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Monday, July 22, 2024

RNC donor money goes for private jets, strip clubs

A dancer at Voyeur, the club where Republican campaign donor funds are spent.

A review of expenses paid by the Republican National Committee (RNC) under the leadership of free spending, controversial chairman Micheal Steele shows a political committee out of control, wasting donor funds on luxury hotels, private jets and even nights-out at a bondage club in Hollywood.

The RNC covered $2,000 in expenses for an evening at Voyeur, a West Hollywood bondage-themed club with topless strippers and waitresses, following a committee-sponsored “Young Eagles” event in the city.

The tab for the evening was originally paid by Erik Brown, a Steele confidant and Southern California donor and marketing firm owner who has received more than $160,000 in “fees” from the RNC. The RNC later reimbursed Brown for the bill at the bondage club.

That payment, along with other lavish spending and abuses during Steele’s tenure as RNC chairman, brought a sharp rebuke from Douglas McKinnon, former press secretary to Senate Republican Majority Leader Robert Dole. McKinning told The Huffington Post:

No matter which side of the aisle you find yourself, if you are giving a political party your hard-earned money, you should have no doubts that it is going to be spent as advertised and not to provide a spoiled, egocentric, out-of-touch chairman with frivolous luxuries which are out of reach of the vast majority of the American people. Michael Steele needs to resign and let the RNC vote in a man or woman who understands that his or her needs do not come before the needs of the nation or the party.

Steele kept his job. The RNC, instead, fired a lower-level staffer who was present for the evening.

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6 thoughts on “RNC donor money goes for private jets, strip clubs”

  1. No humor in politics. I’m sure the Democrats are enjoying this, as the shoe would on the other foot.

    As predicted, deaths are up in Afghanistan following the non-surge surge. Why would they want that in the news, hence tarnishing the Nobel Laureate after his historic victory over the Republicans; whom actually made his presidency possible?

  2. Will this be the final gasp of compassionate conservatism, or over reactive liberalism ?

    Does it strike that the absence of humor in all before us,
    is the final degradation?

    There are no real ” two lines ” of moral logic, as it exists,
    one reality,
    one humanity.

    We waste time eyeballing an ever plentiful log that besets those who left planet Humanity for a faster train to excess.

    This is the News ?

    I just put together a care package for Mideast deployment.
    We still have people in far places on foggy missions.
    Let’s make them the news.Hack.

  3. “Steele kept his job. The RNC, instead, fired a lower-level staffer who was present for the evening.” The GOP, as spineless as they are ignorant.

  4. Hey, maybe they’re simply deprived republicans. I like lipstick strippers that wiggle their stuff in front of me just as much as the next guy and they might even persuade me to shell out some cash for the pleasure of the view. But how stupid can you be, at the least don’t put it on the company card.

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