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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Michigan-based Christian militia planned war against government

Christian trailer trash? The double-wide home of Christian militia leader David Brian Stone in Clayton, Mich. (AP)

Members of a self-described “Christian Militia”  called Hutaree planned a war against the U.S. government and planned to launch the war by killing police officers, prosecutors said Monday.

Nine members of the Michigan-based Christian cult are in custody, arrested as part of a plot to first kill the cops and then slaughter many more by bombing the funerals of the slain officers.

Facing charges are militia leader David Brian Stone, 45; wife Tina Stone, 44, sons Joshua Matthew Stone, 21, and David Brian Stone, Jr., 19; plus cult members Joshua Clough, 28, Michael Meeks, 40, Thomas Piatek, 46, Kristopher Sickles, 27 and Jacob Ward, 33.

Militia leader Stone called himself “Captain Hutraree” and told others he was “invincible,” saying “Christ wanted us to do this.”

The group’s web site is filled with screeds of hate in the name of religion, claiming the government is the “antichrist” and declaring its goal was “preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.”

Members of the group were arrested in coordinated raids in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

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11 thoughts on “Michigan-based Christian militia planned war against government”

  1. Gee Carl, first you jump on Bill for his honest assesment, then you come back with some long winded rant that makes no sense at all; good job and very impressive!

    My only response to your rant is how long do you think it would take you to take the opposite reasoning to blame the government if these guys actually acted upon this plan of theirs.

    Then your attitude would be that the government was inept at not stopping a band of idiots in our own country. Typical really, their freedom to voice their opinion up until they act, then its why didn’t someone do something to stop them ahead of time.

    • Hi Mightymo,

      I wasn’t trying to write an apologia for these groups’ violent actions, but simply a reason as to why they are on the rise and can thrive in our country. It seems it’s going to get far worse in time.

      Unfortunately our emergent American Empire isn’t going to change course as it tries to influence more outcomes through the use of force not only overseas, but on the domestic front too. It seems in the past twenty years our enforcement agencies have been used as tools in the use of “excess” force for the purpose of sending a message that’s transcendental to reasonable, effective levels of enforcement; ie., overkill within public view.

      If the individuals in these groups have been engaged in criminal activity then they need to be brought to justice…period!

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. What’s fascinating by the rise of groups such as these is that no one questions as to why so many Americans are dissatisfied with their government to the point that it would foment the creation of such organizations along with their violent actions against the establishment.

    The reporters that narrate these clips and report such activities on the various news outlets act like everything is just “peachy keen” concerning the order of the day while these people regardless of their ineffectiveness and skewed mindset are the evildoers.

    Rest assured this is just the beginning of such activities and when the balloon goes up all they’ll have is each other to depend upon while America’s well provisioned NWO styled police agencies along with Blackwater, Delta Force and the military proceed to crush the the populace in an unmerciful, over the top fashion.

    I’m sure if our leadership ran a tight ship concerning budgets and hadn’t sold out our manufacturing infrastructure during the past 15-20 years to China, India, Malaysia et al. with still jobs aplenty in the U.S. we wouldn’t have such elements rising up . The root cause of much of this unrest is simply massive unemployment throughout the land; ie., a nation of disenfranchised, beat down people.

    Many of the men and women who gravitate towards such militias etc. feel mightily disenfranchised by their government and are desperately lashing out; albeit in an ineffective, disorganized fashion led mostly by wack jobs that have no idea of how to wage an effective insurgency.

    When things really get ugly then organized groups not publicly claiming militia status etc. will strike with an enduring insurgency that will cause grave circumstances for the powers that be along with their engineered order of the day; ie., the incremental destruction of the United States of America via seemingly aboveboard, but criminally inspired legislation.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Quick to label ,
    Will the Christians replace the Jews/Muslims or do we need to ignore that it starts at the top, and then shun those pesky Americans first ?
    We could take their livelihood for contrast reaction.
    Where’s that confounded box of UL stickers?
    Which, was your table Mabel ?

  4. Seems the Thought Police have arrived. Sedition is kind of like the charge of disorderly conduct. It’s what is charged when there is little to no evidence and an actual crime has not yet been committed.

    Can’t find anything on their website advocating what the media claims, and now their forums have been invaded and it’s impossible to see just what they might have been planning. Everything on their main site seems to be like any other militia, defensive and not offensive.

    • Cast your mind back to 1994. The lead up to Oklahoma was fraught with the same kinds of developments. When this bunch of tough guy nut jobs was confronted why didn’t they put up a fight? I’ll tell you why, because like most members of patriot groups they’re sick minded cowards. They’re best at killing unarmed women and children. When these deluded militia types crawl out of their spider holes to do battle they’ll find that their precious Tea Party allies have deserted them.

      • Yo Bill Cravener,

        “I’ll tell you why, because like most members of patriot groups they’re sick minded cowards. They’re best at killing unarmed women and children.” …extract from post

        Where do you come up with these histrionics Bill? The Branch Davidians didn’t kill women and children. Our FBI and their SWAT teams killed the folks in this compound in addition to burning it to the ground.

        The Sheriff of the county in which this compound existed knew David Koresh personally and offered to simply drive the FBI up to the compound to confront him with their papers, but they refused seemingly wanting to confront this fringe ‘cult’ group in a publicly televised confrontation which turned out to be a bloody rout. Do your homework and get back to me.

        None of the violence was necessary and the blood spilled for everyone in the compound is on the hands of Bill Clinton and his loser AG, Janet Reno.

        The purpose of Waco was to send out a message to the people of this nation as to what will happen to them if they question the Feds and the order of the day. Ruby Ridge in Idaho is another example.

        I’ve parsed; ie, analyzed all your comments to this site and I’m beginning to believe you are a paid agent provocateur to stir up controversy where none should be.

        You aren’t very good at what you do and I tend to agree with Almandine that you should change your handle to “Bluto”; ie., an ignorant, ham-fisted “thought bully” … : |

        Carl Nemo **==

        • As a footnote: Oklahoma city was precipitated by the Fed’s overkill response to the Branch Davidians

          This is not a justification for the violence, but simply to lay out “cause vs. effect” implications relative to the likes of Tim McVeigh.

      • Seems to me they reacted like any law abiding citizen believing themselves innocent until proven guilty. I guess you would have come out guns blazing?

    • I went to their web site early Saturday night. I read all of the copy, and saw no hate, just end time doctrine concern. These men did nothing to warrant arrest. If the authorities can make an arrest like this of American citizens, then none of us are free. This is the message they want to get across to us, that our freedom is on thin ice if we even so much as blink the wrong way. What about the “Islam” connection. Early reports were claiming that they were targeting an Islam organization, but now, you do not see that at all in the press. It has completely dropped out of the story. Did you watch the video? How do you like the term calling that double wide trailer a “compound”? What a joke.

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