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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Dems: We have the votes

Health care protest in Washington Saturday (AFP)

The chairman of the Democratic caucus in the House says his party has the 216 votes needed to pass President Barack Obama‘s historic health care bill.

Speaking Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Connecticut Rep. John Larson said, in his words, “We have the votes now — as we speak.”

House Democrats are predicting that a rare Sunday session will produce one of the most significant legislative triumphs in decades: passage of a bill to overhaul the nation’s health care system to provide coverage to millions of people.

Republicans resolutely oppose the bill.

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9 thoughts on “Dems: We have the votes”

  1. I find it absurd that people think “The Democrats” are any different than “the republicans” in getting their agenda. There are so many complaints about how the health care bill isn’t good enough, but that is the nature of compromise.

    What isn’t the nature of compromise is the BS that the Republicans were “shut out”. The Dems tried for MONTHS and castrated their own bill to please the Republicans and didn’t pick up ONE vote. All along the Republicans nodded and said “yes, that would make it better, sure take that out, right, no public provision…good!” and then threw it back in their faces and walked out.

    as for it being “rammed through” , Please. The budget is trillions of dollars in debt, we’re in a WAR with a country that didn’t even attack us, and we pissed all over nato and our allies repeatedly with impunity and now reap the insults we have sown. All from the last administration who did so by “ramming” their agenda through.

    If you want to use rhetoric be sure to look both ways to cross the street and at yourself first. You claim “our input was ignored” you know what? It wasn’t, you were just out voted like the Dems had been for eight years.

    The one thing that is true is this will flip flop and we’ll be back in the same boat with the other side saying everything is wrong soon enough. then it will flip again. The public isn’t ignored, it’s used as needed and gets what some want and other hate. such is the nature of democracy. Crying now that “elite” are doing things against our will is pure nonsense though. The other side has been kicked in the teeth by the “elite” for years and got their stuff together (which WAS chosen by the majority of the people BTW) and now are doing what they said they would do. To borrow a phrase from the less moderate among us, ” AMEICA, love it or leave it”

  2. My apologies Patick by renaming you Patrick….!?

    It seems I’ve morphed you into a Catholic Irishman in my mindseye… :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Thanks Patrick for your “core”, heartfelt thoughts. Your thoughts would make the lyrics to a great folk song. : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. was ignored. You won. You shoved it down my throat. I had ideas for reform. The ideas and vigorous debate to really improve heath care were belittled and ignore by the Democrats. They wanted what they wanted and it didn’t matter how they achieved it. We the people has become We the Democrats. Too bad if I don’t like it. I know, I know…. The strong man rules, winner takes all, might makes right. I think the Democrats have just ignited a revolution in this country that will take a long time to heal. I think we are looking forward to the possibility of civil disobedience in protesting the opression of civil debate. You will not shove this down my throat. I choose not to participate. I a free man.

  5. dictate to us. What I am afraid of is this rising RED GUARD of this CULTURAL ELITE. The Democrats won this debate: by hook, by crook, by underhanded tactics. All of which will undermine the civility of this country. The political tactics of dirty Chicago politics have now been federalized. So, you can read the Health Bill too. Where is the tort reform that was asked for? Where were the provisions to purchase health care across state lines. Where were the concerns taken into consideration of now covering millions of illegal alians?
    The Republicans were shut out of the debate. Where was the compromise to consider the issues that I and many Americans felt important as part of the HB reform debate? Our input w

  6. No the Republicans don’t OWN the American people. What frightens many of the American people is the self appointed ENLIGHTENED people that are so smug to think they are above us ingnorant surfs and they should accept what the ENLIGHTENED ELITE

    • What many Republicans seem to ignore is they don’t OWN the American people.

      We are fully capable of watching the debate, reading the bills, and making up our own minds on the final decision. I find the “threat” of November Elections downright childish. If the passage of this bill has proved anything it’s that just saying “no” don’t always make it so.

      I say bring on the elections, Democrats have nothing to fear from loud talk. If we voted our minds and hearts more than our fear and misunderstanding only those who rely on fear and hyperbole would be the ones to worry.

      • No, that would be all of government – as of today. You see, Republicans and Democrats will change places every few years to make the fools among us think that things will change, or have indeed changed.

        Funny thing is – the legislation remains. The bureaucracy continues on cruise control while we serfs argue about emotional “wedge” issues that only serves to motivate us to the voting booth like the obedient sheep that we are.

        And it grows. And grows. And grows. Slicing more and more pounds of flesh – eating more of our substance, as some wise men once wrote.

        No, the Republicans don’t own the American People – the whole of government does.

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