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Monday, June 17, 2024

Liz Cheney under fire from her own

Liz Cheney (AP)

Liz Cheney, the ever-controversial daughter of equally controversial Vice President Dick Cheney, is taking heat from Republicans and conservatives for her group’s attacks on Justice Department lawyers who once represented defendants accused of terrorism.

A group of right-wing lawyers and foreign policy professionals — including former special prosecutor Ken Starr — say Cheney’s “Keep America Safe” attacks, which include calling the lawyers the “Al Qaeda Seven, is over the top.

“We consider these attacks both unjust to the individuals in question and destructive of any attempt to build lasting mechanisms for counterterrorism adjudications,” said a letter from 19 lawyers, including Starr and top officials of the Justice Department under former President George W. Bush.

Cheney and other Republicans have questioned the patriotism of lawyers who represent terrorists, a harsh level of criticism that has created a strong backlash from the legal establishment.

Cheney’s partner in “Keep America Safe” is conservative pundit and Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol.

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11 thoughts on “Liz Cheney under fire from her own”

  1. this brings to mind the lear jet in 1999 that was intercepted by air force jets. The lear Jet flight was carrying the golfer Payne Stewart and five other passengers that died of poxia (no oxygen) from a technical malfunction. within 14 minutes of the aircraft being into flight and not answering hails from the airport, the controlers alerted the air force. The Lear jet was on autopilot. The aircraft on 9/11 were in the air over a half hour and more -yep, no interceptors, nothing. why was the air force not on the ball then.

  2. “It is now March 10, meaning that the Obama-Biden team has kept the nation safe from terrorist attacks six months longer than the Bush-Cheney team did.”

    True, but just imagine all that the Cheney/Bush regime had to deal with pre-9/11. There was seeing to it that all the interceptor jets that could shoot down the airliners were baffled into inaction; there was the clearing out of that wing of the Pentagon that was targeted; there had to be someone on the ground to drop onto the sidewalk the passoprt of one of the terrorists up in the sky; and a thousand etceteras.

    I mean is it any wonder when they planned to demo Bldg. 7 as part of the total demo package — and with all they had to figure out, that nobody thought to ask how they were going to explain its crash when nothing hit it? One cannot think of everything

    Now don’t get me wrong. Terrorists? Kill them all dead is my motto. Just don’t invade another country under the pretense of rooting out terrorism when all you want to do is milk the bin thing for graft. And if you (well, the powers that be and their minions) invade another country, how can the rest of us trust our government to tell us the difference between the real terrorists and the resistance movement? (Hey, we’re SUPPOSED to remember Vietnam, remember? And lest we forget, Korea, ditto.)

    I mean can we not maybe think that our government and its behind-the-scenes puppeteers are as much of an invading force as Hitler ever was?

    The French had their resistance movement? Weren’t they the good guys?

    I mean, I’m no lover of them over there, and I disrespect their belief in Allah who thinks so little of them to give them that shithole to live in. But c’mon.

    How do we separate the terrorists from the freedom fighters?????

    Me? I’d be happy to welcome in as immigrants those who are fighting against American Imperialism.

    Soon as these dudes got here and got taste of our patriotism over here (assuming there is any left of the unselfish variety to rub off on them) I would be glad to issue them a case of deodorant and an M-16 to stash behind their couches… just like the Swiss do to their citizenry.

  3. It is now March 10, meaning that the Obama-Biden team has kept the nation safe from terrorist attacks six months longer than the Bush-Cheney team did.

  4. By all means, leave us ductile and resilient in the face of aprons whose strings are soaked with blood and bacon fat, lest we fall for the wind out of Wyoming.
    Is chasing the right move ? What is the difference between a Marxist and a Redneck ?

    Renounce, denounce, announce.
    Here it is in reverse with political entropy rules by Bush,” Catapult the propaganda” tell the lie enough, give out free snuff..

    Since when did the alphabet we call America start with ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……….OH ?

  5. Sounds like she scares you. Another strong conservative woman coming into politics to chase the Marxists back into the shadows.

  6. I cannot believe that anyone with intelligence would give this woman any credibility. She is no more than the average “Joe Blow” and she really reminds me of “Joe The Plumber”. A person could learn more by going down to the neighborhood bar and listening to the beer drinkers discuss the problems of the world. But, I guess she gets it honest, her daddy has “conned” his way through life and I guess Liz is trying the same pathway.

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