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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Mobius Strip: Today’s GOP


1865 – August Moebius and Johann Listing create the one sided, one edged mathematical entity called the Mobius Strip.

2010 – Sarah Palin agrees to join Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman for a fund-raiser supporting Michelle Bachmann


“Half a truth is often a great lie.”
— Benjamin Franklin

“Mr. President, the buzz saw that your healthcare bill ran into wasn’t lobbyists and special interests it was tens of millions of American’s who were saying, ‘Stop!’ ”
— John Boehner


Mobius strips are pretty neat things. Not only are they extremely one-sided, but they have only one edge. First, take any page out of the National Review, or any editorial written by Fred Hiatt. Cut the page into a long thin strip. Repeat. And once more. Grab a piece of tape, and before you connect the ends of a single strip, give the far end a half twist.

Presto! You just created a mathematical wonder – your own personal Mobius strip.

OK, you may not believe me when I say it is truly one sided. Grab a marker and in the center of the strip, start drawing a non-stop line down the strip. Keep going. When you reach the twist, carefully keep the marker’s tip on the paper, and maneuver it to keep the line going. Eventually, you will reach the very place that you started from, except that both “sides” will have been marked. Mathematically, this strip has only one side. Practically, you just proved it. (The same applies to the one edge. You can do the same thing with your pen, and again you will prove that you created a single edged loop.)

Today’s Republican party, the party of no, of doom, of fear, of war and torture, is in many ways like a Mobius Strip. It is artificial. It is man made. It has this weird twist, probably due to Mike Steele.  It is little more than a shallow construct.  It is totally one sided. No matter how you attempt to engage them in rational debate, no matter what direction you come from, the result will be always:

Shallow, immature, but surprisingly robust and completely in step with one another, today’s GOP bears the same resemblance to the Party (and ideals) of Abraham Lincoln that a broken down Yugo has to the Space Shuttle. The idea of doing anything to benefit society at large would never enter any GOP conversation, much less legislative activity. Helping those in need could and will never occur to them. Their idea of aid involves little more than more tax cuts for the rich and large corporations.

What has been interesting is how the GOP has reacted to the whole HCR debate. First, they derided and decried any reform effort by saying the whole idea was ridiculous. “Ours is a center right nation.” “WE have the best health care in the world!” They tried hard to define it as a Quixotic enterprise, doomed to failure. That effort failed.

Next, when we did engage them constructively, they made demand after demand, always knowing that even if we caved in on every single request, (which our reps and senators did), they would still do everything possible to scuttle the bill. Their sole goal was to delay. It almost worked, but ultimately failed.

Then, as a ghostly form of a bill began to appear, GOP leaders began threatening, grand-standing, and demanding that the whole project stop. “Defeat the plan, and you defeat Obama.”  “This will be Obama’s Waterloo!” “Destroy this presidency!” “Kill the Bill!” and of course, the ever popular, “Kill the Bill, Vol. 2!” (my personal fave)

The GOPers instinctively knew that if Obama managed to pass any health care bill, it would energize the rest of his term, and embolden Democrats in office to finally locate those long-missing spines. A win for Obama could conceivably mean a democratic majority for many years to come.  They also knew that if they threw enough mud, crap, and lies throughout the process, they could scare to death the 20% of Americans who follow no politics, they already had the 17%ers that still love George W.,  they could count on the demented religious cretins that (de)form 10% of the population, and they could make some inroads on moderates, at least for a time.

For a short time, because of their constant spin, and shameless posturing and lies,  the “maths” were actually in their favor.  Their playbook could have come from Goebbels himself, concentrating not only on one big lie often repeated, but many, many little lies.

To be sure, nonstop anti-HCR campaigning by Fox, Politico, one or two politically perverted pollsters, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, and all of the other usual suspects, warped logic by the neocon publisher of WaPo, and a confusing lack of energy early on,  by the White House, made the HCR vote a far closer vote than it should have been. Amazingly, the truth seems to be winning out. And the GOP knows it.

