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Friday, June 21, 2024

Obama takes health care show on road


With his message falling upon increasingly deaf ears on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama takes his last-ditch health care reform crusade on the road this week to try rally a skeptical public.

The risky political ploy has desperation written all over it.

Obama will speak in Philadelphia Monday and St. Louis Wednesday even as polls shows wavering public support.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Democrats worry that they may no longer have the votes in their own party to pass a bill without help from Republicans who are united in opposition.

The strategy now is to try and pass the Senate bill in the House by mustering Democratic votes with a promise that Senators will “fix’ the problems in the legislation down the road.

Some Democrats, however, don’t trust Senators to keep that promise.

“The Senate has given us a lot of reason not to trust them,” says Democratic Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania. “There has to be some certainty that the Senate is going to follow through on their part.”

Republicans still want to scrap the existing bills and start over. Obama is unwilling to do that so GOP opposition remains firm.

“The American people are saying to us, stop this job killing health care bill,” Senator Minority Leader Mitch McDonnell said Sunday. “We know it will drive taxes up and that will not be good to help us get out of the recession.”

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4 thoughts on “Obama takes health care show on road”

  1. I took a look at the link in Atlantic Woody, interesting piece. People I run into and tell this too just shrug and think that they could never possibly be detained in a scenario as described…until they are stopped in their car pulled over for no reason or picked up at their home this kind of thing has absolutely no bearing on them.

    I always like that Benjamin Franklin qoute “Those that would sacrifice their liberty for security deserve neither”.

    I remind myself every once in a while what the Governator of my state Kalifornia had to say about potentially using Blackwater for a statewide emergency to augment the national guard.
    I don’t like that idea one bit, but it hasn’t been talked about in quite a while.

    For a good proportion of Americans they are to concerned about ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or some such other tripe to think about anything beyond that.

    I don’t have any cable TV, I said to hell with $60.00 a month for that krap, I don’t even have an antenna hooked up for broadcast. The net, radio, newspapers, and local political groups in my town is my window to the world. I’m glad not to have any cable or broadcast TV -it turns a person into a zombie, except when there is good National Geographic programing or documentaries (which I will go to the store to buy or rent to watch).

    “The Horror, The Horror” -Col Kurtz

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