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Friday, June 21, 2024

Rielle Hunter ‘upset’ over racy photos

Photo courtesy of GQ magazine

If Rielle Hunter, John Edwards‘ bedmate, expected to create public sympathy with her photo spread in GQ magazine, her judgment was as lacking as her clothing.

Hunter chose to appear in the magazine clad only in a man’s dress shirt and nothing else. The photos prompted an immediately outcry that the “other woman” who helped bring down Edwards’ once-promising political career and his marriage to his cancer-stricken wife was using sex to sell her story.

So Hunter pulled a Miley Cyrus, claiming the photographer “used” her and violated her trust.

She reportedly called Barbara Walter “in tears” and called the photos “repulsive.”

Interesting strategy. Hunter, a video producer, should know that sex sells. Of course she does.

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10 thoughts on “Rielle Hunter ‘upset’ over racy photos”

  1. Three guesses why Edwards and her are getting all of this out of the way now. Here’s a hint, it’s initials are W.H. Don’t laugh. There’s just as many stupid people who’d still vote for him as there are for Obama.

    • IDK, he spends as much on a haircut as what most families spend on their food for an entire month. I think his political career is probably over. Wouldn’t this make his third attempt?

      If it’s any indication, he seems to be our modern day Gary Hart. Their lives and scandals politically speaking are very similar. I’m not very worried about him making another run for President should he want to waste more of his money.

  2. Yo Odo,

    Regenerate in your bucket…say what?! Are you immersed in salt or freshwater, or simply in a bucket, breathing air? : ))

    Has your species landed recently and plan a takeover of earth? : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Every 12 hours I have to revert from my humanoid form to my natural form which is liquid…

      No interest in taking over Earth, too many infomercials 🙂

      • A wise decision for your ‘people’ Odo. It’s the infomercials that have made us less than we can be as a species for sure! It took the wisdom and knowledge base of an advanced species such as yourself to supply the answer to what has been an enigma observed through a dark looking glass. : |

        “Live long and prosper”…Spock

        Carl Nemo **==

  3. John Edwards is so Hoe-Knee -he loved her long time!

    Excuse me, I’ve got to go re-generate, I’ll be in my bucket.

  4. I’m personally sick of Edwards and Hunter. That man cheated on his wife and she has a terrible form of cancer. Now what how healthy Elizabeth Edwards will become since she is divorcing mr. insincere. Hunter she knew what she was doing please. your posingin a shirt with no underpants give me a break she knows what she is doing. She wanted to portray her self as a soccer Mom give me break. I will quote my grandmother who is 86 years young. That woman is a floosey and a trollop!

  5. When is this story going to end? I am so tired of hearing about these two scumbags, Edwards and Hunter, that I could vomit. Has not the media anything else to report?

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