The GOPers also know that their facade no thicker than a mathematically perfect Mobius Strip. It has length, width, and absolutely no depth. Once people started seeing through their message, and the fact free way they presented it, their hysterical  facade would begin to collapse. The GOP put many millions into defeating Health Care. The total investment in its defeat may run close to a billion. In spin and propaganda costs. That’s a hell of an expensive campaign.

Along the way, they unnecessarily scared the elderly, the less educated, and the conservative religious into believing that Death Panels, Rationing, and worse lurked behind the door. They used every dirty trick, every dastardly move, every deceitful scam they could conceive of. Now, they realize that their political cupboard is bare. All of their threats, lies, bullshit and scams are collapsing from their own weight. Collectively, they are an arrogant emperor, and slowly America is becoming aware that they have no clothes.

The GOP’s latest scam? Predicting that HCR will result in a tsunami in November. A GOP TAKE OVER OF BOTH HOUSES! A REPEAL OF HCR! THE RESURGENCE OF THE GOP! At least, that was the message you would have gotten if you looked at Drudge or listened to Talk Radio.

Guess what? They failed.

Lose control of both houses? Really? I suggest that the opposite is true. The GOP has squandered whatever slight momentum they had because they put 100% of their effort into defeating HCR. Even the naissant Tea Bagger party has become a lifeless hulk, gathering handfuls of retired, functional illiterates, instead of being a real movement. (Of course, the GOP’s efforts to co-opt the Tea Baggers into the GOP led directly to the death of the movement. Even Tea Baggers realize how pathetic and lifeless the GOP has been and how short of a lifespan it now has.)

Because the GOP shot its wad and lost, and because Americans don’t like being treated like fools, I predict that (except for states like Misery, Virginia, Alabama or South Carolina) the Democrats will do quite well in November. Perhaps not the Blue Cur Democrats, but over all, the rest of us will be just fine. To those confused Blue Curs, I say this. Either you atone, reform your ways, and begin doing your jobs, or all those plush bennies and bribes  you enjoyed on the hill will disappear. You, not the Democrats, are the endangered species. It could not happen to a more deserving class on spineless, corporate lackeys.

The lies the GOP spewed have proved to be just that – lies. The spin they coordinated with Big Insurance and Big Corporations? Up in smoke. Today’s GOP ends up looking like a group of lying, ruthless, fact-free jerks, not just to us, who already knew their true colors, but to the rest of the country. That can’t be good for them in November.

We will win this first baby step on Health Care Reform. We will win in November. And, the GOP will truly be relegated to a regional, Christian, conservative collection of corporate toadies. We only ask that you take the Blue Curs with you. Please.

72 thoughts on “The Mobius Strip: Today’s GOP”

  1. Hey Rob, even our friends over at Firedog Lake know this law is a sham.

    Pay close attention to item number 16…”Most provisions in this bill, such as an end to the ban on pre-existing conditions for adults, do not take effect until 2014.”

    I hope your friends can wait that long.

    • that’s to humane and kind of you, griff. You almost leave me speechless with your empathy and humanity.

      • Rob, I really am sorry that reality is both unkind and unforgiving, but it is what it is. And of course, you blame me becasue it is so?

        • No, I blame you for reveling in it as though your lack of humanity and empathy is worthy of pride. I thought better of you. My mistake.

  2. Please Carl, confrontation flags are comportment in reverse, ain’t none ,
    but ” all ” it takes to barge on.
    Makes me wonder why you guys ran Helen Raineer and Sandra off.
    Gazelle too ? And almost Sherry..
    What was that all about ? Honestly, I missed something ?
    Discourse or Dat , Sooner or later the tea will haunt if not steeped.
    Who turned off the kettle?

    • Hi Bryan,

      I’m somewhat flummoxed and sad that you you’ve let the “thought” that I/we somehow ran those folks off.

      I don’t operate that way my friend in thought. It’s my innate spirit to do the best at what I do; ie., lead with both consummate and summary results. Those folks were their own undoing. They assailed me and my thougth processes and I and seemingly prevailed. I cannot speak for others as to why they confronted these web entities.

      What’s interesting is that I enjoy Sherry’s posts and like her very much as to how she thinks. …. : )

      I consider Helen Rainier to be a friend in thought and can’t recall bludgeoning her with a thought missile.

