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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Pentagon shooter driven by hatred, conspiracy theories

Pentagon subway station (AFP)

A bitter Californian consumed by hatred towards the U.S. government and conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terrorism attacks and other perceived government coverups opened fire on Pentagon police Thursday night, wounding two before officers cut him down in a fusillade of gunfire.

John Patrick Bedell hated the government and the American military and was convinced the government, not terrorists, destroyed the World Trade Center twin towers in New York and faked the attack on the Pentagon in Washington.

Pentagon police chief Richard Keevill said Bedell walked up to police officers at the entrance to the Metro subway station at the headquarters of America’s military and opened fire.

“He just reached into his pocket, pulled out a gun and started shooting,” Keevill told reporters. A”He walked up very cool. He had no real emotion on his face.”

Bedell’s shots grazed two Pentagon officers, who returned fire with automatic weapons, striking the shooter multiple times. Bedell was pronounced dead at a Washington area hospital.

Internet postings by Bedell show he was consumed with conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terrorist attacks in Washington and New York and believed the government killed a Marine in California in 1991 to cover up its involvement in illegal actions.

The Marine, Col. James Sabow, was found dead in the backyard of his home. His death, ruled a suicide, has been a centerpiece for many conspiracy theories surrounding government coverups.

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10 thoughts on “Pentagon shooter driven by hatred, conspiracy theories”

  1. Recent polls indicate at least half of US citizens do not believe the government’s official story for the events on 9/11. Therefore, the US government believes that fifty percent of US citizens are crazy if not believing the official government story is a sign of insanity.

  2. Lots of sane, cogent comments here.

    If I were to engage in a conspiracy theory, I would want to speculate on how some people have been programmed to react knee-jerk style and yell “conspiracy theory” when anyone suggests there has EVER in the history of mankind been a governmental plot, cover-up, CIA assination attempt of Castro, price fixing out on the golf course between companies, setting the price of oil internationally… and a whole bunch of etceteras.

    I bet if I dared to suggest that the whole idea of stopping the spread of Communism by sending thousands of our fighting men to their deaths in the jungles of Vietnam was an excuse to wage a phony war in order to get graft, I would be labled a kook for that too.

  3. Shooter was on SSRI’s. Had this been other than a drug induced “mission”, many could have easily been killed. Could you imagine the carnage one guy with a silenced bolt action 30 odd 6 with a 3×9-40 scope could do? As in boxing..stick and move. I wouldn’t want to wear a uniform these days.

  4. Our Federal government is corrupt and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It has beyond Dems vs GOP and the culture of America is based on greed and power. I saw the agenda of 2000 when Governor Bush ran as a born-again Christian. He simply exposed his own agenda of take over of the Muslim nations after he salted the Federal courts with like-minded Social Christians. So few members of any internet sites have bothered to read about this control of the Christians, that they went ahead and put him a man they felt they could trust. 911 could have been prevented had there been open eyes and open minds surrounding the White House. Tossing around the Constitution simply opened up corruption in every level of our government and the Patriot Act gave them government the right to do whatever they wanted.

    Reader Rant had a thread about this kind of corruption and a book was mentioned called “A Time to Stand” by Jerry Oliver. I bought the book and read the story of this man’s problems with the Federal Government. I recommend the book highly that tells the story of Temple Oklahoma. It is written as fiction but it doesn’t take much to realize it is his story.

    I saw a possible TV reality series in this book but I wonder if anyone would have the stones to promote it. We cannot get to the voters to search out the truth about our government but television seems to be the best way to warn everyone that not all is ethical in the tombs of DC.

  5. “Pentagon shooter driven by hatred, conspiracy theories”

    So fellow Americans, anyone who knows that the government is lieing about events and is suspect of the governments theory on 9/11 should be looked at as a potential risk to the security of the United States. How transparent can they get?

  6. I guess this guy knew what over 1000 accredited engineers who have signed a petition for an independent investigation of 9/11 know – 9/11 was a crime agains the american people by the neocons in the whitehouse to enrich themselves through war profiteering.

  7. Why did this guy shoot a few police officers, if you say his motivation was strictly some kind of weird “hate”? After all, the Towers did pulverize, the planes did fly around for almost two hours, w/o intercept by US Air Force, and Dick Cheney did control the shots that day. No doubt the free fall speed, and pulverized concrete, and molten basements of the Towers leave much to be desired from the Federal government’s explanations.

    But, here, you say this guy, for “hate” for this government over some “conspiracy” issues goes and shoots two innocent police officers? It doesn’t make sense. For that theory of motive to be true, this guy would have had to had shot Dick Cheney or if we are talking Pentagon, Rumsfeld or Gates.

    Sorry that motive doesn’t hold water.

  8. Interesting to see the spin on this; people with legitimate grievances are now enraged wackos. Just goes to show how out of touch the gov really is, or perhaps beyond that, how arrogant.

  9. This had nothing to do with 9/11 or conspiracy theory. This was about the military running drugs out of a military base in California. Colonel Sabow knew, it wouldn’t tolerate it, was going to report it and was murdered. This happened in 1991. Extraordinarily well research and was a cover-up by the military from the start. For Gods sake Sabow had seen dead military coming back from Vietnam, their dead bodies cavities stuffed with bags of drugs in sealed coffins. He knew what these people were doing and was killed because he knew it was wrong and was going to have these criminals put away where they belong.

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