.

  4. Oh yes indeed,
    they will traverse the rocky shores,
    sail the fiercest of oceans,
    climb the highest of troubled peaks.

    The rocks they leave smeared with cat $hit,
    the oceans polluted with immoral flotsam,
    the peaks but representational mountains of their failure and lies.

  5. “And while Washington is consumed with the same drama and division and distraction, another family puts up a For Sale sign in the front yard. Another factory shuts its doors. Another soldier waves goodbye as he leaves on another tour of duty in a war that should’ve never been authorized and never been waged. It goes on and on and on.
    The stakes are too high and the challenges too great to play the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expect a different result. This time must be different.” – Barack Obama, 2/5/2008

    “In every election, politicians come to your cities and your towns, and they tell you what you want to hear, and they make big promises, and they lay out all these plans and policies. But then they go back to Washington when the campaign’s over. Lobbyists spend millions of dollars to get their way. The status quo sets in. And instead of fighting for health care or jobs, Washington ends up fighting over the latest distraction of the week. It happens year after year after year.
    Well this is your chance to say “Not this year.” This is your chance to say “Not this time.” We have a choice in this election.” – Barack Obama, 4/22/2008

    Silly man – one of the countless millions that fell for Obama’s shtick.

    • From president to president the same shtick is passed to the next. Of that perhaps we can agree. They have all told lies. But I learned long ago not to believe any politicians mouth. I simply judge them be what they do. If I like what they do it’s a thumbs-up, if I dislike what they do it’s a thumbs-down. Sadly in my 60 years the thumbs-down have way out numbered the thumbs-up. But regardless of that shtick that passes from one president to the next I’m happy to live here in the good old US of A. I do wonder when Rush Limbaugh will be moving to Costa Rica though. Hey, if we’re lucky Glenn Beck will take the same flight out.

      • Yeah, but some folks need constant reminding. I’m afraid the Good Old US of A can’t take much more of this.

        That being said, I think Costa Rica is too good for them. Siberia, perhaps, provided they take the MSNBC crew along as well.

    • Griff.
      I think that it is ironic that the presidential candidate and member of the senate, at the time, didn’t realize that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were in fact not authorized and instead were waged using the unprecidented increase in Executive powers under the “W” administration?

      Also, he has placed lobbiests and wall street members in almost every place in his cabinet.

      I too was hopefull that he wasn’t full of it, but I was weary that he was too good to be true, and he gained too much power too fast to be real. That is why I wrote in Ron Pauls name.

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