      I’m going to bed soon and you’ve somewhat depressed me in that I’ve made you sad over time. I like you Bryan and your thought processes too.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • We banter with focus and again I inadvertently said ran off. Not entirely what I meant.
        I meant to say in all our defense the discourse must flow and myself to become indignant or insinuate was not my purpose.

        I rather enjoyed the fierceness ,
        I’d rather enjoy it again,
        than have to wipe my ass with fiberglass..Har..

      • Sir , who sings the blues better than the logical man ?
        Way to show me up and spell Helen’s name right, thanks. ONI

        • Your spelling could have been correct Bryan. It’s just that I remember that Helen hails from Washington State and the town of Rainier is just up the road a piece so I opted for the city version of the spelling along with the mountain; ie., Mt. Ranier. I’m sure someone in the U.S. has their name spelled as Raineer. : )

          Carl Nemo **==

  3. I proudly volunteer, that you can’t say,
    that trolls don’t keep us on our toes..
    How’s the Nautilus Mr Nemo ?
    Crazy Sub Mariners, bless them all we’ve turned the corner to overhaul and surfaced.

    Lets propose a new flag to fly directly under Old Glory,
    she would be as transparent as the constitution therefore needing neither color nor lack of . Just a little honest interpretation
    What a knowing that trolls always die first ,and there is a cost even if you know they are creeping up Hieronymus oneself.

    • Mr. McClellan you surely must realize I’m not fearful of trolls. My fear is that a damn good site is slowly but surely to devolve into a site filled with ads and responses of the same caliber. : )

      I do realize that Doug has to make a buck to keep his CHB thought-barge floating, but …?!

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Hey Bryan, I received a text from a friend of mine today…

      The government today announced that it’s changing it’s emblem from an Eagle to a condom because it more accurately reflects the government’s political stance…A condom allows for inflation, halts production,destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of dicks, and gives you a sense of security while you’re actually being screwed.

  4. Yeah Almandine, as soon as you start talking about any thing other than Republicans and Democrats their eyes glaze over.

    • Hi Griff,

      What are some of your favorite watering holes that you make commentary too. I’m beginning to think I need some relief from CHB.

      Slowly but surely it’s devolving into the Yahoo msg boards of old with millions of readers and thousands of board participants. I posted on it with similar caliber posts as I do here and was never attacked by trolls. In fact a number of trolls seemed to find a “come to Jesus moment” after reading my material and stated so… : ))

      Without registration and some control of the membership this site will slowly but surely devolve into simply a site loaded with commercial links along with a focus on sensationalistic content supported by driveby, posters; ie., trolls.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Hey Carl, I don’t really participate any where else. I’m registered at Daily Caller and post occasionally, but the stories change so fast and getting flagged for moderation is an all too common occurence. It takes hours to pass muster, so by then the conversation is over.

        I know where you’re coming from. Some of the fresh faces we see here spent absolutely no time here debating this healthcare bill, but as soon as it passes they’re all over the place, gloating with childish glee and denigrating any one and every one who is unhappy with it.

  5. Gee Rob, I don’t recall suggesting letting Wall Street and AIG handle healthcare. But if you know any thing whatsoever about the cause of our current financial troubles, you would know that the aforementioned companies, among others, lobbied strongly for the legislation that facilitated this massive looting of the American People. That’s right, Rob, our wonderful government legalized the raping of its people by Wall Street.

    And they just did the same for healthcare. Enjoy your freebies.

  6. So Bill isn’t your real name… just as I surmised.

    Then again, what’s in a name? Would the name Zeus make you more powerful? Or Popeye? Foghorn Leghorn? I got it — Terminator!

    Maybe Daffy Duck is more akin to your “inner self”. Heckyl, Jeckyl? Tweetie?

    It seems clear to me that whatever you want to be called here, or elsewhere, it’s only the value of your words and deeds that make a difference.

    Mendoza looks like Pete Rose compared to you. Give it up, Bluto.

