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Friday, June 21, 2024

Pelosi’s office knew about Massa’s behavior, did nothing

Nancy Pelosi: Looking the other way

Once again, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who promised to “drain the swamp” by purging Congress of ethically-challenged members, looked the other way when questions were raised by a Democratic colleague.

The Washington Post is reporting that the chief of staff for Rep. Eric Massa notified Pelosi’s office in October 2009 to express is concern over his boss’s sexual harassment of male staff members on the Hill.

Joe Racalto, told the Speaker’s office that he was uneasy about Massa’s behavior towards young gay men on the Hill. Massa, 52 and married, would spend time alone with the young men with no work purpose, the Post reported.

Pelosi ignored the warnings and Massa has since become the latest ethics embarassment for the Speaker and the Democratic Party. He resigned his seat after the ethics committee launched an inquiry that was not instigated by the Speaker’s office.

Pelosi is not commenting on the Post’s report. She has also come under fire for her delays in taking actions against scandal-scarred New York Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, who stepped down recently from chairmanship of the House Ways & Means Committee amid probes by the House ethics committee and the Department of Justice. She also tried to promote ethics-plagued John Murtha of Pennsylvania into a Democratic leadership role — a move rejected by her House colleagues. Murtha died last month.

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6 thoughts on “Pelosi’s office knew about Massa’s behavior, did nothing”

  1. Many names spell politician,
    many derivatives spell disaster,
    some spell time and space.
    I do not feel, myself, or this Editor can be driven, headlong governed into tiny recesses of either.

    Nonetheless so lowly such as I have been not only throttled, with my dull axe of logic, too sail endless trains of when you get it all together now Twit not here.

    Therefore I request most respectfully, reinstate the commentary of lone war haters or pray nubile butts tender higher ratings.

  2. Somone at CHB has a hard-on for Pelosi….Best I can tell is that the virtual viagra ink is flowing.

  3. Maybe I’m missing something important, but this Massa issue seems to be more a political opportunity against the enemy instead of an actual problem.

    First, “Joe Racalto, told the Speaker’s office that he was uneasy about Massa’s behavior towards young gay men on the Hill” doesn’t sound to me like something that we should stop the press over. Second, if anything, based on what was said I would think that Pelosi wouldn’t do anything more than talk to Massa and ask him to watch himself because some of his actions are being noticed in a negative manner.

    Are there actually any confirmed stories about Massa having been sexually harrassing anyone? Are there any other reasons to suspect Massa of anything other than these reports? I seriously don’t know, and haven’t heard of any so I suspect this again is not news but a way of bringing down the enemy.

  4. Could it have been any other way? Pelosi knows everything going on at Capitol Hill. She knows the dirt on every elected official in Congress…and probably the White House.

    She will deny, deny, deny what she knows until she’s cornered to disclose any portion of the truth…and then one has to ask him or herself how credible was her disclosure.

    IMHO, the truth ain’t in her.

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