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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Bunning fingers the press

Sen. Jim Bunning

Kentucky’s Jim Bunning, the one-man Senate roadblock, flipped the bird Tuesday to ABC’s Zach Wolf, a news producer, during a testy exchange with Jonathan Karl, a reporter for the network.

Bunning, a former major league pitcher and baseball Hall of Famer, isn’t running for re-election and has a nasty temper that erupts often in front of the press.

Reporters tried to question the Kentucky Senator as he headed into the elevator en route to a floor vote.  Bunning shouts, gets red-faced and yells at the reporters, telling them to “leave me alone.”

The Senator last week managed to block extension of funding for several federal transportation, resulting in layoffs of federal workers and a delay in extension of unemployment benefits.

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5 thoughts on “Bunning fingers the press”

  1. Not a particular fan of Jim Bunning, but the media acting to be indignant over Bunning giving a reporter the finger is laughable. The media spent more time raking over Bunning than understanding what he was saying and why he was acting as he did. So what if he gave a reporter the finger! Report the meat of the story, not something that matters so little. Jounalism is reporting the story, not making youself part of it. The elevator was for Senators Only.. what the hell is a reporter doing trying to get on the elevator for? Just to be a pain in the ass. The reporter showed less class than Bunning.

  2. “Federal jobs will be lost?”
    Smaller govt. is a good thing.

    Also, the press has zero cred in my book and has deserved our supposed elected “representatives” (if you are ignorant enough to call them that) giving them the finger for quite some time.

    Throw your TV’s out the window and thank God for CHB.

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