    • Gotta luv ya Almandine. Not to insult you, but are you a guy or a gal? If you’re a gal and both think and analyze as you do then…wow is all I can say! My pre-apology for asking about your gender and hopefully not to insult you. : )

      I’ve never run across anyone on the www that has the introspection or balance between yin and yang as you do. You’re one bright individual…! : |

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Easy Carl… I’m liable to swell up and “pop a button off my chest” as Dad used to say. Or heck, maybe I could change my handle to Bill, ya know?

        Almandine is a term of esteem given me by an old prospector buddy. It works well here for just the reason you cite… the yin and yang of androgenous banter.

        Got it?

  7. Yo Bill Cravener,

    I noticed your name itself was a hot link when I moved over the text and what do I get but a “SPAM sandwich”. I then go to your facebook page and it can’t be found…say what?!

    What I do see is a blank facebook image which seems odd for a so-called “Facebook page”… / : | There’s some alleged family members etc., but not the “Real Bill” seemingly available. What gives?

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Read thru their terms of use carefully and you’ll see why I’m no longer a member.

      Spam?? There are two email links at the bottom of my site (I’m the author of said program) feel free to email me using either address. Be happy to send you my mailing address if you’re “who” you say you are. By the way, try Googling using my full name – William F Cravener – if you like. I’m not hiding from anyone Carl. Boo!!

      • Yo Bill,

        You are excoriating people on this site for being rude. What’s with the “boo” ?! All I’ve done is question your contact info and the fact you seem to be involved with SPAM.

        Possibly there’s a misunderstanding about the “hot link” I referenced. Your very name associated with comments you are posting to this site is linked.

        Put your cursor on your name “Bill Cravener” and you’ll get the underline showing it’s hot. It’s linked to a product called “Quickersoft” peddled for $12.95…? Again, your facebook page has been blocked too?

        No one else posting to this thread is linked to products. Just your name?

        Carl Nemo **==

        • As a followup, I did put your full name in Google and came with an entire page associated with your name as a software developer and seller of such products. So it seems you want to use Capitol Hill Blue as a launchpad for your advertising.

          I smell trouble with your association to this site since you want to be contentious for the purpose creating conflicts. We’ve had a few others in the past that have engaged in such although they didn’t have the hubris to have their handles linked to their product line.

          Methinks you need a seaboot launch over the stern into shark infested waters immediately if not sooner.

          Carl Nemo **==

          • Oh my what drivel! Anyone, when they place a post here on Doug’s site can enter a website URL (you do know what a URL is don’t you?) to a website that belongs to the author of the post.

            Oh my what drivel! Anyone, when they place a post here on Doug’s site can enter a URL (you do no what a URL is don’t you?) to a website that belongs to the author of the post.

            Get use to me, unless Doug Thompson boots my ass out of here I’ll be watching for abuses towards those who simply wish to visit here, to post a different point of view, without stupid school yard taunts being thown at them.

          • Hubris ??

            No one knew where my name was linked to until you forced the subject.

            By the way, the three chief virtues of a programmer are: Laziness, Impatience and Hubris.

  8. Wow one thing’s for certain – the change to open comments has brought out the mindless partisans in full force.

    Yes Bill, if you were to stand in front of me you’d get the same treatment. I fear no man, and I certainly have no problem debating some one that actually has an opinion other than party loyalty and blind idolatry. And I’ll echo almandine in asking what value you provide, other than whining about the conduct of others?

    You see, unlike the vast majority of unthinking partisan reactionaries like yourself, I much prefer to think outside the two-party box and engage in a little intellectual analysis in lieu of the partisan pep club.

    I measure our government’s actions against the yardstick of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In that respect, both parties fall woefully short of the mark.

    • Demonizing those you disagree with by name calling is hardly what I’d call heart felt opinions of the author’s article above. It is depressing that attacks that start by parsing complex issues such as health care reform quickly descend into one-line school yard taunts and I must admit I am also at fault. But unlike many of you I do not hide who I am by hiding behind silly handles.

      • As if anyone is actually named Bill Cravener. Then again, what does it matter? Of all the Bill’s – or any other handle – on this thread, you offer the least. It’s clear you’re only here to stir the pot.

