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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Sarah, Mitt square off in late-night TV war

Sarah Palin takes her act to late night

Two contenders for dominance in the Republican Party in 2012 square off against each other on late night TV shows Tuesday and become part of an epic struggle for ratings, power and money by two rival networks.

Mitt Romney appears on David Letterman‘s show on NBC while Sarah Palin pops up on as part of the first week’s lineup in Jay Leno‘s much-hyped return to the Tonight Show.

Palin is part of a desperate NBC strategy to pull strong ratings for Leno’s return after the failure of his prime-time gig and the public-relations nightmare from the ouster of Conan O’Brien as host of the Tonight Show so Leno could return to his old spot.

Letterman, of course, is hoping Romney — still being touted as a leading contender for the GOP Presidential nominee in 2012 and the hopes for those who want to derail Palin — can steal some of Leno’s thunder.

Leno returned to the helm Monday night and his first show got mixed reviews by entertainment critics

It’s all about ratings and money — which is something TV and politics have in common — so throwing Mitt and Sarah into the mix is just what you might expect.

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3 thoughts on “Sarah, Mitt square off in late-night TV war”

  1. Hey! Let’s try to be objective about Sarah Palin -We might very well get a great demo from her on how to get bubble gum out of her hair

    We Need A Fierce Independent to run NOW!


  2. Romney is a has been. His last affair at center stage was not very well received. That hidden camera video showed the true Romney truly. He is a snake in Mormon clothing.

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