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Monday, July 22, 2024

Tea Party hurts Republicans at ballot box


Warning to Republicans. The Tea Party could cost you election victories in November.

A new poll shows that while the GOP leads Democrats in many Congressional districts, that lead would not be enough to overcome votes siphoned away if a Tea Party candidate is on the ballot.

A Quinnipiac University polls shows 44 percent of voters would vote for a Republican over a Democrat in this year’s midterm election, compared to 39 percent for Democrats — a sure sign of a Republican resurgence.

That’s the good news.

But, if a Tea Party candidate shows up on the ballot, the Democrat wins by a 36 to 25 percent margin while the Tea Party interloper pulls 15.

The poll show the Tea Party pulls votes away from Republicans, not Democrats. Like most fringe movements, the Tea Party is not mainstream.  Only 13 percent of American voters claim they are part of the movement.

Republicans are understandably nervous over the unpredictable and volatile Tea Party followers and have mixed feelings about trying to bring the group into the party.

In the poll, 74 percent of Tea Party supporters said they are Republican or independents who lean Republican, while 16 percent claim they are Democrats or independents who lean Democratic.

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8 thoughts on “Tea Party hurts Republicans at ballot box”

  1. What is interesting in all this is that someone, in fact many someones, have gotten up off their dead asses and are trying to make a difference… a real difference in the way our country is run. They see everything wrong with govt, especially the national bankruptcy being foisted upon us, that is spoken and bandied about here daily, and what do people say???

    Go back to sleep ya’ll, we like having our country trashed and our future ruined.

    Go figure.

  2. Rhode Island? It’s right there being smothered by Massachusets’ underbelly. Looks like it’s only hope is to swim back to England…

    Well, at least from where I picture things here in Texas…

  3. Part-Time Revolters

    If Tea Party members WOULD STOP spending a fair portion of their day

    * Watching Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity

    * and listening to Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage


    * reading the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence

    * watch hard news and make up their own minds about current events,

    * read legislative proposals,

    * find how who their mayor is, their state and federal representatives are, a couple of names of Supreme Court Justices,

    * and be able to point to where Rhode Island is on the US map


    what a wonder nation we would have.

  4. More hype and BS to headline a lame article. TP people are looking for real fiscal conservatives, R or D. The mindset right now is almost Libertarian. Very anti-big-gov. The thought to launch a 3rd. party is nearly non-existant. Attacks on tea people or the leaders are meaningless. You now have a huge body of independants (including TP) who know what they do and don’t want from government. Neither R, nor D get’s elected without that middle-majority.

  5. Tea-Party = Republican.

    It’s been over a week of revolts coming from the tea bag Republicans and things are getting more revolting as the days pass. Why would anyone support the tea bag Republicans who cannot break the habit of telling racist jokes, shouting out death treats, smashing out windows and attempting to blow up someone’s home? Why would anyone support tea bag Republicans who use their growing media platforms to hurl 2nd-grade school yard taunts at whomever they perceive as non-Republican? And the more the Republican leadership stands behind this moronic bag of nut jobs the more revolting they become to the vast majority of the American public.

    • The TeaBags & their threat to the Repugs is appropriate since those Repugs provided the founding funds for this phony ‘revolt’ and Having their game backfire on them makes watching it more fun for those of us who do silly things like read to gather real facts, instead of O’Reilly infomercials.

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