          • Click on my name go to my site, Google it if you like, I’m who I say I am. Scroll to the bottom send me your real name instead a silly handle, I’ll be happy to respond back with my full address. I’m not afraid. You all can come visit; we can then discuss our differences in person. Lets see which of us is real or not. I doubt any of you will show.

            By the way, no, you all are the pot stirrers, not I.

      • I’m still waiting for you to begin parsing this complex issue. All these comments and not one example of the discourse you pretend to exemplify.

        And what’s with the obsession with my ‘handle?’ No one’s hiding behind any thing. That’s been my handle since day one and I won’t change it now – sorry.

        Michael J Griffith


        • Parsing anything with you pal would be like shitting into the wind. In your little closed world anyone who disagrees with you is a brain-dead boot licker. Discourse?? No discource here in regards to the authors article above. As a matter of fact I agree with all Rob had to say. Does that irritate you tough guy. Try pulling you head out of you ass and read what I posted above. If you don’t like it Michael J Griffith, tough shit!!

          I’ll be following your postings and stepping in whenever I feel you are abusing a visitor with your school yard taunts. I’m very good at spitting then out too.

          • Gee Bill, I can’t exactly pinpoint where I was abusing any one. I made a simple comment on the article and you decided to respond to that comment with an abusive comment of your own. In fact, you’re the one that started this so I really feel no obligation or desire to stoop to your moronic level.

            But of course, I can say the same to you regarding my posts…if you don’t like them – tough shit. But please, whatever you do, don’t frighten me any more with your threats of “stepping in” if I get out of line. What is this, kindergarten? Please.

            I’m afraid I’m far too busy these days to waste any more time with such nonsense. But do feel free to follow me around and take your shots, if that’s what gets your rocks off. I’ll be looking forward to it.

    • Griff, then you should have been quite irate at the 8 yrs preceding this admin.

      The bill is now law. GOPers are spewing like volcanoes. Talk radio is almost worth tuning in, just to hear them sputter like spoiled children who were denied a sugary snack. The most conservative Attorneys’ General, all seeking higher office, will try their hand at the basest form of self-promotion, on the state government teat, no less, in an effort to bolster their election campaigns, their ebbing manhood, and their membership in either a failing, fading GOP, or the ludicrous, illiterate Tea Baggers.

      • Well Rob, that’s where your partisan angle wrongly leads you to believe not only that I’m a partisan Republican, but that I supported Bush in any way, shape, or form.

        In case you haven’t noticed, I’m staunchly pro-liberty, anti-war, so I was no supporter of Bush or any of his policies. Now, from what I understand, yourself and others were quite irate with the last administration, but seem to be quite content that the worst of Bush’s policies have not only been fully embraced by this administration but have been taken to the next level.

        How do you rationalize that? That is the epitome of partisan blindness, and the left is as guilty as the right when it comes to toeing the line when their respective party has the power.

      • Wow. Have you even met a Tea Partier? To suggest they are all illiterate
        is a broad, ignorant statement.
        One thing I have noticed about the Democrats is that while they claim to preach tolerance, they are the most intolerant of all.
        When Americans were protesting the Bush adminstration, we were good Americans. Now that Americans are protesting the continuing bad direction of the country, they are illiterate, stupid people who should just shut up, right? Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat. This year anyway.

        • unfortunately, not only have I met them, some are neighbors of mine. I should have said functionally illiterate. That would be more accurate

          • So your neighbors are functionally illiterate, and therefore all Tea Partiers are? Is that your reasoning? Are you serious?

      • Rob, apparently you are unfamiliar with Griff. He, as was many of us most unhappy with the last administration. We are still unhappy since this one just continued many of Bush’s bad policies.
        Surely, you are not one of those, if you are not with us, you must be a republican?

        • That’s alright, sherry (if that is your real name – hiding behind a fake handle are we…hmmm?), collectivists don’t understand the concept of the individual, sovereign being. It saves one from doing too much thinking.

