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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Senate says ‘nada’ to money for seniors

Senate to Seniors: Sorry

The Senate thumbed its collective nose at President Barack Obama‘s plea for an extra payment of $250 to seniors, veterans and those on disability, voting 50-47 to reject the stipend that would have added $13 billion to the $108 billion jobs bill languishing in the Senate.

Congress gave the extra money last year as part of the stimulus package but the enthusiasm wasn’t present on the Senate floor this time around.

Ten Democrats and 40 Republicans voted to reject the payment.

The vote came as a bitter defeat for the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the powerful senior citizens lobby that usually gets its way in Congress.

Social Security payments were frozen this year and were not increased for the first time since 1975.

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15 thoughts on “Senate says ‘nada’ to money for seniors”

  1. AARP, nothing but a glorified insurance broker! Much like labor unions today, they are in bed with corporate America. Someone has said that I am wrong about employers and everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I am old enough to remember when an employer “wronged” a worker, all the workers joined in and the “boss” got the message. Let a worker get “wronged” today and observe what happens.

    The President, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Labor Dept., and right on down the line, could not give a rat’s ass about the American worker, until election day.

  2. I’ve belonged to AARP since I was 50. All this means is I send in a few bucks each year to help with their lobby efforts on legislation for which I have little use. Much like when I belonged to the NEA and MTA.

    Exactly what do I get from AARP? A spiffy newsletter hawking a variety of “stuff” and a few articles that generally point in the direction their PAC is going in. The rest of the offerings such as travel, insurance, loans and so on I can get cheaper – much cheaper elsewhere. The cute little card does get us a few bucks off at various places so it does it does pay for itself. Otherwise it is just wallet clutter.

  3. Keep the money. Pay down the national debt. It may be nice to have a few extra bucks, but it is not worth screwing the country over. Let’s put this proposal into perspective: It was a kind jesture in order to earn/buy a few votes in mid-term elections from seniors. The AARP will support anything that wins them more membership. Talk about PAC’s. I will never join them. They are one the worst when it comes to the ENTITLEMENT CROWD.

  4. Isn’t it amazing that they can always find money to give raises to the two plus million government workers and exclude everyone else. The reason is they are on the same pay/retirement system, heavon forbid that congress would go without a pay raise when everyone else is. FIRE everyone of them come election time dems and repubs alike. You can’t tell them apart anyways, send them back to reality world instead of cushy pampered congress offices.

  5. “We need to mimic the French with massive strikes, work stoppages and job related “no shows” and if necessary to virtually burn the town down. Our leadership has turned a deaf, arrogant ear to our needs”

    We don’t have the “guts”. Ever since Reaganism, getting a group of workers to do something to “upset the cart” is unheard of. Workers are scared sh–les, very few “strikes” or “work stoppages” today, but I remember when they were common and the workers benefited. Now, the employer just terminates those who participate and hire new ones and the government sits and watches, because the government is owned by the employers.

    • Jim—I think you are absolutely wrong. My boss would let us go for it against the government that is ruining the economy as long as we could cover the work. Remember, our bosses are in the same boat as we are!!! SCREWED This is not about workers, this is about taxpayers and believe me, our bosses pay taxes! Maybe when the union government workers start taking the cuts in pay and hours the government will finally get it through their thick skulls that it is time to take a step back and use some common sense.

  6. Watch what you wish for,
    farmers dump milk,
    less cheese,
    Archaic although appropriate execution devices gave we wings beyond the sun.

    Think, would we exist without forethought and minds of defense and our pride as it is dragged through pits and craters of I got to deploy?

    What a concept when first time fatherly gone for two, we surely are rusting within no regard so I will heighten all the love for my girl the ole usa.

    It comes down to , the NEWS.

  7. What seniors along with younger folks don’t realize is that soon all of us will have to bite the bullet as a function of our government having gone “hog wild” concerning profligate, unfunded spending along with nation-destroying policies; ie., endless, zero sum wars in far off places.

    Young folks, old folks and those in between best take to the streets with signs, torches and whatever else they feel necessary and march on this nation’s capitol and their unresponsive reps’ state based offices.

    If they continue to sit on their backsides like the lazy asses they’ve become then they deserve everything they’ve got coming and more.

    Whining isn’t going to cut it or the ballot box. It’s going to take proactive, physical intervention on the part of our nation’s citizenry.

    We need to mimic the French with massive strikes, work stoppages and job related “no shows” and if necessary to virtually burn the town down. Our leadership has turned a deaf, arrogant ear to our needs. We’re suffering from a classic, seemingly terminal case of “crimpols gone wild”.

    Sweet talk, the ballot box and town hall meetings aren’t going to cut it if “We the People” are to survive. Physical action talks while bullsh*t walks…no?! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. I guess we should tell the old folks we buried the increase in the deserts of the Middle East. No guns and butter for you!

  9. Pudding has been known to curb an itchimo, but not for long.

    Tapioca has something in it for everyone Al,
    so did Soylent Green, along with eraser size balls of boysan’s existence, gives way to,
    “how to deal drugs American style” all those war prizes the Lotus in black and white form changed our military and our domestic resolve.

    It comes to the child to protect and defend a nurturing, a love, and defend nature of said love as such has provided, and that is the gift, nay the blessing of breath and taste of budding freedom..

  10. You know the Black Lotus is now the green high.
    Once they get big Rons picture on the $50, boraxo 20 mule team will take the back seat to self manufactured lye.
    Laughing all the way to the bank cheerily they cry, itch belongs to the masses, not I.

  11. There seems to be a trend developing here… no extra money for seniors, unemployment compensation, jobs stimulus, etc… as if the realization that we actually have no more money is taking hold.

    Yeah, I know, they gave it all to the banksters… but can they actually find the integrity to stop inflating us into bankruptcy?

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