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Friday, June 21, 2024

ACORN closing its doors


ACORN, the controversial national activist group that backed Barack Obama for President, is closing its doors.

The board of the community activist group that grew to national prominence and then national embarrassment in a sting operation where a phony pimp sought advise on concealing criminal activity and received advice from ACORN staff voted Sunday to “bring its operations to a close over the coming months.

ACORN will close its state affiliate and field offices by April 1 and develop “a plan to resolve all outstanding debts, obligations and other issues.”

The sting video by two conservative activist brought a tidal wave of criticism to the group and prompted the U.S. Census Bureau to drop its partnership with the group for the upcoming Census. The IRS also dropped ACORN from its Voluntary Income Tax Assistance program and Congress eliminated all grants to the group.

Sources say the organization is splintered by infighting and broke. The organization came under fire for questions about its handling of voter registration drives in many cities.

The national group endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008. Some local chapters have dropped out of the national organization and have reorganized under their own names.

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4 thoughts on “ACORN closing its doors”

  1. And what will they call themselves, now that they’ve given up on the unfavorable term ACORN? Just like Czar Jones, they’ll be back next week with the collection plate thrust forward.

  2. Perhaps they will throw more of us in the mud hole of partisanship as their strides to greet their brothers across this expanse of fetid humanity gets ever shortened til our very presence reaches total denial.

  3. It’s okay, some group will take up the task of organizing black inner city folks.
    The Republicans want a strong group which advocates a clear path and which is devoid of any corruption.
    I hereby nominate THE BLACK PANTHERS.
    Perhaps those nice Republicans will allow one of them to drop by for a visit to the Congressional offices!

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