          • Griff, that’s the handle Mom gave me, I never got around to changing it! LOL
            It does amaze me this group of Obama loyalists. Never accused of being a racist when I couldn’t stand Bush. Now that I can’t stand Obama (who is so much like Bush!), suddenly I am a racist.
            I wonder if throwing out that crap and calling detractors stupid makes the Democrats thing they are accomplishing something?
            Whatever bit of respect I had for them, it is gone.

  9. I couldn’t tell if “of doom, of fear, of war and torture” was referring to Republicans or Obama. Which is it again?

        • I’m sorry, but I see nothing in this column of any political value – only blind partisanship and ignorance.

          • There you go again. It’s easy to call those who disagree with you names when you can hide behind an internet handle. I wonder if you would call those who disagree with you names such as clueless sycophant or ignorant comedians if you were to meet them face to face. I think not. So go ahead run away.

  10. Now we shall witness a desperate GOP try to spin why their policy of NO ended up in a heap of dust. Will they be smart enough to change it, and to engage the Democrats on issues? I think not. They are too set in their ways, and their leaders know of no other approach.

    At the same time, the Tea Baggers will cause the GOP even more trouble and headaches, as they demand even more obstructionism, and will punish any effort at negotiation.

    • That’s all fine and dandy, Rob, but if you can break away from the whole partisan angle for five blinks of an eye, perhaps you could enlighten all us lesser creatures as to the myriad benefits of this legislation.

      Provided you know of any, of course. Or are you just channeling Chris Matthews’ tingling leg?

      • griff, the pre-existing condition part immediately benefits several clients, who hired me to fight their carriers. Those policies are like bait and switch, and that will now stop. Another client buried her spouse after a long, lingering illness. She’s up against the total policy limit and has to ration her current care to make sure that she still can deal with a serious illness. Those caps are gone. Last year, I was contacted by no less than a dozen people, families with insurance, all of whom were seeking bankruptcy protection because of how their insurers dealt with their claims.

        • I wouldn’t be so foolish as to deny there are certain problems with our current system. I just happen to disagree strongly with the scope, complexity, and sheer weight of such a monstrous law, not to mention our government’s ability to handle such a massive bureuacracy.

          I also happen to believe that this legislation, like the very industries it aims to ‘reform,’ is only interested in managing the disease and not curing it. Managing the disease is far more lucrative for all involved parties than would be the cure, and far more costly to the consumer.

          Considering that we supposedly already have the finest healthcare in the world, I question why on earth we’re also among the sickest. Surely that can’t be the result of a mere ten percent of the population being uncovered? Are we really that naive?

          Historically speaking, legislation like this normally creates far more problems than it solves. In fact, prior to the current system given us by our government, 95% of Americans had low-cost health insurance and our medical system was the envy of the world. It won’t be long before we see massive corruption and monumental waste permeate the system and rot it away as only government can do.

          I also don’t believe this is the time for such a massive and costly plan. We’re hurtling toward depression at breakneck speed, we’ve got two wars being waged, with more on the way, and we’re losing eight million jobs per year. We’re treated daily to new reports of government waste, fraud, corruption and abuse, and we’re about to hand over to these same clowns almost twenty percent of our GDP.

          I could go on, but there’ really no sense in it. You think the government will fix it and I don’t.

          • Solid analysis Griff on what I too perceive to be a terminal situation relative to the USA.

            They didn’t take the most effective path by extending Medicare to all with simply an increase in the tax to support such a system across the board. Instead they targeted the so-called rich making $200,000 or more per year. Someone making one million per annum will be paying an additional $7200 per year with those at the $200,000 level about $450 more.

            Allegedly Medicare fraud is to the tune of between $40-100 billion per annum whereas a few years back it was a whopping $11 billion which is far too great by any standards. Where talking billions not millions of dollars in fraud and waste. If this keeps up the entire take for Medicare will be squandered via such fraud.

            Why the government refuses to set up a strict system of accountability for Medicare and Medicaid expenditures is beyond me along with draconian penalties for stealing from the system. How about 20 years to life…?!

            They could have set up simply a preferred provider system between doctors and dentists who agree to a contract between them and government not to exceed charges beyond a certain amount for procedures with the contract renegotiated every three years. Those that want to play ball with the government are in and those who’s skill levels and expertise demand out of network fees are on their own in the market place. Right now doctors don’t have to accept a Medicare patient since the government is very slow to pay?

            Instead they’ve hatched this 2700 plus page monstrosity that is doomed to fail and quite possibly spark a bloody revolution to boot. I’m not joking either.

            When the government starts shaking down families for these exorbitant premiums for the pleasure of the crooked insurers they’ve made this unholy deal with; then maybe just then the citizens of this nation will rise up and cast off this scum that’s managed to rise to the top of the legislative barrel.

            Carl Nemo **==

    • Threats of death, gas lines cut, bricks thrown thru windows, N-words, F-words tossed out by ignorant fools, the tea baggers. Silence from the republicans. It’s true, we are witnessing the death throws of the republican party.

  11. As I watch the Republicans turn into more and more of a voting monolith with no dissenters, I wonder why people would vote for them to represent their states?

    The party tells them how to vote and they vote as a united block. This means if what the Republican party wants is good for your state fantastic, and if it’s not well that is just too damn bad, because they will vote the party line.

    I realize the Dems do it sometimes, but the Repubs are brining it to a whole different level.

  12. One has to wonder what foot the GOP has left to shoot. I do agree this reform will be but a baby step, a step I feel is in the proper direction for this country. It must be maddening to the GOP and its followers that this president will go down in history as the first black democrat president and as the first democrat president to succeed in changing the direction of this nation’s for-profit health care system.

    “regional, Christian, conservative collection of corporate toadies.”

    Love that line! Hope the author doesn’t mind if I repeat it elsewhere.

    • Forget the details, this is an epic battle. The right-wing unbolted the track and dug out the ties from meaningful reform some time back. Now we are watching a cage match to see who gets their asses handed to them.

      Politics. American style! Grab a case of beer, tune in the giant flat-, screenplant yer butt in the Lazee-Boy, and yell yerself hoarse, it’s game on! Yeehaww!

      The wife can clean up the mess tomorrow.

    • Actually, I would say “faux Christian.” Real Christian don’t behave like Republicans or teabaggers.

  13. Since you seem to be a flaming Democrat from this article content and a proponent for the passage of this bill I have a question for you.

    What are your sentiments concerning citizens being “forced” to buy health insurance from the private sector Rob, regardless if it’s from pools for cost control purposes etc. ? The projected premiums seem to be quite high for families especially in these times. Many are struggling just to make ends meet much less being taxed in a defacto manner with the premiums/tax handed over to political patrons in the insurance sector. It seems when corporations are now privileged to levy fees and premiums from private citizens with the approval of the government then we no longer have a representative based constitutional republic, but an emergent corporatist/fascist state who now are engaged in forced taxation with the blessing of the government and without consent of the people.

    Supposedly this won’t begin to happen until 2014. According to a synopsis given by Dr. Sanjay Gupta there will be very few immediate changes for anyone who currently have insurance etc.

    He mentioned that the bill would put an end to insurance companies rejecting folks due to preexisting conditions. In effect people could start shopping for insurance without fear of sanctions and those with insurance from being summarily dropped post being treated for some illness or even worse during the procedure.

    The legislation will affect how doctors, particularly specialists are compensated for procedures etc. in hopes of reining in abuses that now exist.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • On a purely theoretical level, the idea that we hand something as important as health care to a bunch of corporate thieves like AETNA, United Health, or Wellstone, increase our net costs by 1/3 simply to pay for their profits, executive bonuses and ridiculous overhead, is unforgivable. Forget the public option, how about Medicare for everyone?

      That said, if we must have insurers involved, at least for the moment, then everyone must have coverage. A healthy yute of 25-30 will have few, if any illnesses. But, those premium dollars are not just an investment in his/her future coverage needs, but also pays for the elderly, the infirm, the sick.

      As I read part of the bill, there are substantial subsidies for the less wealthy and lower middle class.

      It is not a great bill, it isn’t even a very good bill. But as a start, it fixes many horrible problems with our system.

  14. Goodness, Rob, one would almost get the impression that you are a card-carrying Democrat.:-))

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